Top 10 Flowering Trees of India

Top 10 Beautiful Flowering Trees of India

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Trees are an essential feature of a landscape garden, for roadside planting, public parks, along the railway lines, in schools and colleges & some of these can even find a place in small private gardens. There is nothing more spectacular than a flowering tree at its full bloom. India is blessed with a great diversity of trees. In this blog let’s have a look at the great Indian flowering trees that are native species to Indian subcontinent.

Top 10 Flowering Trees of India

1. Cassia Fistula (The Indian laburnum)

Indian Laburnum Flowers

These yellow trees are also known as the golden shower, this is the most iconic Cassia of India. During the hot weather (April-May) the tree becomes most conspicuous with its pendulous inflorescence of golden yellow, mildly scented flowers.

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2. Lagerstroemia Speciosa (Pride of India)

Lagerstroemia Speciosa Flowers

This is a state flower of Maharashtra, locally known as ‘Tamhan’ (ताम्हण). The showy purplish or mauve flowers are borne in about 30 cm long panicles at the end of all branches of these pink flowering trees during April-May & July-August.


3. Bauhinia (Kachar tree)

Kachar Tree & its Flowers

These are another type of pinlk flowering trees with 2 popular species B. purpura & B. variegata. Both are planted in the garden for their large, scented & showy flowers that are rosy/ purple/ lilac/ dark pink or white colored.


4. Bombax Ceiba (The Silk Cotton Tree)

The Silk Cotton Tree

A tall, thorny, shade tree except during flowering time (January-February) when the flowering tree shades all the leaves & large bright crimson or red flowers are borne in clusters on the branches. To add to the beauty many birds visit these during the flowering season for the nectar.


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5. Butea Monosperma (Flame of the Forest)


The flowers of this colorful tree are large & crowded on leafless branches. These blooms are a bright flaming scarlet orange, with a shape resembling a Parrot’s beak. The flowers yield dye which is used a natural color during ‘Holi’ celebrations.

6. Erythrina Variegata (Indian Coral Tree)


The Indian Corals are fast growing flowering trees with ornamental spiny stem & branches. The tree flowers in leafless conditions during February to March. The scarlet red flowers appear in clusters.


7. Saraca Asoca (Sita Ashok)

Saraca Asoca

A handsome evergreen  flowering tree with spreading branches forming a shapely crown & attractive young foliage. The vibrant orange & slightly fragrant flowers are borne in roundish panicles in the summer season.


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8. Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis (Parijat)


Parijats are small flowering trees or shrubs. The sweetly scented flowers are pretty with white petals & an orange-red tube & center. The flowering season is autumn & the winter. The flowers open at night & start falling on ground at daybreak.


9. Cochlospermum Religiosum (Yellow Silk Cotton Tree)


This is a small branching deciduous, yellow tree. When it flowers in February-March in a leafless condition, the golden yellow flowers in terminal clusters look strikingly beautiful.


10. Millingtonia Hortensis (The Indian Cork Tree)

These white flowering trees are quick growing, tall evergreen trees with attractive foliage. The trumpet-shaped, silvery white flowers are sweetly scented, particularly at night.


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