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20 Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients, Customers, Family, & Friends

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Every year, come Diwali, the sparkle on our streets returns, and every house, and every building lights up with the forthcoming joy of endless festivities. Not only is Diwali the festival of lights but also of gifting. The whole world may not know it but our country lights up at even the thought of Diwali and we love to bask in the brightness of our beloved festival year after year. We also love to think of and give the most thoughtful Diwali gifts for family and friends to share the joy of the festivities.

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Diwali is a much-awaited and cherished festival. However, there are always two sides to a coin and sometimes, we cannot see the other side unless we look hard and long enough. Increased waste generation is a serious issue that our country faces every year as Diwali comes. Whether through the packaging and wrapping of the gifts we give or through single-use gift items that people often use and throw away too soon, our country suddenly becomes a waste-filled land. This is one of the main reasons why the idea of a “Green Diwali” has been taking over the festival. 

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Additionally, we also witness a rise in air and noise pollution due to the rampant use of firecrackers. The crackers themselves cause a lot of air pollution, meaning on many occasions, the pollution spikes by a mind-boggling 100% in cities that have faced the worst of it. Moreover, the carelessly-made packaging of the firecrackers means extra waste and overflowing landfills. 

As eco-conscious and aware individuals, one question now comes to the minds of many - “how can we do better at an individual level?” So, let us take you on a journey of knowing and implementing a Green Diwali - a journey that will help you discover how you can celebrate Diwali with a touch of green while also introducing you to some unique and memorable Diwali gift ideas for clients, business partners, family, and friends. Here’s everything you should know:

Know About Green Diwali: What Is It?

Simply put, a Green Diwali is one that is safer, cleaner, healthier, and more responsible. Since people always say that the future is now, it is essential to understand that the concept of a Green Diwali lives up to this saying perfectly by helping us create a better today. 

One of the key takeaways of the festival of Diwali is - “knowledge over ignorance” and celebrating Diwali consciously is the perfect embodiment of this teaching. Sustainable gifting, avoiding the usage of firecrackers, making use of consciously-made rangoli colors, putting up eco-friendly decorations, and celebrating an overall peaceful Diwali that actually commemorates the true meaning of the Festival of Lights, are key to celebrating a clean and Green Diwali.

Over the past decade, various campaigns have been launched by NGOs, schools, and community organizations to promote eco-friendly practices during this time of the year. These efforts majorly gained momentum following alarming statistics about air quality degradation and its health repercussions, particularly in urban areas.

Why We Need An Environment-Friendly Diwali?

The significance of Green Diwali is supported by several key statistics. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, air pollution levels in India during Diwali can increase by 30-40%, significantly affecting respiratory health.

In Delhi, for instance, the Air Quality Index (AQI) has been known to rise to hazardous levels, prompting health advisories from the concerned bodies. Studies have shown that regions practicing Green Diwali witness a noticeable improvement in air quality. For example, areas that reduced firecracker use saw up to a 50% decrease in particulate matter concentration.

In its essence, the concept of a Green Diwali emphasizes the use of sustainable and non-polluting alternatives for gifting, decoration, and overall celebration. Recently, sustainable gifting has become a large part of it. Gifting plants and saplings has become a popular trend that speaks volumes about our efforts to move past conventional, non-eco-friendly ways of celebrating Diwali and adapting to alternatives that are more sustainable and much more meaningful. Additionally, for family and business associates you know are fond of gardening and are looking to get into it, gifting gardening equipment will also encourage this hobby, allowing them to get into a sustainable and environmentally beneficial lifestyle!

9 Reasons Why Plants and Gardening Materials Make for the Best Gifts

If you’re looking to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali with your family, friends, and business associates or employees, one of the best ways to start is by looking at the most important social aspect of the festival - gifting. However, you might wonder, "How can plants make for good Diwali gifts?” So, here’s how!

  1. Plants and Prosperity

In many cultures, and mainly ours, plants are known to symbolize growth, renewal, and prosperity, aligning perfectly with Diwali's traditional beliefs of new beginnings and blessings for the coming year. Gifting a plant conveys wishes for the recipient's continuous growth and success.

  1. Indoor Plants Good for Health and Well-being

image of how plants promote better health

Indoor plants that you may gift to celebrate an eco-friendly Green Diwali help improve air quality by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. This leads to a healthier living environment, making them thoughtful gifts that contribute to the well-being of those you choose to gift.

  1. Eco-Friendly Choice (Environmentally Friendly Gifts)

Unlike conventional gifts that often come with excessive packaging and environmental impact, Ugaoo’s plants are a much more sustainable option. They reduce carbon footprints and promote a greener planet, aligning with the eco-conscious spirit of a Green Diwali, and the packaging of the plants is made from 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials. This perfectly embodies the essence of a Green Diwali.

  1. Long-lasting Memories

Houseplants, with proper care, can last for years on end, serving as a constant reminder of the special occasion and the person who gifted them. Unlike perishable items, plants grow and flourish, creating lasting memories, while also adding to the charm and overall health of the home they are kept in. 

