Gift Ideas for Friends - Which Plant Resembles Your Friend?

Gift Ideas for Friends - Which Plant Resembles Your Friend?

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This friendship day add a little twist to your friendship, and gift your mates a plant that resembles them. A little creativity will add to all the fun and frolic; and will give you and your partners-in-crime an unforgettable set of memories.

Listed below are 12 plants that will personify your friends. Choose the one you like and gift-a-plant:

Yellow potted rose plant

1. Yellow Rose Plant:

Let’s begin with the saviour of the day - Best Friend: A yellow rose plant is easy to grow. Like a best friend it gives warmth and is always associated with the feelings of friendship and positivity. Don’t forget, that the yellow color itself is related to joy, wisdom and power.

snake plant online


2. Snake Plant:

That ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ friend deserves a Snake Plant. Bestow that fearless adventurer with this amazing indoor plant that is extremely easy-to-maintain. Just like your friend kills all the fear during an adventure, this plant too wards off formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air.

Red Rose Plant as Gift


3. Red Rose Plant:

That first crush in the group with a ‘we are just-friends’ title deserves a Red Rose Plant. Let that lovely mate know how special they are to you. This ‘Queen of flowers’ is always associated with love, devotion, purity and never fails to enchant its lovers. The flower grows in abundance and harmonizes easily with rest of flora and fauna.

Philodendron Plant

4. Philodendron Plant:

Philodendron is an apt plant for a directionless and confused friend. It is the easiest to grow houseplant and is practically no fail. Be it bright, medium or low light - these plants tolerate it all very well. They grow best in moist, well-drained soil.

peace lily flower plant

5. Peace Lily Plant:

Peace Lily would suit that Quiet One in the group. This hardy plant is easy to grow but needs proper conditions to thrive and not just survive. Extremely pretty, it is known for its air purifying qualities. Your silent friend will eventually have someone to share the ‘I-am-the-quiet-one’ space with!
Money plant Gift

6. Money Plant:

We all have that one pal at work who looks up to you stands by you in every situation and waits for you to turn up to the office the next day. Gift that work-pal a lucky charm - The Money Plant. Available in numerous varieties, Money Plant is believed to bring wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in one’s life. A special friend deserves a talisman like this because not all of us are lucky to have a friend back at the office.

Small Cactus Plant


7. Mammillaria Cactus Plant:

Oh God! Stop crying - how can we forget a friend who is always crying over one thing or the other. Gift him a Mammillaria plant. Also known as the powder-puff cactus, this super cute plant will add a smile on your cranky friend’s face and will spare you from all the drama at least for some time.
Lucky Bamboo Plant for Gifting

8. Lucky Bamboo Plant:

That lucky charm would deserve nothing less than a Lucky Bamboo. Will he/she? In feng shui, lucky bamboo is an example of wood, water and earth. The plant is healthy and attracts positive chi in the house. Easy to care, the plant can thrive in any light. Could there be a better way to express gratitude?

fern plant or indoor fern

9. Fern Plant:

They say that birds of the same feather flock together. Hence, a friend with a similar taste in clothes, shoes and lifestyle is the most adored. Acknowledge how special you feel when matched from head to toe and gift that ‘same-pinch’ friend a Fern plant. This indoor plant looks good when complemented with anything and everything. Easy to grow it loves the shade and adds beauty to the surroundings without demanding attention.
english ivy plant

10. English Ivy Plant:

A superstar friend can be gifted nothing else apart from English Ivy - a superstar plant. The USP of this unusual plant is that its care is a snap and can be planted in hard-to-reach areas too. This evergreen plant grows well in the shade and makes an excellent trailing/climbing plant.
Pink Star Plant

11. Earth Star Plant:

Earth Star Plant is an apt personification for the Party Animal Friend. Like that friend adds life to a boring party, the Earth Star brightens up the otherwise dull tabletops and adds a focal point indoors.

Areca Palm Plant

12. Areca Palm Plant:

Last but not least, is your Childhood Friend. The one who has sailed through a lifetime with you, who knows your secrets and weaknesses. Doesn't that pal deserve a lovely Areca Palm plant? This beautiful looking Palm needs minimal care. Just like that childhood friend, the plant sticks around without demanding anything in return.
Celebrate friendship day with full stride because friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest; it’s about who came and never left your side.