10 Essential tips on growing Roses in India

10 Essential tips on growing Roses in India

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This is the second blog of our blog series on ‘Growing Roses.' Click here to read our first blog on, ‘Introduction to the world of Roses’.
Who doesn’t want a majestic Rose flower blooming in your home garden!  In India, we often like to grow Roses in Pots outside. This blog will help you to understand how to look after roses in pots & rose plant care tips. Following are ten essentials of rose growing in India:

Sunlight requirement of Roses:

Roses love an open sunny space with no overhanging branches of trees. However, in the hot climate of summer, partial shade is helpful.
rose flower

Pot size for Rose Plant

Rose, if grown in pots, would need containers 30-40 cm (12-16 inch) wide. It is helpful to re-pot them every year after removing old & dead roots. Plants may be changed after 3-4 years.
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rose plant

Potting mixture for Rose plants

Roses like to grow in good, fertile, well-drained soil with moisture retention capacity. A soil mixture should also contain 1 part farm yard manure & 1 part bio-compost. Read more on How to make potting soil.
potting mix

Propagation of Roses

In India, different varieties of Roses are grown by grafting and budding method, rather than planting stem or seed sowing. Eye budding (T-shaped budding) is the most common nursery method for growing various rose hybrids that are grafted over wild rootstock plant.
rose grafting

Separate Rose Garden

Rose is formal plant & does not mix freely with other color or plants. Therefore roses are grown separately in a special patch away from other flowering plants.
rose gardening in india

Watering Roses

Potted roses may be watered on alternate days in the summer or even every day. They need frequent good watering.
watering roses


Roses are susceptible to waterlogging. The leaves of potted roses turn yellow if proper drainage in the pots is not ensured.

Pruning Roses

In India, pruning of rose plants is done twice a year in late June & early December. Apart from removing weak & dead wood, prune up to about half of the growth of each branch of old plants. Read about Understanding Pruning.
pruning roses

Fertilizers for rose plants

Give preference to organic fertilizers rather than chemical ones. Bio-compost, vermicompost or cow-dung manure is provided to plant twice a year after every pruning.
fertilizer for roses

Rose diseases and pests:

Red Scales & dieback fungus are two primary diseases that affect the Roses in India along with Red Mites, Mealybugs, Powdery Mildew & Black Spots. Know about Types of Insect Pests in your garden.
rose pests and diseases
It's hard to imagine any place in India where good rose flowers cannot bloom, so plant your sapling today.
Happy gardening!
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