Try Out Container Gardening with Quick-to-Grow Plants

Try Out Container Gardening with Quick-to-Grow Plants

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Container gardening is an ideal choice to grow plants in limited space from vegetable seeds, herb seeds and others. Get some container gardening tips here.

    Container gardening is a booming topic because of limited space where not many can afford for a land/yard to turn it into a garden. In fact, novices should always start with easy to grow plants which will at least not test their patience.

    If you wish to get your hands on gardening, start with vegetable and herb planting which will add attractive look to your home as well as flavor to your recipes. Given below are some of the easy to grow plants with which you can commence your journey to better home gardening.

    1. Tomatoes

    Though tomatoes need six hours of sunlight, you can still make a healthy tomato garden by simply using an 18-inch pot to nurture well. Tomato plants are easy to grow. All you need to do is to clean the pot well before starting the procedure and let water drain till the bottom of the pot.

    Also ensure that the pot is holed from its base because roots should be saturated and soaked well and drained. After this, the plant does not even require additional watering throughout the week. Remember, constant saturation will only worsen the condition.


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    2. Basil

    Basil is a great herb commonly grown in a container. You can grow a lot of basil, unless it is savoured with lot of sunlight (at least 6 hours a day) and watering (drained watering and during summer water several times).


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    3. Zucchini and Summer Squash

    Zucchini grows quickly in just a week’s time. Smooth stems require support to climb and grow. Even summer squash does not take much space, all you need is to hang the fruits because of their sizes and weight where stems are not compatible to hold.


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    4. Parsley

    One of the best herbs that are commonly grown in containers is parsley which is widely used as condiments and garnish. It is packed with nutrients and the fresh herb can be used directly for seasoning or on various Indian made cuisines.


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    5. Peppers

    Bell peppers can be easily grown in containers even in a small space. Use a pot of at least 15 inches. You can grow red, yellow and green peppers.



    6. Chives

    Chives can flourish quickly in a container with regularly drained water. There are two types of chives – one is common chives and other is garlic chives. Common chives look very attractive when bordered from pathways or at a rock garden.


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    7. Spinach

    Packed with nutrients, spinach requires little sunlight and better watering. It can easily be grown in a container and can be well maintained.


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    8. Cucumber

    Cucumber is beneficial to eat during summer. If grown in a container, it is very rewarding and easy to grow. However, remember that your cucumber garden requires 6-8 hours of full sunlight.


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    9. Radish

    Mix the soil with vegetable fertilizer before planting and ensure that the pot you use has holes for water drainage. Radish grows fast and comes in different sizes.


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    10. Quinoa

    Quinoa is quite easy to grow, but big container is needed. Quinoa is bigger in size and a small container would restrict it to grow fully or give better harvest. Enjoy this protein rich and wheat-free alternative.


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