Top 10 benefits of houseplants

Top 10 benefits of houseplants

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Humans are dependent on plants! But modern houses and urban settings disconnect us from nature, thus promoting anxiety and poor mental health. However, most of these problems can quickly be managed by introducing indoor plants in your living space.


These plants act as the perfect home décor, but at the same time, they offer a wide variety of scientifically proven effects. Having plants around you can boost your physical, mental and emotional health. Here is a list of the top 10 benefits of houseplants.


1. Plants purify the air.


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Research indicates that there are several benefits of houseplants, especially improving indoor air quality as they absorb common toxins and pollutants from the air.


Most of us live in close apartments with poor ventilation, and we breathe polluted air throughout the day and night. But plants help to purify the air. Thus six to eight medium to large-sized indoor plants in a room can improve the air quality in your house.


2. They boost your attention span.

This small study by MDPI involved 23 participant students. Researchers put all the students to study with either a real plant, a fake plant, a photo of a plant, or no plant. The brain scan showed that the students who studied with real plants were more attentive and could concentrate better than other students. Indeed, plants are suitable for your attention span.


3. Plants give you a sense of accomplishment.

Research by the American Society for Horticulture Science directed participants to care for plants at home. The study showed that this practice improved the quality of life of the participants. This could have been because of a sense of accomplishment. Whenever we take ownership of doing something by ourselves, it comes with a sense of accomplishing the task, boosting our confidence.


4. Houseplants improve mental health.

Among many benefits of houseplants, improving mental health is the most important. Potting and taking care of indoor plants can divert your mind from the memory of any troublesome event. Also, watching the plant grow daily gives you a sense of the life around you. Humans are social beings who love to connect, even with plants. It promotes relaxed mental health.


5. Plants could help in faster recovery from illness.

A 2002 study shows that simply looking at the flowers and plants in your garden could help you recover fast from an injury, illness or surgery. However, this research on the benefits of houseplants was conducted in a hospital garden, and it may not show similar results with indoor plants, but it could still help.


6. They may provide you with job satisfaction.


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It’s surprising, but it’s true! Research indicated that the employees who worked in an office with natural elements like an indoor plant and access to sunlight were more committed to the work and felt better job satisfaction. The working pressure was almost similar for all, but the plants helped to reduce mental stress and anxiety. The study indicates the added benefits of houseplants.


7. Plants are a great home décor.

Besides providing health benefits, the benefits of houseplants are also esthetic as they create an excellent home décor. You can buy indoor plants online and decorate them anywhere in your home where you receive direct sunlight. has the broadest range of low-light plants that quickly grow in the tiniest corners of your house. Isn’t it a great idea to decorate your house with live plants that deliver multiple benefits instead of artificial gifts that appear dull after some time?


8. Plants in the bedroom may promote improved sleep.


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Some research shows that a higher level of oxygen promotes your brain to remain in deep, restorative sleep. This is another of the benefits of houseplants. Adding plants near your bed would be a great idea, especially if you are an insomniac. Also, plants purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants.


9. Indoor plants increase humidity.

Other benefits of houseplants can be noticed in the dry winter when the weather wreaks havoc on your skin and respiratory system. We all know that plants release oxygen during photosynthesis, but at the same time, they also release water vapors in the air. These vapors then increase indoor humidity.


10. They help in reducing noise pollution.

One of the lesser encouraging benefits of plants at home is that they reduce noise pollution by absorbing, reflecting and deflecting sound. Ever wondered why forests are so silent? The presence of numerous plants and trees is the prominent reason behind this. You might be living in a house near a busy road. Add a few larger plants on the balcony or in front of your house to experience noticeable changes in noise pollution.


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We believe you discovered some of the unknown benefits of plants in this article. Houseplants look attractive and are considered a decorative addition to your house or offices, but they are much more than that. Visit Ugaoo and check the wide variety of indoor plants that easily grows in the Indian climate.



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