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Why Should You Buy Plants Online?

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Buying plants can be an exciting process when you know what you want.

But when you're unsure and you're thrown into a situation where you have to make a choice immediately, it can become quite overwhelming.Plant Store

So, what can you do? Stop buying plants?

That doesn't sit right with any plant enthusiast. But if you want to make changes and help yourself by shopping in a calmer and freer environment, online shopping is the way to go!

You might wonder, how is buying plants online better than shopping in-store?

On days when you just can't convince yourself to leave the comfort of your house but still want to feed your need to buy and add new plants to your collection, shopping online for your green companions will satisfy your craving!


✯Here are some of the key benefits of buying plants online:

✓ Wider Selection

✓ Convenience

✓ Detailed Product Information

✓ Competitive Pricing

✓ Nationwide and International Availability

✓ Seasonal Availability

✓ Delivery to Your Doorstep

✓ No Physical Contact

✓ Reviews and Recommendations

✓ Customer Support

✓ Return Policies

These are just some of the many advantages of buying plants online. Now let's talk about 


✯Why Buy Plants Online from Ugaoo?

Ugaoo was born out of the desire to bridge the gap between humans and nature. The gap and connection between us and our surrounding nature keeps widening, thanks to the fast-paced lives that we now live.

That is exactly what Ugaoo aims to stop. We believe we need to grow closer to our roots, take a look at where we came from, and stay connected to the very thing that gives us life. 

Even then, what benefits does buying plants online from Ugaoo bring you? What advantages does an online plant nursery give you?

✦Convenience and Ease of Purchase:Heraldry Vase Taper

With the Ugaoo website, you can browse through our wide range and collection of not just plants but also planters, fertilizers, pots, seeds, plant care items, and more.

The world of all things green is at your fingertips and all at the comfort of your own home. The process of purchasing and the time you spend browsing also decreases, which in turn saves a lot of your time. 

✦Speedy Delivery to your Doorstep:

Since all purchases you make will be online, the deliveries will be made directly to your doorstep without you having to leave your house. 

From our nurturing nurseries to your doorsteps, we guarantee delivery between 3-5 business days, meaning that you will receive your green companions sooner rather than later. 

Ugaoo also offers free delivery above orders of Rs 499!

✦Sustainable and Safe Packaging:Ugaoo Packaging

We believe in following a green and sustainable lifestyle because of which even our packaging is sustainable.

Made with recyclable material, our packaging ensures that your plants will reach you safe and sound, with space to breathe.  

✦Fertilizers Included with Plant:Cow Manure Fertilizer

With every plant that we deliver to your house, we know it comes along with responsibilities of being kept not just alive, but also healthy and thriving. 

So, with our plants, we provide you with a fertilizer that will have you set for the next 6 months. 

Find fertilizers online for all your needs.

✦Replacements and Refunds:

At Ugaoo, we guarantee that your plants will reach you safe and unharmed.

But in the unlikely case that you receive damaged plants, we also guarantee that you will get the perfect replacement for the same.

We understand the importance of plants in your life and know that you will want the best for your in-house companions. 

If we cannot provide the perfect replacement, we will initiate a refund within the first 14 days after the purchase. 

If you buy home gardening plants or flowering plants online, you'll know that returns for these plants are not possible. However, non-plant items can easily be returned. 
Skyie Cotton Planter

✦Availability: Garden Plants or Indoor Plants, You're Covered

If you visit an Ugaoo store, there is no doubt that we will provide you with the best service.

But if you do choose to shop online, there is an unsaid guarantee that you will find a wider variety of plants available for you to choose from. 

There will also be a wider variety for all other items such as planters and seeds. Like we said, the green world - at your fingertips. 

There are almost always more available plants for sale online as compared to offline stores.

✦Reach - Lesser Geographical Restrictions:

Since the number of stores we have opened are limited, your city may not have one yet. But if you choose to buy from our website, the question of stores and geographical limitations gets completely eliminated. 

We deliver across the country, in every city and every town. So, whichever plant you wish to add to your collection, we can deliver it to your doorstep without any hassle. 

So take your pick! We'll have it to you in no more than a week. 

Buy Plants Online Indoor Plant Bundle

✦Customer Service Satisfaction:

At Ugaoo, we can guarantee post-sales customer service that will help you out with all your queries and questions. 

Whether you are new to the world of plants or are a seasoned gardener, we understand that you may have certain questions about any plant post-purchase. 

Our customer service will be able to guarantee that all your questions find answers. So, our expert are here to answer your queries and solve any problems.

Video Consultancy - Doctor Green:

Doctor Green Services

Since we guarantee that our customer service will provide answers to all your questions, we bring to you our video consultancy services. 

Doctor Green allows you to consult horticulturists and plant experts who will provide you with personalized guidance for your plants.

After getting a lay of the land, getting to know your space and your plants, our experts will work with you to solve any problems that you may be facing with your plants or your home garden. 

Garden Maintenance Services:

Post-video consultancy, if you still feel like you need professional services to help with maintaining your plants or even your whole garden, Ugaoo offers you the option of professional garden maintenance services.Garden Maintenance Services

These services will include everything from understanding your land, plants, their individual needs, pest control and fertigation, repotting, and more. 

These services will make sure to provide you with what whatever it is that your plants may need. 

Even if you buy plant pots online, there are services available to make sure that these pots are suitable for your plants and repotting them to get them well-settled. 

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Plant Subscription Offers:

At Ugaoo, we offer plant subscriptions that allow you to buy a subscription to receive plants each month.

You will have an option to choose from three boxes ranging from choices for novice plant enthusiasts to experienced gardeners. Plant Subscription Offers

All subscription boxes last for 3 months. The first one is made for the gardening sceptics. This box will supply you with 3 small, low-maintenance plants for the same duration. 

The second one is for plant lovers looking to expand their collection. This box, valid for 3 months, will bring you 3 small and 2 medium plants per month. 

The third and last box is for those positively obsessed with the green lifestyle. This box is the biggest and will bring to you a total of 18 plants in 3 months. With 3 small, 2 medium, and 1 large plant included in the package, this box will bring the best of all plant sizes and shapes. 

Buy Indoor Plants Online 

✦Exclusive Offers and Rewards:Succulent Plant Bundle

Shop from the Ugaoo website to avail the best offers and make use of coupon codes to get the best discounts. 

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✦Bulk and Personalized Gifting Options:

With every festive season or even just any special day, find the option to gift your colleagues or loved ones a sustainable and growing gift.Bulk and Corporate Gifting

Ugaoo allows you to personalize and customize gifts to order them in bulk, and have them delivered in the best quality packaging. 

Personalized gifting for just one individual is also an option and allows you to give your loved ones the gift of green!

Sustainable gifting is at your fingertips with Ugaoo, just a click away. 

Gift Plants Online

Now that you know just how convenient buying plants online is, maybe you will find your journey is made a little easier. So, get started on your green journey or even expand your collection with Ugaoo today!