How to care for Low Light Plants

How to care for Low Light Plants

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You put your sincere effort into collecting the finest quality soil, invested in getting the best manure, ordered a beautiful flower vase and finally planted your favorite sampling. But instead of growing healthy, the plant became dull and finally died.

Even the best efforts will fail if you don’t show them proper sunlight. But that’s the reality of most urban apartments – we don’t get enough sunlight.

Don’t worry, “where there is a will; there’s a way!” You can still utilize the minimum sunlight in the best possible manner or create an artificial environment for your low light plants to grow. These proven techniques work for all.


1. Mirroring effect



Hang a mirror on the ceiling and let it divert the light to dark and gloomy areas of the room. It increases the time of daylight that each plant receives. Get those big mirrors from floor to ceiling and place them in the perfect place to reflect the sunlight into the room. This light is enough for low light plants.


2. Create artificial warmth



An energy-efficient incandescent bulb is perfect for creating artificial warmth. It is cost-effective and is not too harsh for the plants. But it’s a trial-and-error method. Increase the number of incandescent bulbs if you don’t get the desired results or vice-versa.


3. Hanging planters



Get a hanging pot and let it dangle at a place where you receive the best sunlight or daylight in the room. You can get creative with these pots.

These ideas work only for those plants that require low light. Here is a list of low light plants that can liven up your space.


Best low light plants that thrive in the Indian climate

These low light plants are readily available online.

1. Aglaonema



This beautiful red, pink and green leaf plant needs low to medium light levels to grow. It’s the easiest indoor plant to maintain. Make sure it receives at least little sunlight from a distance.

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2. Calathea Burle Marxii



It is the excellent low light houseplant you might have seen in offices. The silvery green leaves are mesmerizing. The plant also grows well under fluorescent light but don’t overwater it, or the roots will die. Low sunlight means low chances of water evaporation.

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3.  Calathea Pinstripe 



Get this plant if you want to fill your dull apartment with greenery. Its tropical green leaves can potentially convert your bad mood immediately. Also, this low light house plant only needs a little sunlight from a distance. The best part is that it’s pet friendly.


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4. Aralia Variegated White Plant



Aralia variegated plant is an easy-care evergreen shrub. This low light house plant is small but looks fantastic once fully grown. Place it near a window where you can get the most of the indirect light; it needs the warmth of natural light to grow. This plant looks great in the corner of your room or alongside the corridor.

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5. Money Plant 



Remember we talked about hanging pots in the brightest place in your room? Money plant is the best aquatic herb to plant in those hanging planters. Let it grow along the walls of your apartments, and notice the greenery all over your room. It is easy to maintain and is considered a great low light plant. It possibly brings some good luck with money too.

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6. Peperomia Variegated Plant



You got the perfect match if you are looking for the low sunlight indoor plants for your desk or the small spaces of your apartment. Peperomia variegated plant has the potential to make compact spaces look live. It’s super cheap and will surely fall within your budget. Order the perfect size of this plant depending on your spacing requirements.

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7. Dracaena Golden Milky Plant



This attractive plant has oval-shaped light green leaves with milky white spots. It is low maintenance, requires watering twice a week, grows up to 6 to 12 inches and on among the best low light plants. This plant is a great match if you are a new gardener.

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8. Snake Plant



We cannot forget the snake plant while discussing the best low light plants. It is among those sturdiest plants that can easily survive harsh conditions. Also, it is known to filter indoor air and remove toxic pollutants.

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You might wonder why there are no flowering plants on this list. Honestly, no flower blossoms perfectly in low light. Some of the rarest species of low sunlight plants can be found in Brazilian rainforests, but they still need sunlight and other natural conditions to bloom. We hope these tips will help you care for your plants. For more helpful plant tips and attractive plant products, visit Ugaoo.


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