7 houseplants to express the language of LOVE

7 houseplants to express the language of LOVE

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We all are familiar with the typical oval shape of a leaf; however, in nature, there are plenty of plants with heart-shaped leaves. Botanically such leaves are described as cordate leaves. Many of these plants are ornamental foliage houseplants. This valentines day, instead of gifting heart pillows, how about gifting the ‘love plants’ with heart leaves to your Valentine?

Following are seven best heart-leaved plants:

1. Anthurium: (Laceleaf)

Anthurium has heart-shaped, big leathery leaves. The best part is, not just foliage, but the iconic red anthurium flowers that are heart shaped too. The amazing flora and fauna make it a perfect plant for gifting to your loved one.
Anthurium can be grown in colorful ceramic pots, in soilless potting media like coco peat and peat moss. It is a shade loving plant and can be grown indoors.
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anthurium plant

2. Betel leaf: (Maghai paan)

‘Paan’ is the most popular and most used foliage plants in India. Although betel leaf is economically important and commercial crop, the ‘maghai paan’ is an excellent houseplant with heart-shaped leaves.
Maghai plant can be grown in a 12 to a 14-inch container, and it can be allowed to grow on a moss stick. Plants can be grown easily in regular potting soil and indirect sunlight.
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Betel leaf

3. Philodendron:

There are many species and varieties of philodendrons, and most of them have beautiful, large sized, shiny, heart-shaped leaves. Eg. Philodendron cordatum.
Philodendron is an indoor ornamental climber that can be grown in moss stick containers and is available in various shades of green. These plants grow much better in hot and humid conditions.
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potted philodendron plant

4. Golden money plant:

Also called as golden pothos, this is a wonderful variety of money plant with golden yellow cordate leaves. It is a hardy plant that can grow very well in all kinds of conditions. A plant can be grown in small ceramic pots, hangings baskets or along with moss sticks. Golden pothos can be grown indoors as well as outdoors as a ground cover.
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money plant golden

5. Syngonium: (Arrowhead plant)

This is another hard to kill a plant that has somewhat arrow-shaped, cordate leaves. Syngonium podophyllum has hundreds of varieties, including the miniature plants with heart-shaped leaves.
It is a versatile ornamental plant that can be grown anywhere in a garden. The miniature Syngonium can be grown in coco soil indoors. Mini syngoniums are excellent plants for small ceramic pots, terrariums, bottle gardens, and dish gardens.
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heart shaped leaves of syngonium

6. Caladium: (Heart of Jesus):

It is one of the most spectacular ornamental foliage plants with giant heart-shaped leaves. The species Caladium bicolor has plenty of garden varieties that has green foliage with very colorful patterns, dots, spots, and stripes.
The plant can be grown indoors but requires morning sunlight to maintain its colorful foliage. Plants are sensitive to change, hence need special care and attention. Use soilless potting medium like pot-o-mix to grow Caladium indoors.
caladium plant

7. Hoya kerrii: (lucky heart)

This particular succulent is gifted as a valentine day plant in Europe. In first two years, the plant has only single, thick heart-shaped leaf, which is perfect for gifting as a love plant.
In later stages, the plant becomes a climber and requires plenty of space to grow. Apart from attractive foliage, the plant is known for its beautiful flowers. In India, this plant is gaining popularity as a ‘sweetheart plant’ or ‘love plant’.
hoya plant
Apart from these, you can also gift English Ivy, Ipomoea, Peace Lily, etc. as love plants.
Happy Valentine’s Day!