10 Feng Shui plants for positive energy

10 Feng Shui plants for positive energy

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You may have heard the term Feng Shui before but maybe you don't quite understand how to make it useful for yourself. Well simply, Feng Shui is a collection of Chinese laws that determine the flow of energy in space or a room according to the way that everything is arranged in that room.
feng shui plants
The key here is the flow of energy. This energy that flows through all living forms and supports them is called Chi. For a home, it is important that it has positive energy or Chi and one of the ways of doing that is growing plants that promote this energy.
good luck plant
So, according to Feng Shui, these are the top 10 plants for boosting the Chi in your home.

1. Lucky bamboo

Representing upward growth, positivity and humility, the lucky bamboo is a famous symbol of the Feng Shui art. Place one in your home or your garden to bring in positive energy flow.
lucky plants for home

2. Golden Pothos

According to Feng Shui, areas like the tops of cabinets and corners gather dead energy that can restrict a home's positivity. Placing a golden pothos there relieves you of this problem because they restore positive energy and also are very easy to care for. Buy Money plant golden.
Golden pothos

3. Orchids

These a very long-lasting flowering plants that come in numerous shapes, sizes and colours. So, you can take your pick for the best fit for your home. As for their abilities, they tend to promote positive relationship building and nurturing.
orchid flower

4. Rubber plant

Its darkish leaves offer a nice contrast to a bright and vivid garden. It can also survive in fairly dim lighting and cool temperature. As for its benefits, it is excellent in removing toxins like formaldehyde from an indoor environment. Read more on air purifying plants.
rubber plant , ficus elastica

5. Jasmine

It has a signature sweet and pleasant smell that can almost instantly soothe the mind and reduce stress levels. It also creates positivity in relationships and builds romance. It works best when placed at the south-facing window in the house. Know about how to add green hue to office.
Jasmine flower

6. Rosemary

The Rosemary purifies the air which helps in reducing fatigue and fighting anxiety. Have trouble sleeping? This plant restores peace of mind and cures insomnia as well. Just place it in a sunny spot around the garden. Also try to grow rosemary at home.
Rosemary herb

7. Sage

A plant that has powerful cleansing qualities, according to Feng Shui, the sage helps in reducing bitter and negative energies in an environment. It also has very useful medicinal properties. Learn to grow sage at home.
Sage herb

8. Peace lily

The best plant for spirituality, the peace lily improves the overall energy flow in your home and strengthens its Chi. It can be grown in shaded spaces, like your work tables and kitchen tables. This not only beautifies the space but also increases positive energy.
peace lily plant

9. Aloe Vera

Need a little more luck in your life? Aloe Vera is the answer because it fights off negativity and bad luck. It works best in a spot where there is artificial light. Also, ensure that the pot has proper drainage as well.
aloe vera succulent

10. English Ivy

This plant is a perfect fit for a small space, and it purifies the space by filtering out toxins. It is a sign of a stress-free and pleasant home.
English Ivy feng shui plant
With this knowledge, you are ready to bring the positive energy flow of Feng Shui to your home!