7 Best Hanging Plants for Every Room of Your House

7 Best Hanging Plants for Every Room of Your House

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Hang Up These Beautiful hanging potted plants in Your Home

Peperomia Green Creeper -

These heart-shaped leaves will win over your heart! Peperomia Green Creeper gives a fantastic look as indoor plants in your living room's hanging basket, bowing from above your tabletop while you eat in the dining room or take air swings on your balcony. It is a perfect addition to your indoor collection and home decor. Before watering these hanging potted plants, you must ensure that the topsoil is dry. Usually, watering once a week is what is required. Buy and enjoy the glossy feel of its leaves.



Wandering Jew -

No wonder it's wandering! The wandering jew plant swings pleasantly and grows by leaps and bounds. Also called spiderwort, these indoor plants are quite easy to grow. Adorning royal purple color, it is eye-catching and one of the best indoor plants for the home. These are rightly chosen indoor plants that complement both brightly lit and dark backgrounds of your rooms. So, whether you are looking for plants for a home hanging basket or leaves that stretch across the ground, wandering jew could be an excellent choice.



Turtle Vine -

A unique name for an extraordinary plant - Turtle Vine! It's a delicate plant, yet requiring minimum care & attention. Hence, it makes an ideal choice for greenery-loving people who are rookies at gardening. It will grow rapidly and extensively, adding a stunning green look to your room without you having to put in much hard work. The availability of indirect bright light and water twice a week (only when the topsoil is dry) is enough to have these indoor plants spread their lush green magnificence.



String of Nickels -

Amazingly bound to each other in a string, the leaves of String of Nickels look like small buttons placed together. The plant is hence also called button orchid and goes by the botanical name dischidia nummularia. They are seen as one of the best indoor plants for homes as these houseplants look attractive and are easy to grow. These vining succulents thrive in low-light conditions; hence, they are best if placed on a window sill that receives filtered sunlight. While watering, you must ensure not to waterlog the roots.



Philodendron Micans Plant -

Dark moss green leaves with red undertones give a thoughtful look to your home! Just place these delicate heart-shaped leaves strung on a vining stem in any hanging pot and cherish the sight. This is the incredible look that Philodendron Micans Plant presents itself in. Like the other philodendrons, this perennial plant is easy to grow and care for. Placing it in an area that receives bright indirect light, watering it regularly, and its growth in well-drained soil is all you need to ensure.



Twisted Hoya -

Twists & Curls oozing out of your hanging basket - a look worth your room. It brings such peace when you happen to glance at these leaves while sitting in your relaxing armchair, quietly reading a book! It, indeed, brings a smile. Yes, it's the Twisted Hoya catching all your attention. Not just the leaves, this beauty, aka Hindu Rope Hoya, aka Indian Rope Hoya, aka Krinkle Curl Plant, eventually matures into starry pink flowers.



Betel Leaf -

With white catkins and glossy heart-shaped leaves, the perennial Betel leaf plant, also called Magai Paan, is an evergreen plant. It is one of the best indoor plants for the home that can be easily grown indoors or on your balcony's corner area that receives partial sunlight. Its leaves are also beneficial for medicinal and culinary uses. The plant makes Paan (hence the name) - a popular sweetly scented dessert that acts as a mouth freshener. Thus, a single plant serves multipurpose, therefore becoming an ideal choice for you!



You Must Love these Hanging Plants!

Plant enthusiasts -

Plant enthusiasts are other keen customers that love greens. These hanging indoor plants are a choice for such green lovers as it gives them the joy of cherishing their beauty, understanding their growth pattern, and uncovering their multitude of utilities. These hanging beauties will surely capture their attention and make them potential customers.


Homeowners -

These home decor plants are primarily designed and created with homeowners as their customers. Not just a beauty added to the home, these plants come with a multipurposeness suiting the current setup of urban homeowners. With homes planned to complement the modern structure in less space, these plants fulfill the need for a home garden without utilizing ground space.


Nursery owners -

These days, plant nurseries are full of wall-hanging pots and plants beside the typical flowers, trees, and seeds. They have numerous designs and varieties in their collection. Hence, they form an essential customer base, indirectly feeding many other consumers with whom these unique plants have become popular. 


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