Top Ten Easiest Indoor Plants For Your New Year Garden.

Top Ten Easiest Indoor Plants For Your New Year Garden.

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New year, new plant, new you!

Well, 2022 was an absolute eyeopener. While some of us displayed our productive best, some of us just waited for it to be over and going by the recent pandemic news the wait is not yet over. One more thing it has made us realize that we all need hobbies, productive hobbies, other than work and we have to make our home our refuge for bad days. Lets bring these two together and we have gardening. Plants are more than just air purifiers and oxygen generators and you don’t have to take our word for it, but there are scientific studies that prove that plants make people happier by making the home a stress free environment. Gardening is also a positive hobby that is tactile in nature and channelizes thoughts and energy into a positive outlet. What's more, even the potting soil can help you keep a handle on daily stress and anxiety. This is because soil contains microbes dubbed "outdoorphins" (M. vaccae) which work as natural antidepressants.

And for all this, all they want in return is light, a little bit of water, and an audience to flaunt themselves. So, lets make 2021 the year of home gardening.

For you we have curated a list of house plants that pretty much grow themselves. Almost all the indoor plants listed here thrive indoors in indirect light from windows and can live happily in regular Indian weather conditions. However, just as man proposes and God disposes, there can be a few unforeseen issues like too much water or infestations. For which we can only say underwatering is way better than overwatering and taking preventive measures like spraying neem oil once a month will keep the pests away.

FYI, succulents are not a part of the list for the only reason that everyone is expecting them to be and we couldn’t agree more…so succulents are a good choice if you have little time to water your garden.

Lets get to the plants then!

  1. Monstera Deliciosa or the Swiss Cheese plant

The current mogul of the plant world, it is famous as the Swiss Cheese plant for the shape of their leaves. This tropical superstar has many variants and all of them are pretty easy to grow. Adaptable to almost all light conditions (don’t play dark room with them!) they will forgive you for underwatering them. The tell tale signs of trouble for this low maintenance stunner are crispy leaves meaning sunburn or too little water and yellowing leaves that mean too much water. But no worries, a li’l TLC and they will spring back into action.

  1. Philodendrons

Well well well…ask any plant parent and they will say that philodendrons are the most giving of all plants. With over 400 varieties, these quick growers come in all shapes and sizes, while some are erect, some climb and spread. Suitable for almost all indoor growing conditions, these are perfect for you if you have not had much success with plants prior and for the seasoned gardeners, give yourself a break and create a collection of philos. They need bright indirect light and watering when the topsoil is dry. Yellowing leaves are a tell tale sign of overwatering…and no major issues we can think of.

  1. Aglaonema or the Chinese Evergreen

These lush low-light plants will thrive in any and every corner of your home, just keep them away from direct sunlight. With over 20 varieties, they come in coloured variegations from reds and pinks to white. Famous in Asia for centuries as bringers of luck and fortune, they are also known as the Chinese Evergreen. They love humidity and prefer a moist soil. However, we can’t stress this enough for any plant…MOIST BUT NOT SOGGY. Place them in those empty corners or hallways and they will fill your homes with dense green lushness.

  1. Sansevieria or the Snake Plant

Snake plant or mother in law’s tongue has more than 70 variants with erect lance like leaves. But don’t be fooled by their futuristic and minimal appearance they are one of the hardest to kill plants and the best air purifiers you can find. They grow in almost all light conditions, except direct sun, and take up very little space. Sansevierias are extremely drought resistant and are the best option for people with a jet setting lifestyle. Select a variant that suits your space the best pair it with a stunning planter and voila!

  1. Spathiphyllum or the Peace Lily

Yes Queen! Peace lilies are the best, graceful, lush, beautiful white flowers, and no fuss. These proficient air purifiers love brightly lit indoors with good humidity. They are great for improving both air quality and home décor, while taking very little of your time and attention for care. They need to be watered regularly, as we said MOIST BUT NOT SOGGY. While yellowing leaves are signs of overwatering, brown tips are a sign of dehydration. Give them ample light and they will grow rapidly to reward you with hearty blooms.

  1. ZZ plant

The Zanzibar Gem or the Zamioculcas zamiifolia has been around for centuries in Africa before its recent and very well deserved superstardom. This plant is sometimes mistaken for being artificial given its perennially green foliage and ability to survive without water and in minimal light for weeks on end. Excellent for offices, it requires minimal human intervention to thrive.

  1. Crassula Mini or the Jade plant

The lucky jade is lucky indeed. With a small list of requirements this is the plant to have. The crassula can be moulded to grow in specific shapes and makes for excellent desk plants. Give it bright indirect light to partial sun and it will grow year after year into a dense foliage of cute, rounded leaves. The jade is closely related to the succulent family and loves to be watered only when the growing medium is completely dry.

  1. Bromeliads

They are finally home! Considered to be a greenhouse plant for a very long, they have finally made their well deserved foray into indoor spaces. These low maintenance beauties are great for spaces with partial shade to indirect light and when they flower…phew! Give it good light and some humidity and it will reward you with bright orange flowers.

  1. Ficus

The plants of the Ficus family are a home gardener’s delight. The Ficus Lyrata or the fiddle leaf fig, the Ficus Elastica or the rubber plant, and the Ficus prestige are great indoor plants. They require minimal care and thrive in bright indoor light to add charm and refinement to your home. They are reigning at the top on the global plant scene at a well-deserved spot.

  1. Syngonium Mini

These hard to kill beauties start out small but spread out in a fashion true to their name of arrowhead vine. They are easy to care for and as long as you give them some water. With a wide range of colours and patterns they are perfect for both table tops and as climbers. They thrive in bright indirect to low light and are a great option for amateur gardeners.

This new year also calls for starting your own kitchen garden with easy to grow vegetables and herbs. Watch out for our next blog that will help set you on the journey.

Happy gardening!