Bookshelf Plants

6 Plants for Bookshelves: Creating Perfect Blends Between Nature & Literature

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With ever-changing trends and stunning home decor ideas emerging with every passing day, there are a few timeless trends that will forever give your house a homely feel.

These trends remain in the limelight for a reason, and maybe you can guess what many of them have in common. Yup, it's plants! If you're wondering how you can incorporate plants into your home decor - namely into bookshelves - seamlessly, then this blog is made for you!

• Plants in Home DecorPlant Home Decor

Plants have evolved into essential elements of home decor, coupling natural beauty and functionality together beautifully. 

They can find place in diverse spaces within your house, with lush green plants adding a touch of elegance your living rooms and succulents gracing your shelves. Hanging planters can create stunning displays, while floor plants can serve as green focal points.Hanging Plants

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Beyond their aesthetic appeal, indoor plants offer countless benefits by purifying indoor air, promoting relaxation, and improving overall well-being.

Their adaptability allows them to seamlessly blend in with various design styles, making them unparalleled pieces of interior decor.


• Adding Plants to Bookshelves

Plants are often added to bookshelves to evoke a sense of nature indoors and create a visually appealing, balanced space. Interior designers have always stated that plants have the ability to soften the structure and appearance of books, adding organic shapes and vibrant hues.

The juxtaposition of greenery against books also evokes a sense of tranquility and connection with the natural world.

Bookshelf Plants

This thoughtful home decor addition can transform bookshelves into dynamic, harmonious displays to elevate both the atmosphere of your home.

On that note, if you're ready to add plants to your bookshelves... why wait any longer? Here are a few plants you can infuse into your urban living.


• Best Plants for Bookshelves


a. Trailing Plants and Vines:

1. Some Pothos for your Shelves?

Pothos is a versatile and hardy plant, with heart-shaped leaves on trailing vines, which add a lush aesthetic to any space. Pothos is one of the best plants for bookshelves because of its trailing vines create the ideal look of depth and balance to shelves, and leave the space looking brighter and more appealing.Pothos Plant 

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It thrives in low light and is easy to care for, making it ideal for beginners. Pothos also excels at purifying indoor air by removing pollutants.

Regular pruning maintains its trailing charm, while occasional watering and indirect sunlight contribute to its vibrant greenery.


2. Making Peperomia Creepers the Perfect Companions for Your Books:

If you're looking to create the perfect vibe in your bookshelves with plants, Peperomia Creepers could definitely become your go-to!Peperomia Creeper

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Known for their compact size and vibrant foliage, these creepers bring charm to bookshelves with trailing their stems adorned by small, succulent-like leaves. Their unique appearance adds a touch of whimsy, enhancing the visual appeal of shelves. 

They are low-maintenance plants that thrive in moderate light and require infrequent watering, making them the perfect displays for bookshelf with plants. 


3. Philodendron as Bookshelf Plants:

Philodendrons, are renowned for their diverse species, which means there are quite a few varieties for you to choose from.Philodendron Oxycardium

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They boast heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines, offering versatility in bookshelf decor. Their lush greenery softens the book-lined shelves, adding a touch of natural elegance.

And yes, you've guessed right - these are low-maintenance plants that thrive in indirect light and require only moderate watering. So, if you can't pay too much attention to them everyday, don't worry! They'll still be good to you. 

Philodendrons also, in our personal opinions, have the ability to create a harmonious blend of nature and literature in any space. With their variegated foliage and leaves reminiscent of love, what could make for a more perfect bookshelf plant? 

These are undoubtedly some of the best creeping/trailing indoor plants for bookshelves. If trailing plants are not your thing, no worries! We've got you.  


b. Small Plants for Bookshelves:

1. Spider Plants for Vibrant Shelves:Spider Plant

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Funny how spiders weave their webs in dusty corners but spider plants can light up your bookshelves, isn't it? These low-maintenance, low-light plants add impeccable depth and balance to your bookshelves, with their light green and whitish, slender, and long leaves.

With minimal care requirements and aesthetic charm, spider plants contribute both style and well-being to bookshelf displays. This also makes for one of the most beautiful indoor plants for bookshelves. 


2. Make Use of the Hardy Snake PlantSnake Plant - Green

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Snake plants, scientifically called Sansevieria will offer a sleek and modern aesthetic to your home decor, with their upright, sword-shaped leaves. Naturally, they will also look like a statement piece up on your bookshelves.

Their architectural form will effortlessly complement your books, adding a hint of sophistication. Snake plants are also widely renowned for their air purification qualities, removing toxins, and creating a healthier indoor environment.

Thriving in low light and requiring infrequent watering, they are low-maintenance. 


3. Create the Perfect Relaxed Environment with the Dwarf ZZ Plant:

The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is a resilient and stylish addition to bookshelves, with glossy, dark green leaves on upright stems.Dwarf ZZ Plant

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Much like the Snake Plant, the architectural form of the ZZ Plant adds a touch of modern sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Renowned for air purification, the ZZ plant thrives in low light and requires minimal watering, making it an ideal choice for bookshelves.  


These indoor plants for bookshelves are never limited only to those furniture pieces. You can even use them on tabletops and other display shelves as they have the unparalleled ability to create the perfect ambiance and will seamlessly blend into your aesthetic, no matter what it is.

So take your pick, transform your home!