Gardening Tips for Beginners

Gardening Tips for Beginners

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Starting a garden for the first time? Mixed feelings, right? Hop onto our waggon and start gardening at home with the Five Amazing Gardening Tips for Beginners. Just before you jump onto those beautiful ceramic containers and packet of seeds, remember, you need to indulge in pre-gardening activities to enjoy a normal harvest.


1. Gardening Location Matters

Gardening results are directly related to the site you choose. You can select that empty yard for organic gardening, the dead wall for vertical gardening, in case of space constraint you can opt for container gardening. So take out some time and decide, where, and how you would like to start gardening at home.

However, remember that you need to choose a place that offers sufficient sunlight. So the ideal choice would be windows of your room or otherwise displays where light bulbs perform as an alternative to the sun would do the trick.

vertical garden

2. What Type of Garden Are You Looking At?

Before taking off to make your garden remember you need to know what would you like to grow and how. You could enjoy vegetable gardening, kitchen gardening, ornamental gardening, herb gardening or flower gardening. Herb and vegetable gardening are very beneficial for those who love to indulge in container gardening and love to enjoy the homegrown harvest. You could opt for flower or ornamental gardening at home which will beautify your home.

herb gardening

3. Garden Planning Layout

After finalizing the location and type of gardening it is time to strategize and plan the layout. It is always a good idea to sketch the layout and garden ideas first. When you decide how and where you want to grow specific plants, the look of your pathways and flower beds and companion plants, your garden would give excellent yield and look great. For beginners, it is advisable to go with little vegetable, herbs and fruit plants instead of growing bigger fruits like watermelon and squash.

garden plan layout

4. Soil Prep is the Key to Great Gardens

Soil is the foundation of a healthy plant, thus, prepare your soil with equal parts of Coco Peat and Vermicompost. Note that different parts require a different ratio of both these ingredients along with soil. For instance, if you are choosing live plants, go for 1 part coco peat + 1 part soil + 1 part vermicompost. Better the soil, better will be your products. Opt for organic fertilisers, test the pH value of your soil and then add conditioners like Durga Soil Conditioner to it.

soil preparation

5. No Over-Watering or Over-Feeding

It is a myth that more you water your plants, more they grow. On the contrary overwatering is the key reason that results in the plants to decay and wither away. Thus, develop a timely watering calendar and abide by it. Refer books like Gardening In India, to understand how and when to water your green buddies.

It is imperative that you take the help of watering cans and containers. Note that the soil should be kept moist and the containers should have sufficient holes to let excessive water drain out. Secondly, do not feed your plants with gallons of fertilizers, insecticides, and growth-boosting products. Add the relevant garden care material as recommended on the product package.

watering plants with watering hose
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