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This Wedding Season, Gift green!

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Wedding seasons can be confusing. What should you wear? What should you gift the newly weds? What gift could be so fitting and so perfect that there's no way that it will sit at the corner of their shelves, never to be seen again?

These questions are absolutely haunting because they have no clear answer. We can't really help you with your wardrobe choices but the wedding gifting is where we swoop in to save the day!

Short on wedding gift ideas? Here's what you should know: 

Wedding Gifts

• Plants Make for the Best Wedding Gifts!

We're at a stage in this planet's existence where we need to do absolutely everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of stress we are collectively putting on Earth, on its resources. 

So, this wedding season, when you feel like you're running out of wedding gift ideas, turn to plants! These green stunners make for effortlessly memorable and unique wedding gifts that will ensure the newly-weds you are gifting do not receive another wedding gift that will collect dust in some forgotten corner of their new house. 

Plants as Gifts

• Reasons Why Plants are the Best Wedding Presents


1. A Wedding Gift Symbolic of Growth and Longevity

Plants symbolize growth, prosperity, and the flourishing of a new life together, making them a perfect representation of the couple's journey into marriage.

Giving a wedding day plant gift could be like a wish for the couple's love to grow and thrive, just like the plant.


2. Plants are also Long-lasting Symbols of Love

Unlike many traditional wedding gifts, which may lose their luster over time, plants can continue to thrive and serve as a lasting reminder of the couple's special day. They will stay alive and flourishing as a memorable token of the very special day that they shared, no matter how much time passes.


3. Environmentally Friendly Wedding Gift

Opting for a plant as a wedding gift aligns with eco-conscious choices, contributing positively to the environment. What better way to kickstart life together than to make choices that will not only benefit you but also your future generations?

This way, plants naturally become very useful wedding gifts as well, contributing to the vitality of our planet. 

Gifting Plants

4. Memorable and Unique Wedding Gifts

Plants stand out as unique wedding gifts, making a lasting impression on the couple. They are easily set apart from conventional presents and offer a touch of individuality to your gift selection.


5. Practical and Useful Wedding Gifts

Potted plants for wedding gifts serve a dual purpose—they are aesthetically pleasing and also contribute to improving the indoor air quality. A useful and beautiful gift, plants can enhance the newlyweds' living space.


6. Celebrating the Journey

Plants, especially those that require care and attention, can symbolize the couple's joint responsibility and commitment to nurturing their relationship over time. It becomes a beautiful metaphor for the journey of marriage.


7. The Perfect Wedding Gift for Plant Lovers

This is additional because of you know that the couple shares a love for plants or gardening, a plant gift for weddings becomes even more fitting. It shows that you know and appreciate their interests, making the gift more personal.


• Perfect Plants to Gift for Weddings 

You're probably convinced about how and why plants make for the best wedding presents. But you also could be confused about which plants to gift for weddings. So, here is a list of some that fit the vibe perfectly. 


a. Money Tree as a Wedding Gift:

Money Tree

The Money tree symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and financial success. It makes for the best wedding present as it wishes the newly-weds luck on their journey and effortlessly adds to the charm of wedding gifting.

It is also easy to care for and adaptable to various light conditions, with its braided trunk adding a decorative touch.


b. Lucky Bamboo as a Wedding Gift:

Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo represents good fortune, happiness, and longevity. Another perfect wedding gift to convey your thoughtfulness and consideration for something unique and sustainable.

This is also low maintenance and can thrive in low light conditions as well.


c. The Unique Wedding Gifts of Succulents:

Echeveria Lotus Chinensis Plant

Symbolize tenacity, strength, and timeless, selfless love. Succulents are perfect to give as a token of everlasting love to newly-weds, symbolizing the beauty and depth of the journey they chose to embark on while appreciating their love and patience!

Succulents come in various shapes and sizes, and provide versatility in design and decorations. They are also well-suited for couples with busy schedules due to their low maintenance requirements.


d. Peace Lilies as Wedding Gifts:

Peace Lily

Symbolizes peace, harmony, and the purity of emotions. What better way to resonate with the purity of a marriage association and communicate your consideration for the couple?

Peace lilies thrive in low light and also help improve indoor air quality.


e. How Orchids Make the Best Wedding Gifts: 


Orchids can be used and gifted as potted flowering plants, and they symbolize love, beauty, thoughtfulness, and strength. Orchids exude elegance and sophistication, making them the best wedding gifts.

Orchids do require some care but are well worth the effort for their stunning blooms.