8 Plants to Gift Which Helps You to Express Love & Affection

8 Plants to Gift Which Helps You to Express Love & Affection

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All plants are lovely in a unique way. They all show growth and affection. That’s why, traditionally, people have been gifting plants as a symbol of love.


Back then, we didn’t have many options, but now it’s pretty easy to gift plants online. You can find numerous varieties with unique leaves, beautiful colours, flowers and wonderful fragrances that arouse love hormones and make the person feel valued.


Gifting a selected variety from this specially curated list of beautiful plants makes expressing your emotions easy, ultimately contributing to stronger bonds. Let’s figure out those exclusive varieties.


1. White Orchid  


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Orchids are beautiful plants for homes that shows love better than any other plants. The white colour reflects peace and commitment, while the beautiful design makes your loved ones feel warm emotions. Orchids also come with a beautiful fragrance that lasts longer than other plants, and they are easy to maintain and survive well in indirect sunlight.


2. Anthurium Red Plant



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Anthurium red is easy to grow heart leave shaped plant that blooms profusely almost 250 days a year. Unique red leaves of Anthurium make them one of the most special plants to gift for love. They are not suitable indoors; they need indirect sunlight and watering at least twice a week.


3. Three-layered lucky bamboo



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There is nothing better than gifting the best indoor plants for homes that survive the longest and are the easiest to maintain. According to Feng Shui, Lucky bamboos bring luck and prosperity to one’s life. They can easily be grown without soil or direct sunlight. If you wish to make someone’s life prosperous and full of blessings, gifting a lucky bamboo would be a good idea.



4. Betel Leaf Plant



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Betel plants are commonly known as Magai Paan in India. They are beautiful creepers with heart-shaped leaves that look lovely and can also be used to consume. They are among the best plants to grow at home. Let them be exposed to bright indirect sunlight and watch the lovely leaves evenly climb the trail on your balcony, house or anywhere you feel suitable.


These beautiful leaves have other benefits too. They also work as a breath freshener, antiseptic, and stimulant (it makes you feel alert, energetic, awake, and confident).


5. Jade plant



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The small beautiful leaves of the Jade plant make them great to showcase love and affection towards your favourite person. They are easy to grow and maintain succulents that can be considered suitable living room plants. However, ensure the plant has sunlight access for better growth.


Small jade planters for the living room improvise the look of your house and are believed to bring good luck, prosperity and great fortune. A perfect plant with great benefits!


6. Aglaonema Red and Aglaonema Pink



Buy Aglaonema Red Plant

Buy Aglaonema Pink Plant


Undeniably, red is the colour of love! But when mixed with pink, it touches people’s hearts. The bold red colour with a stripped shade of pink gives this love plant an attractive look and enhances the overall beauty of the place.


These are among the easiest plants to grow indoors and thrive in medium indirect light. If the receiver has no idea of caring for plants, then the beginner-friendly aglaonema red plant would be best suitable for them.



7. Ixora (Rugmini) Plant



Buy Ixora (Rugmini) Plant


A bunch of beautiful flowers is often used to express the feeling of love & affection, but they get dull within a few days and end up in the dustbin. Instead, you can consider gifting flowers plants for home that continue to blossom and symbolises your endless love. The small red flowers of Ixora are mesmerising and look attractive.


These indoor flowering plants are best suitable to decorate your balcony. Water them a little on alternate days and notice the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds getting attracted to their fragrance. It has small red flowers that bloom in a ball-like cluster.


8. Kalanchoe Plant – Pink



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Does the person you are gifting have a special place for Pink in their heart? Then help them with something they already love the most. It would be a great surprise for a plant lover that will contribute towards strengthening your bond and influencing positive emotions.

Kalanchoes are one of the easiest flowering plants. However, please ensure you don’t use their planters for the living room because they need direct sunlight to grow well. Try to place them on your balcony or near the window and watch them release charisma in the home.


We believe there is no better gift than a plant to express your endless love and affection. Along with beauty, they also provide numerous benefits, like helping to boost mood, productivity, and creativity, reducing stress, consuming pollutants and providing fresh oxygen.


What’s better than gifting people with better physical, mental and emotional health? Well, we have been doing this for quite some time now by offering you abundant varieties of plants that you can easily order from Ugaoo.com. Don’t forget to browse through the range of flowering plants!  


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