Are you ready to paint your Valentine's Week Green?

Are you ready to paint your Valentine's Week Green?

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There is never a dearth of opportunities to celebrate love. But in the entire year, it is only the month of February that sprinkles love in the air. Everyone is concerned about just one thing - how can I express my fondness or make my beloved feel special? To make it easy for you we have cited days of Valentine’s week and how you can paint it green.

Why GREEN when the day is all about RED?

Well, approximately 180 million cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day each year. too tells us that about $1.7 billion is spent on candy and $2.1 billion is spent on flowers alone. Where does this take all the wastage? Isn’t is dreading? You could do your bit by garnishing every day of Valentine’s week with gifts that wouldn't cause any wastage and would last until eternity.
romantic gifts

7th February - Rose Day

A talisman of long-lasting love, red roses have ruled our hearts forever. Apt in conveying longing, passion, and desire, these flowers are often associated with romantic feelings. Available in an array of shape, size, and colors you can pick the rose that suits you the most. Moreover, you could select roses ranging from lush red rose to passionate pink rose and surreal white rose to the bright yellow rose. 
red rose flowers for valentines gift

8th February - Propose Day

If you have something “special to say,” say it this propose day. Since it’s a special and the most important day, why not express it most uniquely? Forget roses, go on your knees with different flowers. You could show your passion with deep red Anthuriums, bright Chrysanthemum or Peace lilies!
anthurium flower for propose day

9th February - Chocolate Day

Your health-conscious love might not drool over chocolates; so make their Chocolate Day cherishable with unique gifts that promise to last forever. And is there a sweeter way than greenery to express love healthily?
Valentines gifts - Chocolate with mint leaves

10th February - Teddy Day

Add oodles of joy and cuteness to the Teddy Day with adorable gifts that would mean much more than a big fat teddy bear. Thinking of what all will make your lady love go awww? Try animal planters - a perfect cradle for her beloved plants, and be her teddy bear forever.
Gift cute planters on teddy day

11th February - Promise Day

A perfect relationship stands on some promises. Make yours rock solid this Promise Day by disguising your vows with plants. Just like the plants last forever, your commitment will too!
promising plant to stay together forever

12th February - Hug Day

A hug joins two hearts together and binds them as one forever. This Hug Day leave no stone unturned to celebrate that warm embrace. Wrap your sweetheart in your arms and say it with Cacti and Succulents - I will keep you tucked in my heart till eternity!
Hug your plants this valentines

13th February - Kiss Day

Earth-kissed in greenery is a perfect portrayal of love. This Kiss Day gift your loved ones a kiss of greenery. This kiss would nurture, grow and beautify your surroundings and soul. So grab plants, flowers, planters, and seeds!
A kiss of greenery

14th February -  Valentine’s Day

This day of love would call for big celebrations, unique gifts and moments that would last forever. Make the most of it, and do everything in your power to nurture your relationship and grow madly in love together. Need examples of everlasting ties? Look at the plants and their commitment to our Mother Earth!

unique valentines day gifts
Every day I thank the Lord above
For blessing me with you
And there isn't anything you would say
That I wouldn't do
This love that I have for you in my heart
Will never go away
So I'll just keep on loving you
Every single day
Happy Valentine’s Week!