Top 10 Water Plants to Make Your Home Beautiful

Top 10 Water Plants to Make Your Home Beautiful

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You may have seen those stunning-looking pics of indoor water plants on Instagram or Pinterest, which amplify the interior decoration of a place. Well, it's time to bring one such plant to your home. When you think of indoor plants, we suggest you go with aquatic plants. Any aquatic plant can get a sense of serenity to your home and add tranquillity to your place.

When you place a water plant anywhere in your place, you will surely get a breath of fresh air. You also need to put less effort into growing these water plants as they require little care to thrive. Here we are presenting a list of the top 10 indoor water plants for you.


Best Water Plants to Decorate Your Home

You may need clarification while choosing the right indoor water plants for your home or indoor garden. Look at the list of the following plants and choose according to your preference.


1. Money Plant Variegated



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    The money plant is probably the most popular in this list of plants that grow in water. People believe that money plants make their owners fortunate and improve their financial condition. Money plant has a unique feature as you can grow plant in water and soil. If you keep the beliefs aside, the plant is also known for removing toxic particles from the environment. So, you can refer to this as a natural air purifier. These indoor water plants are a must-have if you live in tier I or tier II cities where pollution is a widespread problem. Place a money plant at any corner of your home, and it will make that place beautiful.


    2. Lucky Bamboo Plant


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      There is a belief that bamboo plants bring good fortune to your home. These indoor water plants do not require direct sunlight to grow. You will often see that a red ribbon remains attached to the bamboo tree. The ribbon symbolizes fire, and the bamboo is a representation of wood. These wood and fire collectively show the balance and safety of one's life.


      3. Spider Plant with Hanging Pot


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         The spider plant may look small, but they possess long leaves. The leaves are green, with a white line that passes right through the middle of the leaves. Keep the plant away from direct daylight, and it will remain lively for several years.


        4. Water Cabbage

          You can't make a list of indoor water plants in India without water cabbage on the list. As you can assume by the name, the plant leaves form the shape of a cabbage. Water Lettuce or Nile Cabbage are other names for Water Cabbage. The plant has several therapeutic benefits, as it reduces the risk of cancer and works as a laxative in eye treatment. Water cabbage is also famous for its huge demand for Korean vegetarian dishes.


          5. Earth Star Plant


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             The short-looking plant natively found in Brazil looks different yet unique. The leaves appear to be flattened, and the arrangement of the leaves creates the shape of a rosette. These water plants indoor will make a fantastic choice for tabletops.


            6. Mosquito Fern - Azolla

              This mosquito fern is quite popular among several Asian countries as it is used as a natural mosquito repellant. When you put Azolla in a bowl along with the water, they prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in it. Overall, these indoor plants that grow in water can keep mosquitoes away from your home and make your interior home look gorgeous.


              7. Water Bamboo

                If you want people to admire your unique choice of water plants for your home, you can surely buy this plant. Water Bamboo is also known as the Rough Horsetail plant, and no matter what, it will stand erect in its pot. Just place the plant in front of a plain background and amplify the aesthetic of your interior.


                8. Forget Me Not

                  Just like the exciting name of the plant, the beauty of the plant is something that can be described as breathtaking. The flower is blue and has a tiny yellow colored dot at the center. A sure way to start your day right is to wake up in the morning and look at the cute flowers on these indoor water plants.


                  9. Arrowhead Water Plants

                  Arrowhead water plants will be an excellent addition to your little indoor garden. You can easily compare the shape of the leaves of this plant with the head of an arrow or the feet of a goose. Growing this plant species is relatively easy as arrowhead water plants can grow even in low light.


                  10. Water Coleus

                  If you want to add vibrance to your space, you should have at least one water coleus plant in your house. The plant grows multiple colorful leaves, and these leaves are primarily red alongside a border. The common colors on the border include yellow, green, pink, purple, and a few others. Irrespective of your interior decoration, these indoor water plants will look fantastic.  

                  With minimal work, you will get several benefits from home water plants. Any water plant will make its surroundings cheerful. Keep your favorite water plant near the window, centre table, or wherever you like. Buy indoor water plants today from Ugaoo.


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