10 Easy Plants To Grow If You Are A Beginner

10 Easy Plants To Grow If You Are A Beginner

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We can understand that it’s a little intimidating to grow a lot of plants at home, especially if you’re a beginner. But you can start with plants requiring less maintenance to minimize the chances of error. Also, we recommend starting with one and then numbering up as you grow your skills. For now, here’s a list of indoor plants for home that anyone can plant and grow:


1. Snake Plant

 Snake Plants need very little maintenance and thus are beginner-friendly. Keep your plant in a warm spot with bright, indirect sunlight. These plants for home need watering infrequently, so be careful not to overwater. The only thing to avoid is soggy soil because these plants will rot. We recommend watering moderately when the plant is growing and scantily when growth is less.



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2. Spider Plant

Spider plants for home look beautiful hanging from above-the-ground pots. You can have them in your house, but be sure to water them twice a week and keep them away from direct sunlight. Humid surroundings are best for these plants.



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3. Bamboo 

These plants are seen on work desks for a reason, which is that they don’t die easily. So, take a glass, fill it halfway with water, and add some pebbles and a bamboo plant. Voila! You have a beautiful plant that can serve as a great addition to your living room decor.



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4. Ivy

Ivys are indoor plants creepers that can add fairytale vibes to any room they’re in. It takes almost zero skill to grow them because they’re very forgiving. Place them near a window where they can get some sunlight, and it’s great to have a wall close to them for easy crawling. Ivy doesn’t need much watering, so once or twice a week will do.



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5. White Orchid

In some cultures worldwide, orchids hold more significance than roses. These indoor plants have a serene yet noticeable look that’s hard to beat. Orchids are easily one of the best flower plants for homes. The ideal placement for an orchid plant should be beside a window where it can get moderate and indirect sunlight. Don’t forget to water these plants from time to time, as they thrive well in humid conditions.



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6. Pothos Plant

Pothos plants grow in bright sunlight, but the intensity needs to be checked. If the rays are too direct, the leaves will start to brown. Water this plant every fortnight to ensure good growth. The general thumb rule should be to check if the soil is completely dry before watering.



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7. Aloe Vera

 Aloe Vera carries great importance in Ayurveda and has many skincare and medicinal benefits. So, it’s wise to add Aloe Vera to your gardening plants collection. You’ll need to water this plant every 2 weeks in the summertime. During winters, water them even more infrequently.



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8. Dracaena

This indoor plant is commonly known as mass cane and is a beautiful indoor plant with long leaves that have a strappy look. Dracaena can survive in moderate to low lighting and requires less water than the average house plant. So, be careful not to overwater, or the roots will start to rot.



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9. Philodendron

Philodendrons are the best indoor plant that adds a pop of colour to your home with their dark green waxy leaves. Use a well-draining potting mix for these plants, and water them every two weeks. Before watering, always ensure that the soil is dry up to an inch deep from the top. Place your plant pot in bright but indirect sunlight to give it a good chance for growth.



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10. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants certainly fall somewhere near the top of the list of easy plants to grow at home. A unique feature these plants carry is that their leaves look different at different growth stages, so you’ll always get something new and exciting. Rubber plants are indoor plants that need moderate to bright intensity of sunlight for at least one-quarter of the day. For watering these plants, the frequency should be 1-2 weeks, depending on the season. Wait till the soil dries out before watering because these plants don’t do very well with soggy soil.



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Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants

There are several advantages to having indoor plants. Some of them are-

●     Increased oxygen levels in your room

●     Better air quality in your home or office due to plants’ property to absorb certain toxins and pollutants from the environment.

●     Indoor plants reduce stress levels and alleviate anxiety. Having plants in the space you live or work in can be amazing for your mental health as it releases feel-good hormones.

●     They amp up your space and give it an elegant and sophisticated look.


We’ve tried to cover all different types of indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain, even for absolute beginners. Trying out something new is always exciting, so we wish you the best in beginning your gardening journey. Ugaoo has a wide collection of gardening plants that you can choose from. Check it out at Ugaoo.


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