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Plastic Plant Pots That Work: Usability and Practicality Meet Decor and Aesthetics

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When you're growing plants, your sole concern naturally is their health and well-being. Getting them the right amount of water and light, planting them in good soil, and ensuring that they are kept safe from pests are all classic plant parent concerns.

But another thing that determines just how well any plant will fare is its 'housing'. What kind of pots you choose to plant them in will determine how they will eventually grow and thrive.

The most important thing about pots is that they must have good drainage capacity because water, when retained too much by soil, becomes deadly. Too much water retention can lead to waterlogging which, more often than not, results in root rot.

So, what kind of pots can you use for your plants to ensure that they get the best of all worlds - space, drainage, and decor?


• Benefits of Plastic Pots for Plants: Why We Love These Stunners  

Varied Colors of Krish Planters

1. Great Drainage... no, really, much better than you'd think!

Plastic pots for plants are beneficial in many ways and one major area where they absolutely cannot disappoint is drainage. Their capacity for drainage remains unparalleled and at Ugaoo, we have ensured that all our plastic pots have all the drainage holes needed by every plant. 

While providing brilliant drainage, plastic plant pots are also made to retain the moisture as required by plants. Unlike clay pots that absorb moisture, these pots retain and provide moisture to plant soil, ensuring that they are kept perfectly balanced as long as you follow a good watering schedule. 


2. Plastic Pots are Big on Durability

When in doubt, plastic pots can easily be your go to. Why? Because no matter how you treat them - even if you drop them from a slight height - they won't let you down. With their durable material and sturdy designs, both small and big plastic pots for plants will serve as investments for all your garden design. These pots also maintain the temperature of the soil and allow plants to retain their moisture and inner environment even with temperature changes outside. 

You can also make use of plastic pots for repotting different plants over time, which means that they will allow you to decorate your plants and switch up styles while still giving you flexibility in terms of indoor or outdoor decor.   


3. Plastic Plant Pots are Easiest to Clean 

Rib High Planter

Unlike clay pots that leave a residue after continuous use and ceramic pots that can retain stains, plastic pots are easier to clean and maintain. On an average, they do not require too much maintenance. But when they do, they are super easy to clean and can just be rinsed with water. They do not even retain stains of the soil or chemical fertilizers.


4. Easy Transport and Movement 

Sometimes, plant pots need to be moved around and their positions need to be adjusted as times of the day and weathers change. When you have large garden planters made of ceramic or metal, it can be rather difficult to move them due to their weight. 

But with large plastic plant pots, this is never an issue. You can easily move them as and when required, without needing additional hands. This way, you can also ensure that all your plants' daily light needs are met. 

Many of our plastic pots are also made to closely resemble marble and ceramic planters while still retaining the many benefits of plastic.


5. Premium Grade and Versatile 

At Ugaoo, we create and make our plastic pots with the highest quality, premium grade material which ensure their retained style and durability. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of products and gives you the guarantee that our plastic pots, or any other products, won't let you down!

We also have a very wide range of pots which allows you to choose whatever works for your decor and personal taste. 


• Best Options for Plastic Pots: Shop with Ugaoo


1. Small and Medium Plastic Pots

a. Atlantis Self Watering Planter 

Ugaoo Atlantis Self Watering Planter


The Atlantis Self Watering Planter is one of our best sellers because of, well you guessed it, its self watering capabilities. This innovative plant pot design is designed to make work easier for plant parents - experienced and novice. 

Made with durable and eco-friendly plastic, this pot remains aesthetic, versatile in terms of garden design, and hassle-free. So, if you're looking for an all-rounder that doesn't know how to disappoint, the Atlantis is your pick! 


b. Verona Diamond or Plain Planter

Verona Diamond Planter

Buy the Verona Diamond Planter

Effortless and functional - the Verona planters will be your best friend if what you're looking for is low-maintenance, effortless, and absolutely gorgeous! Crafted with high quality material and intricate designs, these planters allow your plants to look beautiful in addition to their existing natural beauty.  

Perfect for medium sized plants, these planters come in a variety of colors which makes it possible for you to decorate a ton of plants with them. 

Some plants that look best in these planters are Money Plant, Oxycardium, Peace Lily, and Broken Heart Plant


c. Krish Self Watering Planter

Krish Self Watering Plant

Buy the Krish Self Watering Planter

The Krish Self Watering Planter also stands to be an all-time favorite because of its ergonomic and convenient design. Its versatility precedes its name and its reputation for being efficient remains undisputed. 

Another planter designed to make your gardening life easier and hassle-free, the Krish pot gives you some freedom from having to constantly stick to your watering schedule.  

Lasting through countless seasons and harsh usage, this premium grade plastic is eco-friendly and recyclable. Through a variety of colors and sizes, these planters fit almost every plant imaginable. Looking for convenience and timeless styles? Look no more!


2. Large Plastic Plant Pots

a. Quebec Planter

 Quebec Planter

Buy the Quebec Planter

Built to resemble natural stone planters from premium grade polymer, the Quebec planter is a perfect blend of functionality and timeless classics. Made to fit perfectly in lobbies and narrow passageways in homes and commercial spaces, the straight walls of this planter make it a beautiful fit for a variety of plants. 

Available in different colors, the Quebec planter owes its versatility to its sleek, slender design. For larger plants like the Indian Christmas tree, Areca Palm, and the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, this planter is a brilliant fit. 


b. Barca Rectangle Planter

Barca Rectangle Planter

Buy the Barca Rectangle Planter

We like to call the Barca Rectangle Planter the Jack of all trades. Why? Because it fits perfectly as an indoor pot as well as an outdoor large plant pot. Made of 100% recyclable polymer, this resembles as natural stone planter but is actually lightweight and very easy to move around as needed.  

Some others like the Barca Rectangle are the Barca Square Planter and the Barca Round Planter. Made with an ergonomic design and convenient material, these planters really do show why they're the aces of their game. 


c. Paris Planter

Paris Planter

Buy the Paris Planter

Named the Paris planter because of its sheer grace and beauty, this elongated planter is rather sturdy and spacious. Giving the look of a graceful stone finish, this planter is lightweight and convenient. This way you can move it around as and when needed, giving your plants whatever kind of lighting they may need. 

This planter is perfect for longer and large plants like the ZZ Plant, Thuja Plant, Snake Plant, and the Bird of Paradise Plant


c. Milano Short Planter

Milano Short Planter


Another planter made of extremely lightweight polymer, the Milano Short Planter is perfect for adding a hint of elegance and stylish timelessness. This planter is perfect for using as a plant cover or directly for planting. Its ergonomic design and elegant aesthetic makes it perfect for lobbies, balconies, and also indoors.


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