Turn plastic bottles into container gardens

Turn plastic bottles into container gardens

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If you're a big fan of DIY projects, then this is another perfect opportunity to brush up your creativity. But if you feel that these projects haven't been your strongest suit so far then this may be the best place to start because it isn't very difficult. In the end, you can even add personal touches and honestly give character to your garden.
bottle garden plants 

Here are some easy steps to make containers from plastic bottles:

Choose the right bottle

The best bottle would be the 2-litre soda bottles that we often have lying around the house. These have enough room and height to be cut up while still having space to add your creativity. Just ensure to clean them up well. You would also like to read about different types of containers for gardening.
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Cutting up the bottles

You could cut your bottles anywhere between half in size to 2/3rd; it'll depend on what you're planting. But don't go below half, that size is usually perfect for seedlings. As a neat trick, you can hold down the bottle till it's flat. This makes the cutting easier.
plastic bottle garden

Making drainage holes

The bottom of the bottle will need drainage holes to help with percolation of water so that the roots always have a fresh supply. You can do so by either drilling the holes or by hammering through with a small nail. You'll need around 4-5 holes.
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Layering up

Once the drainage holes are made, you'll need to add to this with some gravel. These will further help in naturalising the container's drainage process. Select gravel rocks that are about pea-sized and not too big. Fill enough to cover the bottom of the bottle. Once that is done, you can add your potting soil. Choose the nutrient-rich variety here.
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Planting (or transplanting) and placement

Your container is now ready for planting. You can do it from seed if you want a new plant entirely or transplant something that you, perhaps, need to take inside for the winter. But before you water your plant, there's one more thing to do.
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Place your bottle container on a raised platform above something that can be used as water catchment pans. These could be anything like spare plates, bowls, baking pans, etc. These will stop the water from running off.
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Getting creative

Now, you can paint your new garden container if you want. Or you could even turn it into a hanging container by hooking it up to a hanger or a living wall in your garden. You could line your garden with multiples of these containers and have a lovely border. There are many ideas you can use to give it a distinct flavour. Read about beautiful terrariums.
hanging bottle garden

hanging bottle garden
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This is the perfect weekend project for you and your family, and it doesn't take up too much time or space!