10 Best Indoor Plants as Housewarming Gifts

10 Best Indoor Plants as Housewarming Gifts

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A new home signifies a new beginning. Seen as an empty, lonely place initially, a new house can be made inviting and full of life by adding plants, among other things.

To help your friend or relative settle down in their new residence and get positive vibes, you would want to buy them the best housewarming gifts. Gifting plants signifies a new beginning and denotes good fortune and progress.


Why You Should Gift Plants for Housewarming?

Housewarming gifts have evolved beyond traditional bread and salt and have extended to more meaningful items that convey good wishes and prosperity to new homeowners. One gift that has gained popularity in recent years is plants. Here are three reasons why is plant gift for housewarming:


  • Plants Bring Life to a Space

One of the biggest benefits of gifting plants for a housewarming is that they add life to a new home. Plants have a magical ability to transform a sterile and unfamiliar space into an inviting and cozy environment. Not only do they bring greenery, but they also create a sense of calmness and tranquility.

  • Plants Are Good for Your Health

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, plants have numerous health benefits. They purify the air, removing harmful toxins, and improving indoor air quality. Studies have also shown that indoor plants can help reduce stress levels, boost mood, and increase productivity.

  • Plants Are Long-Lasting

Gifts that last forever are always the best, and plants fall into that category. Unlike cut flowers that wilt and die after a few days, plants can thrive inside the home for years with the right care. Over time, they can become a reminder of the person who gave them, the occasion they were gifted, and the new beginnings of the homeowner.

If you're looking for a unique and memorable housewarming gift, a plant is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Not only does it add to the décor, but it also has numerous health benefits and lasts longer than traditional gifts. The next time you're invited to a housewarming, consider gifting a plant - it's a gift that keeps on giving.


Considerations When Choosing a Housewarming Plant Gift

When choosing a housewarming plant gift, it's essential to keep in mind several factors.


✔Size and Space of New Home

Consider the size and space of the new home before selecting a plant. If the homeowner has limited space, gift a plant that is small in size and requires minimal maintenance.


✔Receiver's Lifestyle and Personality

Factors such as the receiver's lifestyle and personality should be considered when selecting a housewarming plant gift. For instance, if the receiver has a busy lifestyle, a low-maintenance plant would be ideal.


✔Ease of Maintenance and Care

It's essential to choose a plant that requires minimal maintenance, especially if the receiver isn't experienced in plant care. Gifting a low-maintenance plant will ensure that the receiver can enjoy their plant without worrying about maintenance.


You should choose a gift that is useful, well-thought, and transportable enough to bring to the housewarming party or have delivered to the recipient's new residence. Houseplants are the perfect gift for singles and couples of any age.

Best Indoor Plants as Housewarming Gifts

Let's take a look at 10 indoor plants to give as housewarming gifts:


1. Ficus Bonsai


When discussing the best plants to give as gifts, Ficus bonsai is always at the top of the list. It resembles a small tree because of its woody s-shaped trunk and distinctive foliar pattern. In Japan, ornamental and diminutive trees are grown in containers and are known as bonsai. This is an ideal plant to gift on any holiday or occasion.


2. Succulent Housewarming Gift


Succulents are gaining popularity due to their hardiness and extremely low maintenance requirements. They are well known for their thick stems and leaves, which they use to store water for a long time and can be great gifts for house warming ceremony. Burro's tail, stonecrop, the crown of thorns, zebra, and snake plants are a few of the well-known varieties of succulents, among many others.


3. Orchids


An orchid's well-defined, lavish blossoms and slender green branches can add beauty and elegance to any house. People with busy schedules and those with bad hands tend to favour it because of the easy maintenance requirements. Orchids are among the most exquisite flowers to receive as a gift. These gorgeous flowers give any space a depth and personality.


4. Peace Lily


A peace lily is another calming plant with lovely blossoms that require little maintenance. This plant is renowned for evoking a sense of tranquillity and freshness. As its name suggests, the peace lily plant has a lot of glossy foliage, yields white blossoms, and spreads freshness and harmony which are much-needed for new house gifts.


5. Snake Plants




Snake plants are fantastic gifts because they are adaptable and require little water. This plant is well known for having leaves with curiously curled, pointed tips. In addition to purifying the air, snake plants offer brightness to every room in the house. They make the perfect housewarming present because they symbolise luck and improve Vastu.


6. Jade Plant Housewarming Gift



A Jade plant has thick, delicious leaves that are strong and low-maintenance. The leaves of this plant have incredible textures and a wide range of green hues. Jade plants make wonderful housewarming gifts. They are said to bring good fortune into a house. These plants can survive very long with little to no care, making them survivors.

Although fertilising this plant is not necessary, it is still a good idea to sometimes wash its leaves to remove dust. The thick, oblong, vibrant green leaves of jade plants make them well-liked succulent.


7. Cactus of Christmas (Schlumbergera)


The Christmas Cactus takes one of the top spots on the list as it is easy maintenance and produces lovely flowers. These are one of the easiest plants to care for indoors since they only require occasional replenishment of the potting soil, bright indirect light like that placed near a window, and vigorous watering every two weeks once the soil is dry.

Christmas cacti are perfect for busy families who require low-maintenance greenery in their homes. Schlumbergera can live for 20 to 30 years with adequate care. They are commonly selected as gifts due to their persistence and success potential.


8. Bamboo Housewarming Gift


Bamboo plants are known for their aesthetic appeal and the good luck they bring. Hence, they are among the most popular plants given as gifts.

Due to their ease of care, these plants are beautiful gifts for even novice gardeners. Bamboo plants make excellent housewarming gifts because of their high visual value, ease of maintenance, and significance in Feng Shui. Each bamboo plant stem has a meaningful value and represents a long and wealthy life.


9. Indian Christmas tree


Indian Christmas tree’s design gives interiors a decorative touch. Its limbs are heavily coated in short, evergreen leaves that resemble pine needles. The pyramidal shape of the trunk is the result of the upright growth and spreading branches which give a satisfying look. These trees are housewarming gift ideas for anyone.


10. Croton

If you're looking for colourful plant gifts, Croton is a fantastic option. This plant brightens up interiors by adding a variety of hues. Given the presence of the anthocyanin complex, the lanceolate to linear-shaped leaves exhibit mixes of green, orange, yellow, white, pink, red, and crimson colours.


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In this post, we discussed a variety of options to help you pick the best indoor plants to give as housewarming gifts. Apart from being decorative, these plants make for a perfect gift to convey your best wishes and congratulations to the recipient.

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