Which Flower Is Named After Our PM Narendra Modi?

Which Flower Is Named After Our PM Narendra Modi?

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If you read Dendrobium Narendra Modi for the first time, you might get confused. But the moment you know that Singapore named this exotic orchid after our honorable Prime Minister, you would swell in pride. Yes, the orchid, located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, was named Dendrobium Narendra Modi to commemorate his visit to the National Orchid Garden of Singapore on 2nd June 2018, Saturday.
Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only tropical garden to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Tropical orchid plant  
The Ministry of External Affairs tweeted, "Dendrobium Narendra Modi - an orchid named after PM @narendramodi on the occasion of his visit to the National Orchid Garden in Singapore. A strong and robust tropical orchid which produces upright inflorescences up to 38 cm long with 14-20 well-arranged flowers.
The news came as pleasant information for the Indian Citizens. It shows how flowers can be associated with one’s identity.
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Information about Dendrobium Orchids:

Dendrobium Orchids showcase profuse, delicate blooms and are popular in the gardening fraternity. Their life cycle comprises of three stages, which include the ‘flowering stage’ (winter to spring), the ‘growing phase’ (summer to autumn) and ‘dormancy’ (late autumn to winter). Read about 'Welcome to the bizzare world of orchids'.
It is a diverse genus of orchids with different cultural needs. Established by Olof Swartz in 1799 it has about 1,200 species and occurs throughout much of south, east and southeast Asia, including China, India, the Philippines, Japan,  Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, and many of the Pacific islands. The name of the orchid derived from the Greek dendron ("tree") and bios ("life"); it means "one who lives on trees," or, essentially, "epiphyte."
The well twisted and distinguished petals of the orchid are mahogany, while its sepals are reddish brown and outlined with a fine margin. The blooms are beautifully complimented with an attractive dark purple lip.
For prolong flowers, you need to provide the plant with ideal care and growing conditions.  Dendrobium Orchids can double in size within their first year. Read about how to grow orchids indoors.
Dendrobium Narendra Modi 

What do Dendrobium Orchids represent?

Dendrobium Orchids are known to represent pure affection or harmony between friends, couples or coworkers. These exotic blossoms also feature luxury and opulence. You can use them to congratulate someone on a job promotion at a job or achievement. These long-lasting flowers are cherished for their everlasting and memorable fragrance just like our PM.
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