Top 10 most useful plants for home

Top 10 most useful plants for home

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All plants are essential, but some have more regular uses than others. The plants we eat, apply on our skin, and use for religious or medicinal purposes are great to have in our homes.

Moreover, if you don’t plant, you might have to purchase them from the market. So, why pay when you already have them abundant in nature?

India is home to 45000 known plant species used for various purposes, but these 10 species are a must-have in our homes.  


1. Tulsi




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Also known as Holi Basil, Tulsi is an excellent medicinal plant with antioxidants and anti-fungal properties. You can use it in your regular tea or beauty product, or simply chewing the leaves will help you fight indigestion, cough, cold, diabetes and bronchitis.


The indoor plant got a special place in Hinduism. Devotees worship the plant and offer holy water to it daily.


2. Curry leaves



Curry leaves or kadhi patta is an everyday kitchen delicacy and one of the most useful plants. You will need it while frying nearly anything; your food will have that unique aromatic flavor. Curry leaves are great indoor plants for home. They quickly grow under the yellow sun and easily adapt to Indian weather.


These leaves are also rich in high fiber content that promotes weight loss and helps you relieve diabetes, indigestion and cholesterol.


3. Aloe vera



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Aloe vera is already famous. You can apply it on your skin or mix its pulp to prepare aloe vera juice. The plant doesn’t need a lot of water or sunlight. It grows quickly, includes antioxidant and antimicrobial that helps to maintain blood sugar levels and show positive results on ulcers and constipation.

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4. Coriander  



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Most dishes are incomplete without a garnishing of coriander leaves. Also, you can mix them with green chilies and ginger to prepare a paste popularly known as green chutney in India. These are very useful plants for home and include many essential nutrients.


Regular consumption of coriander leaves will help to lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol and helps you get a healthy liver for better digestion.


5. Mint



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Mints are great plants for home garden. Mint leaves deliver a cooling sensation and are widely used to garnish food items and prepare drinks; mint chutney is pretty famous among Indians. Various readymade drinks are also mint flavored.

Growing these plants requires moist soil, warm temperature and bright or partial sunlight. They help in good digestion, improve brain function and provide a quick solution to bad breath.


6. Ajwain



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Ajwain or carom seeds are beautiful plants for home with multiple uses. Their strong aromatic flavor can make any Indian curry recipe tasty. Additionally, it has multiple health benefits.

Regular consumption of Ajwain helps to control bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and poor digestion and also shows positive effects on the common cold and cough.


7. Giloy


Giloy is majorly used as an ayurvedic medicine in Indian homes. Make a paste of Giloy stems and mix it in boiling water. It helps to clear the throat and relieve cough. The remedy became famous during covid-19 but is still famous, and Giloy is considered among the best plants to grow at home.

The plant proliferates in a pot but requires regular maintenance. It also helps treat dengue, indigestion, poor heart conditions and diabetes.


8. Lemon Grass



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Most people consume lemon grass with their regular tea. The plant grows easily in the

tropical environment, but it’s adaptable to the Indian climate and grows well in flower pots.  

Lemon grass helps reduce menstrual and abdominal pain and positively affects digestion, diarrhea, constipation, and gut-related diseases. You can find it in two varieties; please make sure to plant domestic lemongrass, not wild ones.  


9. Lavender



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Lavenders are fantastic flower plants that fill your home with a fragrance and include multiple medicinal benefits. These plants are widely used to prepare essential oil and various cosmetic products. They need a little sunlight to survive and are popularly known as the best indoor flowering plants.

They also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing bug bites and burns. Lavender oil shows proven positive results in curing anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression. It may help you with digestive issues.


10. Ashwagandha




You might have heard various brands advertising their tea containing Ashwagandha. It’s a 3000-year-old ayurvedic medicine that helps relieve depression and reduce stress. Roots and berries are an essential part of this plant.


Different plants deliver different benefits. Some include great medicinal benefits, while others are beneficial to consume regularly or use as a beauty product.

The best part is that these useful plants easily survive in harsh climates. Initially, they need a little care, but watering twice would be enough later. Also, all plants on this list are readily available online; you need little effort to plant and reap benefits for a long time.


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