Top 10 Miniature (Dwarf) Plants in India

Top 10 Miniature (Dwarf) Plants in India

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Miniature plants are getting more and more popular in home gardens of India. It's important to understand that all small plants are not Bonsai. While Bonsai is an art of purposely dwarfing the trees, Miniature plants are genetically dwarf varieties of some of the famous ornamental plants. Many of the indoor plants have their dwarf counterparts, i.e. a mini version of the same species.

Let's have a look at top 10 miniature plants in India:

1. Syngonium mini

It is one of the best foliage plants for indoor gardening. Syngonium has the highest number of miniature varieties amongst all the ornamental plants. Mini syngoniums are hardy plants that can be grown successfully in bottle gardens and closed terrariums.

2. Ixora Dwarf

Ixora is one of the most cherished flowering plants, and its dwarf variety is a typical plant. Dwarf Ixora with orange, red or yellow flowers can be grown indoors and outdoors. It is a perfect plant for edges, borders and perennial flower beds. Buy ixora red plant online.

3. Mini Tagar (Cape Jasmine)

A perennial, evergreen bush that flowers all year round. Mini Tagar is available in green leaves as well as with variegated foliage. This is an excellent plant for outdoor borders and edges. Mini Tagar is also useful for plantation under large trees and ground cover patches.

4. Fern Mini

Ferns are versatile plants that can be grown almost anywhere. Mini ferns look very elegant in miniature gardens and table decorations. These are perfect houseplants that can be grown as fillers in dish gardens and terrariums.

5. Crassula (Mini Jade)

This succulent is a darling of home gardeners. Mini Jade can be grown in fancy ceramic pots. The plant gives the appearance of a tree in a miniature tray landscape. It can be produced in small rockeries. Buy crassula ovata online.

6. Mini Aloe

These are some of the unusual looking plants and very hardy succulents. Miniature Aloes look great in sand art gardens, desert theme mini landscapes and also in small ceramic pots. Similarly, their cousins Haworthias are also grown.

7. Aralia Dwarf

Also known as polyscias, these are pretty looking foliaceous plants. Unlike their big leaved counterparts, Mini Aralias have small dense foliage which often variegated. The plants are at best of their looks when they are grown in partial sunlight.

8. Peperomia

These are small plants with beautiful heart-shaped leaves and attractive patterns. Peperomias grow well in wet conditions, moss gardens, dark rooms and closed bottle gardens. Peperomias are very good for gifting.

9. Baby’s tears

A delightful green plant with tiny round leaves that resemble teardrops, hence the name. It's a moisture loving, tender creeper that spreads on the ground rather quickly in the shade. A well-grown plant can give a spectacular look to hanging baskets.

10. Mini Cactus

Last but not the least, the mini cacti like Opuntia or mammillaria are meant for indoor planting in colourful little pots. The right plant in miniature form looks authentic and so damn cool. A small rockery or a desert theme terrarium is perfect little habitat to grow mini cacti.

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