Growing Fragrant Mosquito Repellents Plants

Growing Fragrant Mosquito Repellents Plants

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Having a sweet smelling home garden is a true boon. You could come home after a long day, place a chair amid the fragrant greenery and relax and wind down.
But a problem with any garden or outdoor environment in the sub-continent is the mosquitoes. They could drain you dry, literally and metaphorically! And with that in the back of your mind, it may discourage you from truly going out and enjoying your time in your garden.
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But what if your fragrant garden could come to your defense? We know that plants have multiple uses like being edible, medicinal, improving the fertility of your garden and even repelling certain pests. So, here are some plants that will keep the mosquitoes away and let you enjoy the benefits of your garden.

Mosquito Repellant Plants:

1. Lavender:

This is one of the most resistant and resilient plants that one can grow in the garden. Its special fragrance comes from the oils that the petals produce, which tend to keep away all pests and even block the mosquito’s sense of smell. And what more, it isn’t a very hard one to maintain too! Just give it some full sun and well-drained soil.
lavender for mosquito repellent

2. Rosemary:

A very popular herb in the kitchen and very well known because of its woody, earthy smell. Rosemary keeps numerous flying pests like mosquitoes, cabbage moths and carrot flies out of the garden so that your plants are protected. Also, rosemary grows well even in the winter, just grow it in containers and keep those mosquitoes away.
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rosemary plant as natural mosquito repellent

3. Marigold:

A very popular flower in India, seeing a marigold around the home is always a great sight. It is an annually growing flower that emits a distinct scent to keep away not just mosquitoes but also aphids, whiteflies, squash bugs, tomato hornworms etc. Grow them as your border plants or keep them in containers and watch your garden get cleared up!
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4. Basil:

Another beautiful herb that’s of great use in the kitchen! While growing in the garden, it exudes a subtle but pungent smell that can keep the mosquitoes at bay. The good thing is that there are a variety of basil herbs that can be grown and all of them are good at repelling pests. And this herb requires just the basic necessities like lots of sun, well drained soil which is kept fairly damp.
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Fresh basil herb in a pot

5. Citronella Grass:

When buying this fresh, lemon-scented plant, ensure that you get either Cymbopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus as they are the true varieties. This plant is actually one of the main ingredients used in chemical mosquito repellents, so it’s the perfect fit for this job. Its effect is at its most potent while the plant is thriving in the garden and it also adds great variety.
lemongrass plant
So, with these five plants, you can rid your garden of those draining pests and enjoy your evenings amid the greenery completely free of mind. Need some seeds or equipment to get these new growths going? Check out for all that you need!