How many plants provide oxygen to one person

How many plants provide oxygen to one person

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Trees are the producers and sustainers of life on this earth. There are over three trillion trees worldwide for around 8 billion people. As per a study by Yale University, for every person on this planet, there are about 422 trees. This article will explore how many plants provide oxygen to one person. 

The science behind how plants produce oxygen is quite well-known. While plants use oxygen to split glucose and release energy for their metabolism, they make more oxygen than they use on average. So, let’s see how many plants provide oxygen to one person. 

How many plants provide oxygen to one person

 If you live in a city or any other urban area, you would have noticed the pollution around it. It’s due to many human activities and the low number of plants in the surrounding. Hence, you would have often seen the culture of growing plants in balcony and roof gardens. These plants are known as oxygen plants for home because of their ability to purify the surrounding air. 

On average, humans breathe around 7-8 litres of oxygen per minute, translating into 10-11k litres daily. Similarly, each plant has a different capacity to produce oxygen. You can’t expect a basil plant to pay oxygen equal to a Banyan tree. It’s because there is a lot of difference in their size, the number of leaves, and the branches. 

If you want to know the exact number of trees that produce oxygen for a single person, various variables in play make the answer a little tricky. For example, plants produce an additional amount of oxygen at different times. Moreover, the absorption rate for carbon dioxide also changes at different temperatures. According to scientists, one leaf produces around five millilitres of oxygen per hour. So, it will need around 300-500 plants to provide oxygen to one person. 


Oxygen plants for home: 

If you live in an area with low tree coverage and want some trees in your home, these plants can help you with that. These are the best indoor plants for oxygen and also add aesthetic value to your house. According to plant experts, some of these plants are oxygen bombs because of their ability to produce a high quantity of oxygen. 

 1. Aloe Vera: 

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 Aloe vera is the answer if you are searching for oxygen plants for homes. The plants are packed with various medicinal and antiseptic properties. Aloe vera also produces a high amount of oxygen at night. So, aloe vera is the best plant for bedroom oxygen. 


2. Sansevieria: 

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    Also known as mother-in-law’s language, this plant carries various positive traits. The plant is among the best natural air purifiers and requires no additional attention. So, if you are searching for a tree that produces more oxygen, and doesn’t crave your attention, get a sansevieria for your home. 


    3. Neem: 

      Neem or Indian Azadirakhta is the other name for the plant of purity. These are the best oxygen plants for the home. From Ayurveda to modern medical science, everyone praises the tree for its qualities. Besides purifying the air, the tree also acts as a natural pesticide. However, this tree requires high-quality soil and a high amount of sunlight.


      4. Tulsi: 


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        The Tulsi, or basil plant, is worshipped by people in India for its medicative properties. There will be hardly any Hindu home where you will not find a Tulsi tree. According to scientists, the fragrance of the Basil tree has a very beneficial effect on the human nervous system. On the other hand, the Tulsi leaves are also helpful in cough and cold-like situations. 


        5. Kalanchoe: 


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          The Kalanchoe flower is famous for its attractiveness and beauty. The plant has some extraordinary medicinal properties. While the plant needs frequent watering and enough sunlight, it’s important to note that among the oxygen plants for home, this plant performs very well. People claim the smell of Kalanchoe can help fight depression, bad mood, and insomnia. So, if you are looking for the highest oxygen-producing plants, this tree is worth a try. 

          6. Orchid: 


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            Most people know orchids for their decorative use; however, these are plants that produce oxygen at night. Moreover, as per the experts, the plant can also clean the air of xylene, a harmful substance present in various dyes.

            Plants produce oxygen, and there is no doubt about that. Apart from the plants, various algae produce oxygen and sustain life on earth. On average, you will need around 300-400 plants to produce enough oxygen for a person. This data depends upon various factors, and by changing the parameter, the data will be too. 

            Various plants produce oxygen even at night. These indoor plants are pretty suitable for placement in homes and gardens. If you want these plants, you can purchase them from by clicking on the buy now option on the website. You can also find various gardening tips by visiting the website. 


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