Space problem? Start with Container Gardening Planters

Space problem? Start with Container Gardening Planters

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No more space restriction! Start with container gardening and let your mind fly high with some creative ideas that can make your home look beautiful. You could make a vertical garden, place an array of lovely potted plants or create a stunning indoor garden - the choice is yours!

metal barrel container
But before you dive in with your containers, seeds, soil and tools, let’s first understand the amazing benefits of container gardening.


• Benefits of Container Gardening

  • No space constraints! You can start your garden in your compact apartment too
  • You can garden irrespective of time and place
  • New to gardening? No issue. Container Gardening is ideal for novice gardeners
  • You can quickly bring the garden indoors
  • Enjoy no-till, hassle-free gardening
  • Save water and fertilizers. Be a responsible gardener
  • Pest control is incredibly easy
  • In Case of vertical garden, you can adjust the height of your garden
  • Harvesting is a breeze
  • You can adjust and monitor the growing conditions
  • You can freely choose your favorite growing medium
  • You can do instant and visually enticing makeovers
  • You can customize your garden according to the season
  • You can brighten up dark corners in your house naturally!

Space is the primary constraint for many gardeners. Many wish to get their hands on gardening but restrict themselves due to space restrictions. To eradicate such obstacles, container gardening at home has become an ideal choice for those who wish to live and breathe gardening.

vertical wall planters

• How to Start Container Gardening?

1. Start gardening in any containers you have

Not that you only need to buy pots from a shop. You can use any container in which planting is possible. If you had a recent coloring job done at your home, then you can use those color buckets for planting.

You can even use jars, mugs and other containers and decorate them to match the theme of your home. The only point to consider is to scrub and clean those containers so that the bacteria does not harm plants or the soil.

Wooden barrel container

2. Adorn your windows and tables

The best thing about container gardening is that you can place them at places which are not accessed. You can use your windows including kitchen windows or areas where enough sunlight occurs to keep them nourished. You can use bonsai trees to decorate a center table or at displays with trees that can flourish in an indoor environment. This enhances the overall look and feel of your home.

geranium plant in window box container

3. Decorate your kitchen

Use creative ideas from the scrap kept in your storeroom. Or you can use glasses or vase to plant chives or flower plants that look elegant and amazing on the kitchen platform.

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recycled tin containers

4. Hanging pots

Flowering plants, herb plants and even vegetable plants can grow in hanging pots which can be fixed at your window or ceiling of your kitchen or hall room. There is no restriction to your thoughts. So let it fly and in return bring to you some fantastic ideas that you can implement to make your home look beautiful.

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hanging flower pots

5. Welcome plants at the entrance

Now welcome your guests at your entrance and leave them awestruck with the spectacular ambience that these door plants offer. If you have stairs outside your home, use beautiful flower plants at every step to make the entrance dramatic. If not stairs, you can use show plants on both the sides of your door, inside or outside.

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patio containers

6. Use recycled, waste or broken toys as garden pots

For small show plants, you can always use broken or waste toys or recycled bottles or other containers and turn them into gardening pots. You can place them on display with a light bulb that will work as a replacement to sunlight. You can use your kid’s truck toy or something in which you can add soil and start planting.


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