Elevate Your Outdoor Gardens with these Planters for Balconies and Terraces

Elevate Your Outdoor Gardens with these Planters for Balconies and Terraces

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Whether you're just starting gardening and are fairly new to it or are a seasoned expert, you must know that gardening can be a very therapeutic process. The time when you're alone with yourself and your plants - tending to them - can be immensely rewarding as it allows you to feel your emotions, process your thoughts, and introspect. Of course, plants can't talk but their company has the ability to make you feel relieved and relaxed after even a small gardening session.

While gardening, you must've had thoughts of redecorating your garden and giving it a completely new look and feel at least once. But when you've been doing something in one way for so long, how do you go about and suddenly change it? Or when you're just starting out, where do you start and how can you create the perfect vibe for your garden - something that will allow both you and your plants to relax?

Balcony Plants

If you're looking for tips on where to start when decorating your balconies or terraces and which balcony planters to use, this article is for you! So, read on to know more. 


• Plants Are Versatile Beings, But Here Are Some Things to Consider 

This means that you can make use of any plant, anywhere and it will fit in with the aesthetic. However, when you are decorating outdoor spaces, you need to be slightly careful of where you place these plants. 

Every plant has individual needs that need to be met in order for it to thrive. Some plants need minimal attention while some will absolutely die without your consistent attention - quite literally! Others need bright light but if you give them too much, they'll wilt and wither. So, here are a few things to remember when decorating your balcony with plants!


1. Consider Their Light Requirements

As we said, some plants need direct sunlight while others can be fairly intolerant of the same. So, light needs are aspects to always keep in mind while finalizing the placement of your plants outdoors. 

Plants that thrive in direct light can be placed on the outskirts of the layout, meaning they will receive the light they need while also shielding other plants from excessive sunlight. 

Plants that do well in direct sunlight are Jade plant, Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, Basil, and Croton Petra

On the other end of the spectrum are plants that don't do well in direct sunlight and need shaded spaces to fully bloom. These low-light plants can be kept toward the inside of your balconies and terraces, which means they can hide behind your other plants that do well in indirect sunlight but are also shielded from direct sunlight. 

Plants that need bright but indirect light are Pothos (Money Plant), Philodendrons, Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, Rubber plant, and Spider plants. 


2. How Much Water Do They Need?

Watering Garden Plants

Another aspect to consider during balcony planters and plant placement is watering schedules. It hardly matters in which corner of the terrace you place which plant, but the ones that need regular watering must be placed in accessible places. These plants, whether kept toward the inside or on the ledge, must be accessible and now crowded by too many other plants. 

Plants that do not need regular watering can be placed just about anywhere and will still thrive. 


3. Can They Tolerate Drafts and Wind?

Some plants are susceptible to wilting and withering when exposed to extreme wind and sudden changes. They do not fare well with sudden wind and strong breezes. So, such plants should be kept in areas outside where they will be shielded and protected from these conditions. These can be kept next to walls that can act as protective barriers or toward the inside of the house. 

However, here are some plants that can tolerate drafts pretty well: Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, and Snake Plants. 

Now that you have a faint idea about how to place your plants, the decorating can begin! Of course, plants are all the decoration you need. But when you put these plants in garden planters and other pots for balconies, your aesthetics will skyrocket! 

From elegant metal planters to minimally add elegance your balconies to colorful ceramic balcony planters that will make you think twice about why you didn't use them earlier, here are a few planters for balconies and terraces that you can use to decorate! 


• Best Balcony Planters for Your Spaces


1. Wooden, Large Planters as Floor Decor 

Wooden Planters

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Wooden planters are rather heavy-duty and strong, so these work best when placed as focal points on floors. Available in various shapes and sizes, these planters are excellent during summer seasons. They insulate the roots of their plants and keep them from getting overheated. They also provide impeccable drainage and are usually considered unbreakable. 

They can be placed anywhere in your balconies and can be used to add a rustic, aesthetic charm to your heavier or slightly bigger plants. 


2. Plastic Balcony Planters That Fit in With Everything  

Plastic Planter - Large, Round

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Being very versatile and adaptable, plastic planters and pots are like those people that have no haters. They are usually readily available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and work for every plant ever. These are easy to clean and transport, and their designs mean that you can place them anywhere all over your terrace. 

They can be great focal points because of their varied colors and can serve the purpose of aesthetic decor options successfully. The durability of plastic planters is a plus point as they do not break or crack, and withstand almost all kinds of weathers. So, throughout phases of weather change, your balcony plants will continue to look clean and neat.  

You can also suspend your plastic pots as makeshift hanging pots as they are super light-weight and can fare pretty well being hung from the roof. However, the large planters should be kept grounded. 


3. Hanging Pots for Balconies: Something for Every Occasion 

Ceramic Hanging Pot

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Hanging pots and planters essentially never disappoint. They are people-pleasers and tend to easily become the centers of attraction. With their varied varieties and diverse usability options, hanging pots are often beloved - and rightfully so.  

Using hanging planters and pots, you can showcase your plants and add another layer to your balcony. This will enhance your terrace decor and add to the already-existing charm of your plants.  


4. Plant Stands for Extra Space Usage

Grandis Plant Stand

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Plant stands are an evergreen feature in balcony gardens. They provide additional space and while some may not necessarily add any space, they definitely add unlimited charm. With unique designs and hand-crafted grace, plant stands can act as great showcases for your floor plants.

With many plant stands, you can also add twice as many plants in one space and if your terrace has steps, they become great methods of adorning your empty steps in the most delightful ways. Whether wooden, metallic or plastic, plant stands come in all shapes and forms. So, go crazy! 


5. Ceramic Pots for All Your Moods

Ceramic Pot with Anthurium Plant

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Ceramic pots can be rather heavy which means that they work best as floor pots. Their various shapes and sizes, and whimsy designs mean that they can work well in classy, minimalist settings or even slightly fuller, whimsy settings. 

Ceramic pots will keep your plants from getting too heated as they retain moisture. This additionally helps when you need to ensure moist but non-waterlogged roots for your plants - which is almost always.

Some glazed, minimal pots work very harmoniously for minimal settings that exude a calm elegance. On the other hand, decorated and designer ceramic pots add more personality to any space. Whatever your vibe may be, ceramic pots might just become your best friends. Place these anywhere in your balcony garden and watch them bring it to life. 


6. Basket Planters for an Added Eco-Friendly Touch

Tassel Black and White Basket Planter

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Been wanting to add a classic, timeless, and rustic charm to your plants? Dress them in basket planters that will keep them warm and in with the eco-friendliness. Basket planters often add a uniqueness to spaces and plants, and gives them an unmissable charm. These are also highly versatile and will look good next to any kinds of pots and planters. 

They are portable, sustainable, and let's face it - they're gorgeous! They also ensure proper ventilation and drainage, creating the most ideal environments for their plant buddies. 

However, preferably place your basket balcony planters toward the inside of the space so as to keep them from getting drenched in monsoons. This will retain their charm and keep your plants from harm.  


7. Zuri Collection Pots to Give Your Space the Absolute Best

Ugaoo's Zuri Collection Pot

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Made of durable fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), Ugaoo's stunning Zuri Collection will leave you wanting more. With minimalist patterns and designs in solid colors, these pots bring luxury and premium quality to your balcony gardens.

With their versatile charm and luxurious feel, they will elevate the look of your plants and your overall space.