DIY: Turn Your Old Suitcase Into A Succulent Garden

DIY: Turn Your Old Suitcase Into A Succulent Garden

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Here’s a great way to transform an old utility case into a windowsill wonderland. Succulents and cacti are not immediately associated with floral abundance, but these unusual and often other-worldly plants pack some surprisingly beautiful and exotic flowers.
Finding the perfect way to show them off can often be a challenge, so try giving your old suitcase a makeover by following these simple steps to turn your bags into a beautiful indoor garden. Predominantly plants from desert and rock habitats, succulents and cacti do not like damp conditions, so it’s essential that watering is done sparingly; check the saturation levels each time before topping up.
succulent garden in old suitcase You can choose an unwanted utility case – a briefcase, vanity case or, as in this example, a well-worn typewriter satchel all make for suitable containers.
Cacti and Succulents require plenty of sunlight to produce strong, healthy flowers, so be sure to position them in a bright spot by a sunny window. Also, keep rotating the suitcase time and again so that all the plants receive even sunlight.

Things you need to make suitcase succulent garden:

  • Coir Brick
  • Cactus Compost (Bio-Compost + leaf mold)
  • Pumice, Succulent Mix (Sand + soil + brick powder) or Horticultural Grit
  • A Jug of Water
  • Flowering Cacti and Succulents of your choice
succulent plants in vintage suitcase 

Step by Step Guide to Turning Your Suitcase Into a Succulent Garden:

Step 1: Fill the bottom third of the case with pumice, delicious mix or horticultural grit, keeping half of it for later.
Step 2: Place the coir brick in a bowl and pour water over it. As the brick soaks up water, it will begin to disintegrate. Loosen it by hand.
Step 3: Once the brick has been crumbled, add two generous handfuls of cactus compost.
Step 4: Mix well both the coir and cactus compost together. Fill the middle third of the case with the compost mixture.
Step 5: Press down on the compost mixture with hands to firm the surface.
Step 6: Arrange your succulents and cacti on the surface before you start planting them. Ensure that each plant is well bedded.

Plant recommendations to Turn Your Old Suitcase Into A Succulent Garden:

Reference: My Tiny Flower Garden