Top 7 Plants & Flowers for New Year that Symbolize New Beginnings

Top 7 Plants & Flowers for New Year that Symbolize New Beginnings

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The new year is all about new beginnings. Starting over, committing to something new, and starting to realize your true potential are all things that the new year brings with it. So, this year, when you make your new year commitments and decide to do something different, why not add some extra value to your home, too?

This new year, get yourself something that will serve as a token of your dedication to your latest commitments and promises. Something that will remind you why you started and why you must keep going if you ever feel lost, because it can be a long journey and having a tether to your initial determination can be exactly what you might need. 

If you're wondering what could possibly be such a perfect token of your strength... it's plants! With their stunning aesthetics and ever-so-green positivity, house plants make for the perfect reminders and will always stay true to their depiction of your resilience and will always stand to symbolize your new beginnings. 

So, here is a list of the top 7 indoor plants and flowers that symbolize new beginnings!



• Best Indoor Plants and Flowers for the New Year

We believe that plants can give you everything that you need. From peace of mind and the ability to connect better with yourself, to unparalleled health benefits that will leave you wanting more. 

But for this new year, if you want them to go above and beyond, they really will. Withstanding the test of time, your indoor plants can serve as your best friends and your daily reminders.


1. Amaryllis Flowers  

Amaryllis Flowers

These flowers are usually grown from Amaryllis bulbs. With their vibrant blooms, Amaryllis flowers symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. This elegant flower, often associated with winter and the holiday season, signifies the promise of growth and renewal.

Its striking beauty mirrors the potential for positive transformations, making it a meaningful symbol of hope and the start of a new chapter in various cultural contexts.


2. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums, revered in various cultures, symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. These resilient flowers bloom in autumn, representing the cycle of life and the pursuit of a fresh start.

With their vibrant hues, Chrysanthemum flowers embody optimism, making them an emblem of renewal and the potential for positive change. Due to its winter blooms, Chrysanthemum is also associated with depicting the beauty of change and transformation within new beginnings. 


3. Gladiolus


Gladiolus, known for its tall, sword-shaped spikes of blossoms, symbolizes strength and sincerity in new beginnings. The flower's name is derived from the Latin word "gladius," meaning sword.

As Gladiolus flowers bloom upward, they embody resilience and the courage to face challenges. Often associated with the gladiator's spirit, these flowers inspire a sense of determination and triumph over adversity, making them a wonderful flowering plant to keep as a symbol of embarking on new journeys.


4. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, a popular symbol in Feng Shui, represents good fortune and new beginnings. Despite not being an actual bamboo species, it is associated with resilience and flexibility, bending but not breaking.

Its upward growth symbolizes progress and positive energy. Often gifted during significant life events, Lucky Bamboo is believed to bring prosperity and luck, making it a meaningful emblem of auspicious beginnings and the potential for flourishing success.


5. Hyacinth


Hyacinth is often used to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Often associated with the arrival of spring, these flowers signify the awakening of life and the promise of fresh starts.

Hyacinths, with their vibrant colors and captivating fragrance, announce the end of winter's dormancy and signify the renewal of nature. As harbingers of new growth, Hyacinths hold a symbolic significance, inviting positivity and hope for the future in various cultural contexts.


6. Iris

Iris Flowers

The Iris is another flower that symbolizes new beginnings and transitions. Named after the Greek goddess who connected gods to humanity, the flower represents the link between the mortal and divine.

Iris' vibrant petals convey hope, inspiration, and the start of positive changes. Emblematic of a fresh start, this resilient flower encourages embracing the unknown and moving forward with courage, making it a potent symbol of new beginnings.


7. Peacock Plant

Peacock Plant

The Peacock Plant, known for its striking foliage resembling a peacock's feathers, symbolizes renewal and new beginnings. With vibrant, sparkling hues and regal patterns, it signifies the emergence of beauty and positivity.

As a house plant, it brings a sense of rejuvenation and fresh energy to indoor spaces. The Peacock Plant serves as an emblem of the transformative, ever-changing nature of new beginnings, encouraging growth and the pursuit of a vibrant future.