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Jade Plant Mini

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Golden Sedum Plant

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Crassula Ovata Plant

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Aralia Golden Plant

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Spider Plant

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Fittonia Green Plant (Nerve Plant)

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Peperomia Green Plant

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Earth Star Plant - Pink

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Peperomia Variegated Plant

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Earth Star Plant

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Dracaena Golden Milky Plant

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Syngonium Pixie Plant

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Betel Leaf Plant (Magai Paan)

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Syngonium Pink Plant

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Syngonium White Butterfly Plant

₹399 ₹349(13% OFF)

Philodendron Brasil Plant

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Peace Lily Plant


Boxwood Buxus Plant

₹399 ₹349(13% OFF)

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Buy Calm & Relaxation online in India

Minnie Aumonier rightly said, “When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.” Gardeners through the ages have written of the benefits of gardening, which have proven to be much more than sentimental and emotional. Science validates that gardening is good for the human body, mind, and spirit.
A wide range of field experiments have concluded gardening is beneficial for health – whether physical (heart, nutrition, and digestive systems) or mental (memory loss, sleep disorders, depression, and stress) among other illnesses. The benefits of gardening are self-evident. We don’t need poets or scientists to tell us. Seeing the first green shoots or flowers produces smiles. On a sunny day, with a hint of spring in the air, simply picking up sticks is exhilarating. Gardening is not competitive and you don’t have deadlines. In sadness or under stress, we can almost always feel better in a garden.
All plants are calm and relaxing, but some are more so owing to their pleasing structure and colour scheme. However, different kinds of plants appeal to different kinds of people and relieve stress in general. While buying indoor plants online in India might be new, Ugaoo is the top choice to buy live indoor plants online in India amongst home gardeners to get healthy premium quality plants delivered safely to their doorstep. We have a curated list of healthy indoor plants for home and office, ranging from succulents, flowering plants, herbs and vegetables, bonsai, to landscape plants to name a few.
All our plants have detailed information like plant care tips, growing conditions, plant FAQs, and all our indoor plants resemble the plant images shown online on our website. We guarantee safe and quick delivery of best quality indoor live plants. One of the biggest online plant nurseries in India, we sell low light indoor plants, plants for bedrooms, air-purifying plants, and pet friendly plants of premium quality. Ugaoo is also a one stop shop for all gardening tools, pesticides, fertilisers, and other plant care products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plants help you sleep better?

Plants that generate oxygen at night are good sleep promoters. Plants like sansevierias, areca palms, peace lily, and spider plants amongst many others generate oxygen through the night. Furthermore, if the bedroom receives direct light during the day then sweet smelling flowers are also a great option and they help sleep better. Ugaoo has an extensive range of flower seeds to help you with the same.

What plants make your house smell good?

Fragrant flowers and herbs are excellent candidates for making your house smell good. Some of the most fragrant flowers and herbs are lilies, hyacinths, lavender, mint, thyme, oregano, lavender, basil, and rosemary amongst others. Ugaoo has an extensive range of seeds for sweet smelling flowers and herbs.

How does plants help you to keep calm?

It has been proven through scientific studies that plants make people happier by making the home a stress free environment. Gardening is also a positive hobby that is tactile in nature and channelises thoughts and energy into a positive outlet. Studies show that biophilia is the tendency of human beings to relate closely to nature and having green plants at home reduces stress and promote mental wellbeing and can eventually help with anxiety.

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At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children. At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Let's pass it on cleaner, better, and greener.

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