Let's Bring Bulbs to Containers

Let's Bring Bulbs to Containers

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What is a Bulb?

  • Bulbs serve as storage lockers for plants.
  • They contain vital nutrients that plants need to survive through challenging conditions and sprout new plants too.
  • Different bulbs can be planted together in a single container for dramatic effects.
garden bulbs

Types of Bulbs:

  • True Bulbs: These grow in layers.
  • Corms: Unlike True Bulbs, Corms have stems that are filled with solid tissues.
  • Tubers: They have leathery skin and “eyes” from where shoots emerge.
  • Rhizomes: These grow horizontally and send shoots above the ground for new plants to grow.

Choosing Your Container for Planting Bulbs

Just like plants, Bulbs need good drainage too. Hence it is advised that you choose planters with drainage holes. There is a wide range of ceramic planters at Ugaoo. Available in every shape and colour, our planters are undoubtedly the best for growing bulbs because:
  • An entire range of ceramic planters at Ugaoo is made from premium quality materials.
  • Each piece is an example of skilled craftsmanship and quality commitment.
  • These pots last longer than their Terracotta counterparts.
  • Ceramic planters safeguard (insulation) the plant roots during summer.
  • Easy to clean and make at an attractive addition to the garden decor.
  • Depending on the size, our Ceramic Planters can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
Hyacinth bulbs in the pots for planting

Soil Mixes

After selecting the bulbs, choose well-drained soil. You could also choose garden soil mix or Pot-o-mix (Soilless) from Ugaoo and stay assured that your bulbs will proliferate.


When planting bulbs, be sure to fertilize with vermicompost at planting time, and, again, post blooming.

Caring for your New Pot of Bulbs

  • Place your container outside in a sunny location.
  • Since most bulbs are much hardier, there is no need to shelter them.
  • Apply a light mulch once buds emerge.
  • Keep your container evenly moist, and do not dig near developing plants.

Moving the Pot

When in bloom you can shift your ceramic containers to the best site in the garden, and if the pot is small, you can bring it indoors too.
moving bulbs in another pot

Potted Bulb Design Guide

Many bulbs can be planted together to create a colorful display in pots. Choose bulbs that will flower subsequently and create a stunning colorful display. You can consider selecting the bulbs in line with the color schemes mentioned below:

1. Pastel Color schemes:

Soft color schemes or pastel shade blooms create an alluring display of white or cream blooms in the container. They give a clean and subtle look instead of a heavy and bright one. Another combination could be using shades of the same color, along with white or cream flowering bulbs to soften it up. For instance use dark-purple, pale-purple and cream.
Fresh multicolors of hyacinth spring flower growing in vintage metal pot

2. Bright color schemes

To create a highly attractive burst of colours or a focal point in the garden, go for intense colour combinations like:  
  • Red, Orange, Yellow
  • Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Green, Blue, Purple
Or choose highly striking, contrasting colors - purple & yellow; orange & blue;  red & green.
hyacinth bulbs

Bulbs for summer gardening:

  • Canna lilies
  • Elephant ears
  • Lilies
  • Calla lilies
  • Caladiums
  • Dahlias
  • Gladiolus
  • Eucomis
  • Blood Lilies

Pairing two different types of Summer Bulbs:

  • Cannas with sun tolerant caladiums
  • Elephant ears with sun tolerant caladiums
  • Eucomis with sun tolerant caladiums
  • Lilies with sun tolerant caladiums
  • Cannas with dahlias

Pairing both Bulbs and Annuals

  • Dahlias with fountain grass and calibrachoa
  • Elephant ears with verbena and sweet potato vine
  • Dahlias with coleus and petunias
  • Lilies with coleus and salvia
  • Cannas with lantana and creeping jenny
  • Acidanthera with Persian shield and dusty miller
  • Elephant ears with croton and creeping jenny
Ugaoo Tip: Summer bulbs grow best in late summer and early fall. For early season colour, fill the pots with annuals such as calendula, nemesia, stock, pansies, snapdragons and sweet alyssum. As the summer bulbs grow, they will gradually take centre stage.
Try gardening with bulbs in containers and do not forget to DM us your pictures. We would love to feature it on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and inspire the gardening community!
Reference: GardenWorks (PDF)