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Get free shipping on orders above ₹499

Foliage Plants

Decorative foliage plants are trending these days as they break the monotony of green leaf plants. They add aesthetic value to a garden or landscape. Their unique patterns and colors make a garden stand out from the rest this makes them the focal point of a garden.



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Fittonia Green Plant (Nerve Plant)

₹395 ₹295

Spider Plant

₹325 ₹299

Syngonium White Butterfly Plant


Ficus Prestige

₹345 ₹325

Money Plant Variegated


Aralia Variegated Mini Plant


Philodendron Xanadu Plant - Green


Dracaena Golden Milky Plant


Syngonium Pixie Plant


Betel Leaf Plant (Magai Paan)

₹375 ₹345

Syngonium Pink Plant


Calathea Prayer Plant

₹395 ₹355

Philodendron Xanadu Plant - Golden


Money Plant N'Joy


Peperomia Variegated Plant


Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant


Philodendron Brasil Plant

₹425 ₹385

Philodendron Micans Plant

₹425 ₹385

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Buy Foliage Houseplants Online in India

Ugaoo houses the most beautiful Decorative Foliage Plants Online. These are available in three categories i.e. Indoor Plants, Outdoor Sun Loving Plants, and Outdoor Shade Loving Plants.
All the plants available for purchase on are of the best quality and range.You can order anywhere from India, and these lovely little plants will be delivered right to your doorstep. Each plant comes with design tips and proper instructions that make it easy for you to place or plant them. Post purchase if you need any information our customer support team will be euphoric to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I spray my indoor plants with water?

While some plants love misting others do not appreciate it as much. Tropical plants love misting but plants that prefer drier growing conditions can succumb to leaf and root rot due to misting. Also, missing cannot replace watering. However, if cleaning the leaves of your plants is the motive, we would recommend wiping down of individual leaves or proper showering down of the leaves followed by air drying them in open circulating air before placing them indoors.

Should I clean the leaves of my indoor plants and how often?

In urban areas, settling of dust on leaves is a common issue and it is important to clean them for efficient photosynthesis. Plant leaves can be cleaned weekly either by wiping them down with a soft cloth dipped in plain water or taking them to your bathrooms and showering down the leaves followed by properly air-drying them in open air. However, in the case of showering ensure that you do not overwater the plant by coinciding it with your watering schedule and providing ample drainage in the planter.

Which plants have colorful foliage?

There are numerous plants that have colourful foliage, but some of the most stunning colours can be seen on Aglaonemas, Stromanthe triostar, Calatheas, Syngoniums, Sansevierias, Croton, Alocasia Black, and Bromeliads to name a few.

Why are leaves of my plants yellowing or have brown tips?

Most answers across the internet say it is either because of overwatering or underwatering, which is confusing but true. The science behind it is that leaves perspire water from their surface all the time and the brownign occurs when they can't replace that water. It can occur when there is underwatering and thus not giving the leaves enough supply through the roots. It also happens when due to overwatering there is root rot and the leaves get no water due to decaying roots. So check you soil for water content, if it's dry water it thoroughly and if it's too wet but the stems are not yet mushy, change the soil and replace it with drier and well-draining potting mix.

Why are my plants leaves curling

Leaves curl due to a variety of reasons. If they are curling through specific periods of the day and unfurling later, they do so to conserve water. Sometimes leaves also curl/droop when they are under watered. If new leaves are growing ina curled fashion and are not reaching their full size it is mostly because of pest infestation that sucks the nutrients out of growing plant tips and it requires treatment with pesticides and also pruning in some cases. Sometimes excessive use of pesticides, and other chemicals also causes leaves to curl.

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At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children. At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Let's pass it on cleaner, better, and greener.

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