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Combat Dry Indoor Spaces with these Natural Humidifier Plants

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Dry environments in indoor spaces is inevitable during weather changes and cold seasons. You might even notice that static electricity around you is at an all-time high. Additionally, sparking a current between you and everyone you touch isn't abnormal at such times. 

Sounds frustrating but what can you do? Well, there's actually a lot you can do to naturally combat these dry atmospheres and making using of humidifier plants is high on that list! These plants, through the process of transpiration, release moisture through their leaves which creates a more soothing and peaceful environment, without the trouble of static current shooting between your fingertips and other people or surfaces.  

They might seem it but indoor plants that increase humidity are not all that difficult to come by! Some of the most commonly seen houseplants are those that play a big role as some of the best air humidifier indoor plants. So, here are a few plants that you can use to help the humidity levels in your home:


• Natural Humidifier Plants that Are Great For Your Home

1. Areca Palm Plant

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Areca palm plants are great natural humidifiers, as you will probably be able to tell by looking at them. They are beautiful indoor companions with clumping branches that add a timeless tropical charm to every space they are placed in. 

Through transpiration, the Areca palm releases moisture into its environment, creating a more comfortable and breathable environment. This natural humidifier plant naturally improves indoor air quality, providing a better living space during cold weathers. 


2. Spider Plants

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Spider plants are great in almost every aspect of their existence as indoor plants. They are great air purifiers and stunning additions anywhere because of their wonderfully variegated, strap-like leaves. Creamy white borders against light green leaves make beautiful hanging plants indoors as well! 

These are easy to maintain indoor plants that are great humidifiers naturally. Their spikey leaves release a lot of moisture through transpiration and if you're decorating your indoors with Spider plants, you can do so by decorating them together in clumps. This will increase their humidifying abilities, giving you the best of both worlds - health benefits and decor!


3. Boston Fern

Naturally found in various tropical areas around the world, the Boston Fern is a very popular fern species. You will notice almost every gardener's home or garden adorned with at least one such Fern. What makes them so special is that they are low maintenance, pet-friendly, and great natural humidifier plants!

Simply place them in your living rooms or bedrooms, whether you prefer floor plants or hanging ones, and watch them work their magic! They will instantly make your room brighter and cleaner. What more could one want?


4. English Ivy

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As a highly adaptable indoor plant, the English Ivy is a beloved addition to indoor spaces all over the world. Also often called the 'Common Ivy', this plant boasts unique, pronged leaves with stunning variegations in its varieties. Naturally, it grows as an invasive species and threatens a lot of wild growing plants in their natural habitats. 

However, indoors, this plant is a stunner and does well as a desk plant or a hanging one. It is a great natural humidifier plant for indoor spaces that struggle to effectively combat dry environments. 


5. Peace Lilies

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With beautiful, deep-green, glossy leaves that taper outward to form a stunning foliage, Peace Lilies are popular indoor plants. Their mesmerizing presence makes them beloved across households worldwide... with good reason!

In the world of plants, Peace Lilies are the "beauty with health benefits" kind of plants. However, this is only true in case of humans as they are toxic to pets. But when kept well and maintained with the right kind of care, Peace Lilies reward households with cleaner air and better humidity levels. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?


6. Philodendron Plants

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Philodendrons are popular for their endless indoor varieties and stunning aesthetics. These plants are low maintenance and easy on the eye, providing the added benefit of air purification.... and better humidity levels!

Through the process of transpiration, Philodendrons also make for great indoor plant humidifiers. Moreover - the more, the merrier.


7. Rubber Plants

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Looking for a long-term green companion? Rubber Plants will be your best friends for more than a decade if cared for properly! These low maintenance plants to have in your home make for great air purifiers and natural humidifiers. 

The large glossy leaves of Rubber plants add their appeal, giving them an edge over other indoor plants as decorative floor plants. 



• Tips to Keep in Mind 

Decorating your home with natural air humidifier plants is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself during dry weathers, saving yourself from the trouble of static electricity shocks and dry skin. But there are some things before you start natural humidifier journey, and here are a few basic tips:

1. More is Better  

The more plants you add, in volume, to your space, the more beneficial and effective it will be. If you've got a large floor space, you can consider adding lots of plants with big leaves like Philodendrons and Rubber plants. However, if you're falling short of space, hanging plants that humidify air around them will do the trick! Adorn your indoor spaces with plants suspended from the ceiling, adding more depth and layers. The more plants that you have, the more effective this natural humidification will be.


2. Keep Them Close Together 

The closer together that your plants are kept, the more effective their humidification will be. These plants will work together and release moisture in clumps, also encouraging each other to thrive in harmony. 


3. Bigger Plants Are Also Better

Bigger plants with larger leaves have higher transpiration rates, making them more effective natural humidifiers. So, the bigger, the better!



Happy decorating and happy gardening!


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