6 Berries For a Healthy Heart For Women

6 Berries For a Healthy Heart For Women

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Modern day women have quite a lot on their plate. They are workers, managers and leaders in their field; they are innovators always pushing the glass ceiling, they are learners developing new skills and they are one-half of a partnership that takes care of the family.
To be able to do all of this and more, it is so important to be in the best of health. So, taking care of one’s body becomes of the most paramount importance.
With so much to do and so little time, diet is one of the first things that falls by the wayside. But that’s truly where all the problems begin. Our bodies need the nourishment and the right nutrients if they are to keep up with the demands of the day. Read about 10 fruits that boost immunity system.
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Most importantly, we need our heart to be healthy so it can pump blood to all parts of our body and keep us going. So, here’s a secret for the healthy heart for women…all you need are some berries!
These berries listed below will provide a world of benefits to your heart and keep your body’s cardiovascular strength from diminishing. And what’s more, you won’t need any extra time to prepare an elaborate meal; you can just snack on them at the go!

Below are 6 berries with health benefits to keep your heart healthy:

1. Blackberries:

First on the list are the yummy blackberries! These contain polyphenols which are a super nutrient that can prevent cardiovascular disease and even, at times, cancer. They contain significant amounts of fibre and vitamin C and A, so they are a storehouse of all that you will need in a day.
blackberry fruit

2. Acai berries:

These are probably the most potent berries for preventing the onset of cancer. They are also very rich in fibre, which will help with digestion as well. However, they are a bit sour so you can use them as ingredients in a super healthy breakfast smoothie to get your daily intake of nutrients for the heart!
acai berry

3. Strawberries:

These are shaped like the heart and benefit the heart too, so naturally would be on this list! They contain large amounts of vitamin C and folate, which is said to strengthen and ensure the heart. The best part? They’re incredibly tasty and probably already part of your diet.
strawberry nutritional benefits

4. Raspberries:

You often see these as toppings on cakes, tarts and biscuits. But have you ever thought about consuming on their own? Well, you definitely should! Their medicinal benefits include healthy heart fiber, manganese and vitamin C. They are also low in fat and are usually a part of weight loss diets.
raspberries nutrition

5. Blueberries:

The more well-known fact about blueberries is that they help in improving your memory. What you might not know is that they also contain nutrients and compounds that help widen your artery to improve blood flow. Besides that, they are an incredible source of antioxidants. If you need antioxidants check out these fruits & vegetables.
blueberry benefits

6. Cranberries:

Finally we come to the slightly tart but equally healthy cranberries. These increase the good cholesterol in the body which improves the functioning of the heart. Incorporate them into your salads for the best taste and benefits!
the cranberries
Love your berries? Why not grow some on your own?