  1. Versatile Decoration

Thinking of green Diwali gifts for clients? Well, that’s perfect because the versatility and adaptability of many indoor plants allow you to decorate your home and your office with them effortlessly! They can fit into various home décor styles, adding a touch of nature and beauty, and making them a versatile gift.

  1. There’s Something For Everyone!

Plants don’t have a limit when it comes to catering to the different needs of people. Whether you’re looking to gift flowering plants or foliage plants that can also be eaten such as herbs, plants can do it all! This means that there are countless options for green gifts for everyone depending on your preferences and theirs. 

Additionally, if you choose to give Diwali gift hampers for family and friends, you will also be able to give them more than just plants. With every hamper, you will be able to gift them flowers and other goodies, allowing your gift to cater to more than just one person!

  1. Customization Plant Gift Hampers Options 

Ugaoo plants gifting options

With Ugaoo’s specialized and customizable options for Diwali gift hampers for an eco-friendly Green Diwali, you can also customize your gifts and choose which plants you want to gift with which other products. This gives you greater flexibility and freedom over your yearly Diwali gifting, allowing you to give your business associates and loved ones the gift of green and a gift that grows. 

  1. Positive Feng Shui

In Feng Shui and Vastu, plants are generally considered to bring positive energy and harmony to a space. Gifting a plant can contribute to a balanced and positive environment, promoting good fortune and happiness within the home and in the life of the recipient of your gifts. 

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  1. Cultural Significance

Plants hold cultural significance in many traditions. For instance, the Tulsi plant is sacred in Hinduism and is believed to bring health and spiritual well-being. Gifting culturally significant plants add a deeper meaning to your gesture while honoring the very idea of a Green Diwali.

How Do Plants and Flowers Honor the Tradition of Diwali

As mentioned before, plants hold a lot of cultural significance. Not only are they considered auspicious and positive in the world of festivities like Diwali but also quite a few of them are at the very center of various rituals and ceremonies. Here are a few ways that plants uphold and honor the traditions of Diwali:

  1. Plants Symbolize New Beginnings

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights, signifying the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. It also marks the beginning of a new year in many Indian cultures. Plants, with their inherent cycle of growth and renewal, symbolize new beginnings and the continuation of life. Gifting and decorating with plants during Diwali aligns with this tradition, representing hope, growth, and the promise of a fresh start.

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  1. Promoting Cleanliness and Purity

One of the key traditions of Diwali is cleaning and purifying homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Plants contribute to this tradition by improving indoor air quality and bringing a sense of freshness and purity to the home. The presence of plants like Tulsi (Holy Basil) is believed to purify the air and environment, making it more favorable for receiving blessings.

  1. Enhancing the Sacred Atmosphere

This Festival of Lights involves various rituals and prayers, often performed in sacred spaces adorned with flowers and plants. The use of plants like Marigolds and Mango leaves for decoration is deeply rooted in tradition. These plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hold religious significance, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere during the festivities. Incorporating plants in the décor honors these age-old customs and elevates the sanctity of the celebrations.

  1. Encouraging Acts of Charity and Giving

The tradition of giving and sharing is central to Diwali, symbolizing generosity and spreading joy. Gifting plants is a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor this tradition. Plants represent life and growth, making them a gift that keeps on giving. They encourage those you gift to nurture and care for them, fostering a sense of responsibility and mindfulness, which aligns with the values of compassion and charity promoted during Diwali.

10 Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Family and Friends

plants gifts for friends

Apart from plants, as mentioned before, you can also gift your friends, family, and other loved ones something that allows and encourages them to lead a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Gifts like these include plants, plant products, and other gardening products. 

So, here are a few great Diwali gifts for family and friends:

  1. Classic Peace Lily Plant

peace lily plant

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The Peace Lily plant is known for being one of the best indoor air purifiers. Perfectly honoring the values of purity and cleanliness, this plant helps clean the indoor environment by filtering out commonly found indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and other particulate matter. It helps purify the air around it and releases extra oxygen in turn, creating the perfect indoor environment for a Green Diwali.

  1. Tulsi Seeds- Plantable Gifts

tulsi seeds

 Buy Tulsi Seeds

As mentioned before, Tulsi - also known as Holy Basil - is one of the most sacred and auspicious plants in the world of Hinduism, making it a highly revered plant during the festival of Diwali. 

What makes Tulsi Seeds and other plant seeds - accompanied by a plant - great Diwali gift ideas for friends is that by gifting these, you can encourage your loved ones to grow a Tulsi plant from scratch. This will allow them to connect with nature and foster a deeper connection with their plant as it grows into an integral part of their traditions. 

  1. Elegance Planter

metal planter

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Trying to figure out the perfect Diwali gift ideas for family and friends who love plants? The Elegance planter will do the trick for you! Colored stunning golden and made with lasting materials, these metal planters will fit right into the Diwali decor in homes everywhere!

