Let’s get into the stress-free zone with 5 ways to beat the stress

Green Lifestyle
// April 7, 2016

In the digital era, when stress is taking a toll on everyone irrespective of the age and occupation it has become important to find an antidote for this fast approaching ailment. We cannot give up on our lives, schedules, dreams and aspirations but we definitely can find a way out to reduce the physical and mental hampering stress. Apart from music and dance, nature therapy is catching attention today. Plants are the most treasured nature’s gift to us. To break the monotony of life, take out sometime and surrender to Mother Nature. This in turn would replenish your senses and refresh the soul.


Pick one of the 5 ways to reduce your stress and simply rejuvenate:

Breathe in pure air

Polluted air elevates stress which can be controlled by planting few air purifying plants. The most common is Golden Pothos (money plant) that removes formaldehyde from the air. One of the best decorative plants is Snake Plant that absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen at night. Aloe Vera, bamboo palm and baby rubber are some of the best air purifying plants that can be grown indoor.

Date the nature everyday

Grow your own eco-friendly garden that will prevent you from access to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. You get choices right from herb and vegetable to fruit and flower garden. Indulge in activities that take you close to nature and gift you peace for a lifetime. Yard gardening may expose you to sun which is great to improve your mood and enjoy source of Vitamin D.

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul through physical exertion

Physical exertion is always a stress-busting activity. You can engage in activities such as pruning, digging, planting, harvesting, weeding, raking and all that keep you happy. A little labour work at your eco-friendly garden will always bring peace, improve your health and relieve you from stress.

Let your eyes see colours that shrink stress

Take out few minutes and visit your garden filled with eye-soothing colours such as green that represents peace, rebirth, and renewal and restores depleted energy. See the colours that bejewel your garden and bring immense peace to your mind. Go green to find yourself in a peaceful heaven where you may forget the word “STRESS”.

Grow and eat nutrition-rich food

Grow your own food and say good-bye to conventional food that contains harmful pesticides and other chemicals that incite stress. Grab the opportunity to connect to the nature and consume nutrition-rich and complete natural food that automatically removes half of your stress.

Subscribe to these methods and don’t let stress hamper your health.



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