Why you should keep plants on your office desk

Why you should keep plants on your office desk

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Have you ever dreamed of a holiday in the mountains in the middle of a busy Wednesday? Don’t worry you are not alone; a majority of the working population today gets by through the daily grind in wait for the weekend. Well, this cannot be blamed entirely on work stress, the other major factor in this equation is the lack of green spaces and given that we spend a majority of our day in offices our connection to greenery is getting further strained.
Humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature, science terms this as ‘biophilia’. Biophilia is ingrained in our very genes, we seek the peace and happiness that nature brings us and the increasing disconnect with it is stressing us at a very human level. The growth of the travel industry in the last decade coincides with the boom in the employment sector. There are more people working in office buildings than ever before and there are more people travelling the world too.
We cannot escape our day jobs to go enjoy a vacation in the lap of nature, but we can surely bring nature into our workplace with indoor plants and adding plants not only to our offices but also our worktables. Studies have shown that simply adding some greenery in the form of indoor plants can have major positive benefits for you.
Lets take a look at a few reasons to add plants to you workspace.

  • They improve health

    One major effect that office plants have on employee well-being is the gradual reduction of sick days taken. Plants filter indoor air-pollutants from the rooms and saturate the air with oxygen and keep it fresh. In offices with poor ventilation, the inhabitants/employees are at a risk of developing the “sick building syndrome”. The symptoms include headaches, nausea, difficulty concentrating, and even flu-like symptoms. While the true solution to this is a great ventilation system, indoor plants help freshen up the air by removing indoor pollutants like toxic gases and air-borne microbes.
    Plants like Peace lily, dracaena, and spider plants are great indoor air-purifying plants.

    • They help to reduce stress

      A 2010 study conducted by the new University of Technology, Sydney, presented significant reductions in stress among workers when indoor plants were introduced to their workspace. Results included a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety; a 58% drop in depression or dejection; a 44% decrease in anger and hostility; and a 38% reduction in fatigue.
      SMEs of colour psychology say that the colour green, sound naturally has a calming and relaxing effect on people.
      Indoor foliage plants like Monsteras, Fiddle leaf fig, philodendrons, and ficus varieties amongst many tropical beauties are excellent foliage plants.

      • They help to increase productivity

        Employees’ productivity jumps 15% when ‘lean’ work environments are filled with just a few of indoor plants, as per a study conducted by University of Exter in 2014, adding just one plant per square metre improves memory retention and helped employees score higher on other basic tests. The key factor was that everyone could see a plant from their desk or on their desk. When the work environment has something to keep the employees psychologically engaged, they are happier and work better.

        • Plants can boost creativity

          Creative blocks are not a joke. Whether you’re out of ideas or stuck on the same one for a long while, office plants can provide inspiration. Bright colours, intricate foliage patterns, and eye-catching leaf shapes have a positive impact on creativity. It’s been widely recognized that stimulating our senses can open up the flow of ideas and taking the time to literally smell the flowers can help pull you out of your slump.
          Indoor plants like calatheas, palms, ivies, succulents, and so on are great creativity boosters.

          • They improve the look

            Out of there many benefits, one of the major, but not so important benefit is the degree to which they improve your workspace aesthetically. Adding indoor plants to offices and worktables provide visual relief, make the space more attractive and habitable. They motivate people to come join the office because the work environment is something that they want to be a part of.
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            Happy gardening!


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