10 Trees You Can Grow Under Or Near Power Lines

10 Trees You Can Grow Under Or Near Power Lines

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So, you want to grow some trees in your backyard or close to your home, but there’s a power line nearby? While this can be a bit of an issue, it shouldn’t be one that stops you cold!
Why? Because we have another helpful guide for you!
Growing trees is initially a very involving and intensive act. And the most significant part of it is to plan and prepare for success so that you can avoid the pitfalls.
With our list of these top 10 trees, you’ll be well on your way to making your environment a little more green and beautiful. And that’ll be done without disrupting the power or telephone connection in your home!
trees to plant under power lines

A note before we get started with planting under power lines:

As we’ve said, growing under power lines requires you to plan. That means choosing a tree that will only be as tall as the space from the power line permits. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:
  • At your chosen spot, if there’s a 6-metre space in every direction, then you can grow fairly short trees that rise to 5 metres in height. Read about top 10 plants you can grow under trees.
  • On the other hand, if you have to say 12 metres space in all directions, then you can grow medium-to-tall trees that rise to 10 metres.
  • When buying your potted/germinated tree, remember to inquire about its initial height. Buy plant growth products for growing trees.
planting trees under power lines

Ten Low Growing Trees options for you:

1) Holly Tree:

This is a broad leaf tree that can grow up to 25 feet. What’s most attractive and exciting about it is that it is extremely hardy and can survive rough temperatures and conditions.
holly tree

2) Sargent Crab Apple Tree:

This tree grows wider than taller, so height will not be an issue. Also, it produces delicious fruits, and its blooms are striking red.
crab apple tree

3) Amur Maple:

If you need a tree that doesn’t grow too tall then this is your option! The Amur Maple is an adaptable tree that develops beautiful fall colors when the time is right.
amur maple

4) Redbud Tree:

Need to add some eye-catching beauty to your garden? The Redbud has beautiful, lustrous green leaves and purple blooms that can be seen from a long way away.
redbud tree

5) Large Flowered Magnolia:

A cousin of the giant Southern Magnolia, this small tree is an excellent choice for your garden. It develops lush, dense foliage that can make your garden seem full of life. Read about top 10 beautiful flowering trees of India.
magnolia tree with pink fragrant flowers

6) Common Juniper Tree:

This tree grows only to a height of 4.5 meters, so it’s a good option if you’re in a tight spot. It has many varieties most of which have a striking bluish-green foliage.
juniper tree

7) Alpine Currant Tree:

Here’s another one that doesn’t grow too tall. However, it turns a magnificent red gold color in the fall that is truly a sight to see.
alpine currant

8) Spindle Tree:

Everyone wants a bit of wow factor in their garden and this tree could be yours. It changes colour almost throughout the year and continuously generates interest. Read about top 10 shade giving trees in India.
Spindle tree

9) Japanese Maple Tree:

Choose the low-growing variety, and you will soon have crimson foliage as part of your garden. Not a bad choice!
Japanese maple tree

10) Strawberry Tree:

Finally, why not plant a Strawberry tree? You’ll get lovely white blooms and strawberry like fruits!
Strawberry tree
Everything you need to get started on growing these trees can be found at ugaoo.com!