Cool and creative pebble design ideas

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One way to keep things fresh at home is to play around with various interior design trends. Now and then, one will come up that will pique your interest and catch your eye. Newer trends like these keep the creative juices flowing, give you and your partner something to do and keep the home environment from getting stale. You'd be surprised at how often just changing things around or adding a cool new creative element will just do the trick.
Pebble decoration ideas
Decorating your interiors with pebbles is one such idea. However, pebbles can be a little tricky, though, when brought inside. In the outdoor garden, or at home but inside, they need to be used well. If you feel in the mood for experimenting, then here are some ideas incorporating pebbles that can get you started! Buy Pebbles Online.
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Flooring is the first thing that you could try, simply because it would offer a welcome change from the regular tile or wooden flooring. Having pebble panels on the floor would set a room apart. You can may also like to read about Cool Outdoor Hardscaping Ideas
pebbles walkway
Decorate furniture like long tables or even coffee tables with a miniature pebble enclosure like a glass jar. Just fill it with colorful pebbles, some water, and a few brightly colored plants!
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pebble art ideas
Have a chalkboard or writing board at home? Line the borders with vibrant petals to give it a whole new look that stands out.

Candleholders are probably a staple decorative item in every household, but having pebble candle holders can make a lot of difference. Just think about the intricate designs that will form on the pebble surface as the candle melts!
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What a trend quickly catching on is the Mini-Chinese garden, and it definitely won't be complete unless you have some neatly arranged pebbles to complete the scene. Know more about How to start a Fairy Garden.
pebbles in mini garden
Taking the idea outside, lining your fence or the border wall with pebbles gives your home a quaint and rustic look that could work well if that's what you're going for.
pebble wall
Planning a themed dinner party for your friends? How about having pebble based coasters or a pebble tray for dinner plates? It's an adventurous and creative idea!
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pebble tray 

A tiny greenhouse enclosure isn't something you come across often, and if you have some extra space, then one with an assortment of pebbles and beautiful green plants could stand out nicely.
pebble garden
The bathroom is a good place to decorate because it often is the first that is usually neglected. So, have a little showpiece of pebbles near the sink or even the bathtub to add some vintage charm to that space. Read about 10 Best Bathroom Plants.
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Finally, bring the pebbles to the bedroom by perhaps having a frame or art-piece containing different colored pebbles and hanging it in a spot that is vacant.
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These are only some of the many ideas of what you can do with pebbles because they are so adaptable! You can make your ideas to fit the needs and spaces of your home. Just look at the spot or corner that you think can be improved and see whether a pebble display can help you do that. Just remember to get creative!