Office Plants at a Workspace

6 Low-Light Plants for Your Office Spaces

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Whether you work from home or from a corporate space, the office can be a rather dull place. With monotonous walls, closed doors, and cold environments - it becomes the perfect setting to fall asleep if you close your eyes for even just a minute.

In such situations, there needs to be something that keeps your mind from wandering and potentially falling into a deep, unthinking slumber. So, what can you do? What can you use to decorate your office space in a lively yet sophisticated manner, while still giving it that unmatched, vibrant charm?

Considering that you're here on Ugaoo's website, you probably know what we're going to say - it's plants! It may seem like a stretch but plants really do have the capacity to create an environment that will make you think twice about why you didn't make use of their ethereal beauty before!

While plants make for brilliant office companions, you have to first think about which ones you can place and where because different plants have varied requirements for water, light, and humidity.

For that very reason, this blog will help you pick the best plant for your office or workspace. Here is a list of 6 low-light plants for office spaces.


Low-Light Plants for Office Spaces

1. Snake Plant for Office

Snake Plant

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Ever heard of a plant that's basically an all-rounder? Well, that's the Snake plant for you. The Sansevieria plant is a low-maintenance succulent with sword-like leaves and variegated patterns. 

It can easily be used as one of those low light indoor plants that need less time and attention, and still thrive. 

Its low maintenance requirements and ability to tolerate neglect make it a perfect choice for busy plant enthusiasts who do not have the time to look after plants in between their busy schedules.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Snake Plant symbolizes resilience and positive energy, making it the perfect addition to office spaces...because who doesn't need a little extra positivity at work? 


2. Aglaonema as Desk Plants for Offices

Aglaonema Plant

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While the Snake plant adds elegance, the Aglaonema adds sass. Its whimsy variegation and colorful patterns make it a wonderful desk plant if you're looking for a little extra color. 

Commonly known as Chinese Evergreens, Aglaonemas are versatile and visually captivating low light indoor plants celebrated for their air-purifying properties.

These plants have long, tapering leaves that come in different colors ranging from pink and red to silver. Renowned for its adaptability to low-light conditions, the Aglaonema is an ideal choice for spaces with limited sunlight. 

Chinese Evergreens are also a symbol of purity, resilience, and wisdom. 


3. ZZ Plants for Office Desks

ZZ Plant

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Often beloved for its non-demanding nature and happy-guy attitude, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia makes for a beautiful desk plant. 

With glossy, dark green leaves that resemble stylized feathers, this hardy succulent thrives in various light conditions, from low to bright indirect light. This tolerance makes the ZZ Plant the perfect companion for all your professional endeavors. 

The ZZ plant's ability to tolerate neglect and survive in low-light spaces makes it a perfect choice for busy individuals. Is this plant is starting to sound very much like people on their bad days or is it just us?

Regardless, the ZZ plant symbolizes endurance and vitality, making it perfect for all your dull days at work.


4. Coffee Plant for Your Sleepy Days

Coffee Plant in a Coffee Mug

The Coffee Plant (Coffea) is not just the source of our morning elixir, it's also an intriguing, low-maintenance, and hardy addition to any collection of indoor plants.

Thriving in moderate light and steady temperatures, these evergreen shrubs boast glossy, deep green leaves but we suggest that you don't expect coffee beans to sprout from the plant any time soon because even under the best conditions, there are chances that they won't grow that way!

The Coffee plant can make for a great desk plant while also retaining its aromatic allure. Its tolerance for low light also makes it a great plant for office spaces. 


5. Bamboo Palm Plant for Offices

Bamboo Palm Plant

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The Bamboo Palm is another champion in the realm of office plants. Renowned for its air-purifying prowess, this elegant palm plant thrives in low light, making it ideal for office spaces with limited sunlight.

Its feathery branches add a hint of the tropics to an otherwise closed environment and create a calming atmosphere.

The Bamboo Palm excels at removing indoor pollutants, enhancing air quality, and promoting a healthier work environment.

Its low maintenance requirements and adaptability to indoor conditions can make it a perfect fit for your busy offices. Not only will it bring you its aesthetic appeal but will also contribute to fostering a more productive and enjoyable workspace.


6. The Money Plant

The Money Plant

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With its heart-shaped leaves and different variegations, the Money Plant - also known as Pothos - has the ability to enhance the vibe of your workspace.

From a rather dull desk to a vibrant and eye-catching one, the Pothos plant can take your work space from lifeless to lively while also elevating the air in its surroundings with its notable air-purifying abilities. 

The Money Plant's trailing vines add a touch of greenery without overwhelming limited spaces.

Beyond aesthetics, it is also believed to bring good fortune. Easy care, prosperity symbolism, and adaptability make the Money Plant an excellent choice to enhance both your office ambiance and productivity.

Now that you know of these 6 brilliant office table plants, which one will be your top pick? Well, whichever one you decide on, their benefits for your indoor workspace will continue to get better and better with time. 

With increased productivity and better focusing abilities, these plants will bring you benefits like no other office decorations!