5 green resolutions to make for 2018

5 green resolutions to make for 2018

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2018 is going to be crucial for environmental protection. Gardeners have to step up and take up the responsibility as representatives of the green team.
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Apart from soil and water conservation,  the following are five important green resolutions, which if fulfilled will have long term impact on sustainable development:

1. Collect seeds:

Humans have always been collecting all kinds of seeds. Somehow this habit is diminishing in the modern era, and seeds are being raised only by professionals. It is high time that we start having our seed bank. Seeds of grains, pulses, vegetables, and flowers of native varieties should be conserved.
The seeds of local, native and indigenous species and varieties are rare and precious. These can be used to cultivate the crops in your garden and recollected from the fruits of the adult plant. This way seeds can be increased in multifold. Buy seeds online in India.
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2. Compost, compost and compost:

A family of four generates around 1 kg of waste every day. 60% of this waste is organic. All this organic waste can be easily composted at home. The organic waste produced at home should not go to already overfilled dumping grounds. There should be no excuse to why you can’t compost your kitchen waste.
Buy home composter online in India. Or convert a simple bucket into a composter. Fresh, dark, well decomposed, earth-like compost can be an excellent manure. Homemade compost can be regularly used for your potted plants and yard gardens. If created on a large scale by entire housing society, such compost can be donated to local farmers.Read about easy home composting techniques.
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3. Grow organic:

There is more than enough awareness about organic farming by now. Still, the scale of implementation is much lower than what it should have been. Effects of harmful chemical pesticides on our health are already established and well documented. Chemical fertilizers are known to destroy the quality of soil in the long run.
You may want to learn more about what is organic farming?
As a responsible citizen, you must encourage the organic farmers to sell their fruits and vegetables in your housing society directly. That would be a win-win situation for organic farmers and consumers.
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4. Grow your food:

With little effort and dedication, it is possible for every house to grow their vegetables. Along with ornamental and flowering plants, we must grow food plants as well. Doesn't matter if its front yard, backyard, terrace, balcony or windowsill; essential vegetables like tomato, chilli, brinjal, fenugreek, spinach, coriander, etc. can be grown quickly if you get enough sunlight.
Vegetable Farming can be an enjoyable activity. Unlike growing flowering plants, a vegetable gardener is busy in planning balanced supply of fruiting, leafy and underground veggies.
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5. Plant more trees

We have heard this before, and we have done it at least once. They say every individual must have their foster tree planted by them. The situation of environmental degradation has worsened so much, that planting a single tree is not enough. The clock is ticking, and it is now literally racing against time when it comes to regenerating greenery. 
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Seed bomb method: Seeds of wild and fruiting trees like chikoo, custard apple, Tamarind, Amla, etc., can be easily collected from fruits. These seeds could then be turned into seed bombs by hiding them in a ball of wet soil and allowed to dry. These dry seed bombs can be thrown freely all over the edges of highways and railway lines in May-June, hoping that these will germinate in the monsoon to become a tree. This seed bomb method is proven to be extremely successful.
Happy new year! Lets Ugaoo!