Essentials of Planting Shrubs and Small Trees

Essentials of Planting Shrubs and Small Trees

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Planting or plantation simply means putting the plant material in the soil. If plant material is a big shrub or small tree, certain steps are to be followed. In monsoon season you can directly bring big sized saplings from the nursery for planting.
This is also an ideal season for transplanting the small trees from one place to another within a garden.

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• Essentials of Planting Ornamental Plants, Flowering Plants and Small Trees

1. Following are the steps for planting a shrub

  • Planting should be done preferably late in the afternoon as this would save the plant from immediate excessive transpiration which takes place in the daytime.
  • If possible, provide light shade to the plant till it is established, especially in hotter periods.
  • The soil where the plant is to be put must be prepared in advance.
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  • For transplantation within a garden, a plant to be uprooted should be watered prior uprooting. The ideal condition is that the soil should be moist and the plant should be dry. Do not plant when the soil is wet or soggy. In this scenario, farming will be difficult as this is likely to leave air pockets.
  • Dig the plant with the roots intact along with the earth ball. This gives the plant minimum shock.
  • Spread the roots as they grow and do not let them crowd, twist or interlock.
  • If support of stake is required, stake a plant as soon the roots spread out. Do not insert stake immediately after planting as it might cause greater damage than inserting the stake after the plant is established.
  • Hold the plant in one hand and spread the roots with the other. Make a small hole and insert the roots without tampering. Roots must touch the soil firmly, and should not twist.
  • Add the soil mixture gradually. After the last lot of soil mixture is added, firm the soil all around the plant. For bigger plants, firm the soil with the foot.
  • A safe guide regarding the depth of planting is that the portion of the soil should be up to the original, natural level of the plant. Deep or shallow planting is defective.
  • After planting, water gently with a fine hose watering can
  • Do not water, if planting is done in rainy season.

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how to transplant shrubs

2. Following are the steps for transplanting a small tree from one place to another

  • Transplantation of a small tree should be done during the rainy season to reduce transpiration loss.
  • Prepare the new pit of appropriate size in advance to receive the plant.
  • Stake the tree with a strong bamboo support; this will help in handling the plant.
  • Draw the circle the plant up to the extent of spread of its roots and dig it deep at the circle marking, loosening the earth near the roots.
  • Take a big piece of gunny cloth and lift the roots of tree keeping intact the earth ball around them. Carry the tree to its new pit holding it with the help of the corners of the gunny cloth and the stake.
  • Gently lower the gunny cloth with the roots and do not remove the cloth. Remove the stake if not required. Cover the roots with soil and press it while filing.
  • Press with the foot or wooden mallet finally and water conspicuously so that it reaches the end of the roots.
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