Best Options for Corporate Gifting- Plants

Best Options for Corporate Gifting- Plants

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Both corporate gifting and sustainability are thriving topics in India. With rising pollution levels, most people are shifting towards eco-friendly measures or are at least taking steps towards the same.


A report published by offineeds reveals that “8 out of 10 individuals are willing to buy environment-friendly gifts that deliver a positive message.”


People love this idea. It quickly creates a wow moment when you gift something most clients prefer and believe in. This corporate gifting strategy could help strengthen your relationship with your clients and could help you bring more business.


This is indeed one of the strong reasons to think about corporate plant gifts, but there are more. Let’s explore why people opt for unique plant gift ideas.


1. Easy selection

Selecting a gift can be tedious and annoying if the client is super picky. 

You need to have a rough idea about their likes and dislikes; even thorough research doesn’t guarantee that your client will love the gift.

But indoor plant gifts are evergreen.

They are gender neutral, suitable for all age types, easily fit with any décor and drive a positive vibe.

You don’t have to think twice before gifting a plant. Moreover, the flower pot provides enough space for your brand/company promotion. You can easily include your business name and logo on the corporate plant gifts that you gift.


2. Reflects growth and prosperity

Plants grow with time, and so does the business.

The idea of small plant gifts that grow consistently is meaningful, long-lasting and probably the perfect option if you want the client or employees to remember your business for a long time.


All random gifts mostly end up in drawers that we often don’t notice for long periods, but corporate plant gifts are ideal as they will always be on people’s desks, rooms, and tables. Every time they see the plants, they will remember your name.


A plant can be an excellent promotional tool that reflects organizational growth and looks good everywhere.


3. Helps in tackling office-related stress 

Journal of Physiological Anthropology published a study revealing that “Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress.”

Office cubicles are always full of mental stress with no sunlight or connection to natural space. However, a plant can help divert that stress and makes people feel relaxed, comfortable, and calm.

Also, similar research found that long computer hours cause blood pressure and heart rate spikes. And the plants may help to manage it.


4. Promotes air purification and reduces carbon dioxide levels

Plants are air purifiers. They absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants that the air conditioner fails to identify. They also produce oxygen that assists in healthy breathing and promotes a still indoor air environment.

Studies show that some plants can even eliminate toxic chemicals like benzene (for example, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums) or formaldehyde (Philodendrons, golden pothos and spider plants) that cause headaches, dizziness and vomiting.


5. Fits in the budget and looks great on office desks


Cost is the most significant advantage of gifting plants. They come within a budget and look professional and classy. You can always find decent gifting plants online that will match your budget.


At times, businesses provide bulk gifts to their employees as well as clients. In such cases, corporate plant gifts are an excellent choice because they are unique, they save you from figuring out “what everyone will like,” and they provide numerous benefits.


Best corporate plant gifts

Now you understand that corporate plants are an excellent fit for gifting, but not all plants are suitable. Check out this list of plants that are great gifting choices and even fall within a budget.


1. Aloe Vera Star Plant


It is a succulent that proliferates in bright to medium light conditions and is best suitable for indoor use like offices, desks or other compact spaces. It easily adapts to different weather conditions and looks great on desks.

 Buy Aloe Vera Star Plant

2. Crassula Green Mini Plant 


It is famous for being the easiest indoor houseplants to look after. The thick leaves of this plant give a cute touch to your living space. These corporate plant gifts from Ugaoo come in cute gift packaging that saves you time and hassle for individually wrapping each plant.

Buy Crassula Green Mini Plant


3. Snake Plant (Green)


Snake plants are known for being the best air purifiers and make for great indoor plant gifts. They are easy to manage, need less water and sunlight, and the bright green leaves of the plant make them a perfect choice for decorating the bedroom or the workspace. Also, they don't get dried out easily and can survive in the harshest weather conditions.

Buy Snake Plant 


4. Jade Plant Mini


Jade beautifies your room and brings good luck, and the round plump leaves of this plant make it perfect for decorating desks, living areas, bedrooms, etc. Giving these as corporate plant gifts is a great idea as they can easily survive indoors but need direct sunlight for at least 4 to 5 hours daily.

Buy Jade Plant Mini  


Gifting with Ugaoo

Thinking of gifting plants to someone? That's a great idea. Corporate plant gifts are the best alternative to traditional gifts and show a lasting impact on your business relationships. They are affordable, drive a positive vibe, resemble growth and prosperity, are easy to maintain, and are environment-friendly.


Buy Ugaoo Gift Cards

Like the other gifts, plants don’t end in people’s drawers. Instead, they find a place on desks or easily noticeable areas that makes them remember you. However, not all plants are an excellent fit for gifting. Go for the plants that are easy to manage, require less sunlight and are great at absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants. You can find some of the best options on



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