Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

12 Fun Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

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Almost everyone loves getting gifts but its the people with gift-giving as their love language that really steal the show. Seeing people's faces light up with joy as they tear through the gift wrapping to find something underneath that they absolutely love is one of the greatest pleasures of gift-giving. But the problem arises when you can't think of something meaningful and valuable to gift. 

Even the most seasoned gift-givers face this issue. But if the person you're gifting is a plant lover, fret no more! We're fairly simple people, but we adore when someone thinks about what we might want for our gardens and plants. 

So, to make your journey slightly simpler, here are 12 ideas for unique presents for plant lovers!


• 12 Ideas for Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers


1. Pots and Planters for Plant Decor

Planters and Pots for Plants

Plant lovers love a good pot or planter for their plant babies. As a decorative element, these enhance the already stunning look of plants. Elevating home decor through stylish pots and planters also allows us to showcase our plants as a greater focal point in interior designs. 

Depending on what kind of home styles the receivers of your gifts have, you can gift them different kinds of pots and planters. For instance, if they have more of a fuller, more vibrant interior, you can consider giving them ceramic pots to add more personality and design. To enhance minimalist decor, you can consider giving metal planters that look elegant and sophisticated. 

Trinket Cotton Planter

You can also consider giving sustainable, woven basket planters made out of cotton and other recycled material.  


2. Usable and Decorative Watering Cans or Misters

Not only are different kinds of watering cans extremely essential for different plants but also, if you buy decorative watering equipment, they can become focal points in decor and home design. Whether it is a birthday gift or for some other special occasion, watering tools like cans and misters or sprayers can never go wrong!

Gilt Watering Can - Gold

For plants that have a denser foliage, watering cans with thin and long spouts can do the trick of watering without spillage. So, you consider such convenient yet stunning watering cans that will also find homes as decorative elements when they're not at work. 

Spritzer Metallic Mister

Some misters that can work well for misting plants and keeping them hydrated can also be perfectly usable and still wonderfully decorative as elements of design. So, such items can very well be multi functional gifts for plant lovers.


3. Resin Accessories with Dried Flowers or Leaves

If you know that the receiver of your gifts is a plant lover and likes accessories like jewelry and coasters, you absolutely can't go wrong with resin accessories that immortalize some of their favorite flowers or plants!

Resin Coasters

With the power to display something in wonderful ways that also immortalize dried flowers and leaves, resin makes for a unique gift for plant lovers because you can customize which flower you want to gift them. 


4. Scented Candles 

Scented Candles

The question isn't "what if they don't like the gift?", its "which scent would they prefer in their candles?". If you're looking for subtle undertones of a deep scent, musky scents will be the perfect gift ideas, whereas if you're looking for a more obvious yet absolutely mesmerizing scent, citrusy scents could be more your thing. 

If your plant lover friend or family member is super into a particular type of flower or plant, you could also zero in on that and gift them candles with those particular scents!


5. Books About Plants

Leaf Supply - Book About Plants

Plant lovers and book lovers unite for this gift idea and bring your interior decor buffs as well. Why? Because these stunning books with memorable aesthetics not only double as elegant elements of interior design on coffee tables but also make for treasure troves of a world of information on plants. 

Unsure about what unique gifts to give? These books have your back!


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6. Plant Stands

Grandis Steel Plant Stand

Plant stands work beautifully for small spaces that can't accommodate too many plants. But well, you know plant lovers, we always think that one more plant won't do any harm. So, we always need some ways to finding more space within our limited spaces. For this reason, plant stands work wonders and their practicality becomes a gift in itself. 

Corner plant stands and tiered plant stands are absolute delights as they can house multiple plants while also being comfortably tucked into a corner. 


7. Plant Subscriptions 

Indoor Plants

If you're leaning toward gifting plants but still want it to be a slightly unique present for your plant lovers friends, plant subscriptions are definitely your thing!

Of course they work like monthly OTT platform subscriptions but these subscriptions essentially send a plant every month to the receiver. Depending on the package that you choose, a set number and size of plants will be sent to your desired address. 


Know More About Plant Subscriptions


8. Plant T-Shirts

Always a good idea for people who are all about plants, printed t-shirts and merchandise make for wonderful gifts. With their casual, comfortable style, these t-shirts and merchandise can easily become hits and if you want to gift them along with some house plants, you could look at which plants are drawn on them and gift those to match with the prints! This makes for a fun and casual gift idea which just cannot miss. 


9. Plants or Flowers According to Birth Months

Differently Colored Carnation Flowers

This could be a fun way of gifting plants, that is they don't already have those plants! some flowers and plants often remain specific to certain birth months and are regularly associated with their characteristics and other traits. So, if you're looking for a fun birthday present for plant lovers, consider gifting this way!

For the month of January, the flowers and plants that are associated with the birth month are Carnation and Snowdrop plant. 


10. Seed or Grow Kits

Dahlia Grow Kit

Has your plant lover friend been wanting to grow a plant from the ground up? Then seed kits are perfect for them! If they value the time and energy that they put into a plant, then giving them a DIY kit for growing certain plants from the very beginning is pretty fitting. These kits provide all the required information and details about how and when to grow and plant certain plants. 


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11. Garden Tool Sets

Garden Tools

Garden tools are a well-kept garden's best friends. While non-gardeners may not see the importance of garden tools, the more seasoned experts could write you a thesis about why they're absolutely crucial. 

So, if you're looking to gift something that holds unparalleled practical and functional important, you could always gift garden tools or garden tool sets. These can also be customized to look the way you want them to. You can get designs printed on them and can have them personalized for the receiver of your gifts. Doesn't that sound absolutely perfect?


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12. Printed Ceramics 

While you may be thinking that printed ceramics = mugs, that's not necessarily the case. You can get really creative with ceramics and use your own designs on them too! Whether it is mugs or plates or cutlery, you can incorporate aesthetically pleasing plant designs on them to make them look beautiful, delicate, and elegant.