Growing and Caring for the Song of India Plant

Growing and Caring for the Song of India Plant

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The Song of India plant, also called the "Song of Jamaica", is a popular ornamental plant. This Dracaena plant is known worldwide for its versatile ornamental usage and easy care requirements. 

As a native of different parts of Africa, this plant establishes itself as one that needs slightly more humidity and relatively less attention every day. Scientifically, this plant is part of the genus of Dracaena.

In this blog, we will try to understand the Dracaena reflexa better, getting to know more about its features, uses, and care tips. Read on to know more!  


• Know the Dracaena reflexa (Song of India) Better

Scientific Name Dracaena reflexa
Other Names  Song of Jamaica 
Origins Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius
Type Evergreen
Height 4-5 m
Growth Slow-growing
Flowers Small and white in clusters
Maintenance  Low


The Song of India plant is known for its low maintenance aesthetics. Here are a few more of its key features and benefits you must know:


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1. Foliage

The leaves of the Song of India plant are its standout feature—narrow, lance-shaped, and adorned with bright green edges and creamy-yellow stripes. This variegation gives the plant a very vibrant and tropical look.


2. Growth

The Dracaena reflexa typically grows upright with a slightly bushy appearance. Mature plants can reach up to 6 feet indoors, making them an impressive addition to any room. Outdoors, when cared for properly, this plant can achieve an astounding height of 6 m, which is a height it almost never achieves indoors. 


3. Structure

The stems of this Dracaena plant are woody, providing a sturdy base that supports the lush foliage. Its structure makes it a visually appealing focal point in any indoor gardens.


4. Air Purification

closeup of the Song of India plant

Like many Dracaena varieties, the Dracaena Song of India helps filter indoor air, removing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. It filters out these commonly found indoor pollutants and produces extra oxygen in turn, helping create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. 


5. Low Maintenance

The Dracaena reflexa plant is known to be very low maintenance. It does not demand too much of your time and attention. However, it does need to be watered three times a week. Apart from that, it is relatively less demanding and more fuss-free. 


• Dracaena Song of India Plant Care: Basics to Know

While known to be pretty low maintenance, the Song of India plant still needs some of its basic needs to be met in order to thrive and do well in its surroundings. Some basic needs such as watering, light, and fertilization requirements need to be fulfilled to allow this plant to thrive in your space. 

So, here are a few basic Song of India plant care tips to keep in mind while caring for one:


1. Song of India Light Requirements

long stems and leaves of the Song of India plant

The Song of India prefers bright, indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while too little light can cause the variegation to fade. So, its essential to strike the right balance. If you're looking to provide this Dracaena plant with some direct sunlight, make sure to do so during the early mornings or late afternoons as the sunlight is very soft at that time. 

The Song of India adapts well to indoor conditions, making it perfect for bright living rooms or offices with sufficient natural light.


2. Watering Needs

Water the plant when the top inch of the soil feels dry. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so ensure the pot has good drainage. If you're unsure about when to water the plant, you can also make use of Ugaoo's Sustee Watermeter that will tell when you the time is right. The indicator being blue tells you that the plant has enough water and as it turns white, that color tells you that it is time to water your plant. 

To successfully carry out Song of India plant propagation in water, you can place the stem cuttings of the plant in water. The water must be clean and at least half of it must be changed at regular intervals. 


3. Soil Requirements and Preferences

Ugaoo Pot-o-Mix

The Song of India plant requires and prefers well-drained and aerated soil that will allow it good amounts of breathing space. This plant does well in soil that has some Perlite mixed into it for optimal drainage. 

For this, you can make use of Ugaoo's Potting Mix to act as a base for mixing the perlite. 


4. Temperature and Humidity

Keep this Dracaena plant in temperatures between 65-80°F (18-27°C). It enjoys moderate humidity, so occasional misting can help, especially in dry environments. Additionally, for shorter durations, you can also make use of a humidifier to place near the plant. However, if you're unable to do that, you can also place a water tray lined with pebbles near the plant. This will cause the water to evaporate and reach the plant directly. 


5. Pruning 

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Pruning helps maintain the shape of the Song of India plant and encourages bushier growth as it grows back. Remember to remove any yellowing or dead leaves and trim back leggy stems to keep the plant compact and healthy.

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Now that you know better about the Dracaena Song of India plant, you can grow it in any part of your home that will allow it to thrive with the right kind of light and humidity. Happy gardening!


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