These planters are perfect for plant lovers who want to decorate their home and their plants during Diwali. With their beautiful golden aesthetics, they will fill every empty corner of your home effortlessly, brightening up the darkest corners with the brightest hues. 

  1. Marigold Grow Kit

marigold grow kit

Buy Marigold Grow Kit

As mentioned before, Marigold flowers are often viewed as being auspicious in Hinduism and are also given as offerings to Gods and Goddesses during rituals. They are a stunning golden-yellow color and bring wonderful aesthetics indoors as decorations on walls and windows as well. 

By gifting a Marigold Grow Kit to your loved ones, you are not only honoring the tradition of Diwali but also gifting them experiences instead of just things. This will make for a memorable and useful gift, allowing them to grow these auspicious flowers in their own home from scratch and promoting a better connection with nature. 

  1. Mango Plant

mango plant

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Whether they choose to grow it indoors or outdoors, gifting your loved ones a Mango Plant will give them the experience of a lifetime. Not only is this plant considered auspicious but also it can grow into the most wonderful and grand Mango plant, giving delicious Mangoes when in season. This makes it one of the best Diwali gifts for relatives and all your loved ones.

  1. Betel Leaf Plants

Betel Leaf Plants

Buy Betel Leaf (Magai Paan) Plant

As known widely throughout our country, the Magai Paan plant is considered highly auspicious and its leaves are often used in countless rituals. And what makes for a better Diwali gift than gifting a tradition itself? 

This plant is easy to care for and will do well in the homes of your loved ones who are just getting into the world of plants and gardening as well. 

  1. Lucky Bamboo

Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular, go-to gifting options for all occasions for those looking to gift plants. Astonishingly, the meaning of the Lucky Bamboo plant depends on the number of stalks they have. However, in general, Lucky Bamboo signifies wealth, prosperity, happiness, and longevity. This makes it the ideal eco-friendly Green Diwali gift for family and friends!

  1. Indoor Gardening Kit

premium Gardening Kit

Buy Premium Indoor Gardening Kit

Looking to send Diwali gifts online to your loved ones who love gardening? The Indoor Gardening Kit is the ideal gift for those friends and family members who are just stepping into the fascinating world of gardening. Equipped with every necessary item and plant care product to take care of an indoor garden, this tool kit will provide assistance to novice and experienced gardeners alike. 

  1. Spritzer Metallic Mister

Spritzer Metallic Mister

Buy Spritzer Metallic Mister

Perfect to fit in with all the bright lights, bling, and shiny Diwali decor, the golden Spritzer Metallic Mister is the perfect Diwali gift for friends and family who are into gardening. Ideal for keeping plants moist and maintaining the perfect humid environment around them, this mister is the face of convenience and stunning aesthetics. 

  1. Pahaadi Cotton Planter

Pahaadi Cotton Planter

Buy Pahaadi Cotton Planter

Another stunner that will blend in perfectly with all the new home decor for Diwali, this Pahaadi Cotton Planter is a beautiful pot cover that will elevate the look of all indoor plants substantially. It is sustainably made with recyclable materials and created to bring that vintage charm indoors, enhancing all festive and non-festive home decor. 

• 10 Plants as Corporate Gifts: Diwali hampers for Clients This Year

plants as corporate gifts


Finding the right Diwali hampers for clients, employees, and business associates can be tricky because corporate gifting involves giving gifts to a large number of people. With such a large crowd, it can be difficult to understand what kind of gifts will be liked by whom. But with plants, there’s almost an unsaid guarantee that the majority will absolutely adore your gift. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and growing with you over the years. Additionally, it also has the ability to look good in every corner of the house and does not become just another gift that collects dust in some corner. That being said, here are a few great gardening and plant gifts for business partners and employees:

  1. Good Luck Plant Jade

Jade plant

Buy Jade plant

The Jade plant makes the perfect Diwali corporate gift succulent due to its symbolism of prosperity and good fortune, low maintenance needs, long-lasting nature, and the ability to thrive indoors, enhancing workplace positivity and aesthetics. It can easily brighten up any office space, leading to better efficiency and improved productivity. 

  1. Basil Grow Kit 

Basil Grow Kit

Buy Basil Grow Kit

If you’re someone who likes to be a pioneer in setting a trend, then this year, why not set a trend of self-sustainability, new beginnings, and independence for Diwali? Giving a grow kit as part of your corporate gifts will allow you to send a message that calls for a better tomorrow with more sustainable, eco-friendly, and even self-reliant practices that create a brighter future not just for ourselves as individuals but also for the planet as every little act contributes to something greater. 

  1. Golden Money Plant

Buy Money Plant Golden

As part of a delightful Diwali hamper, the Money Plant Golden is the most lovable Diwali gift. Its stunning aesthetics paired with its low care requirements and easy-going nature allow it to thrive in the gardens of new and experienced gardeners alike. This way, it gives a great confidence boost to those just getting into the world of gardening. Additionally, hampers like this have something for everyone, meaning they will cater not only to your clients, employees, and associates but also to their respective families with delightful little goodies!

  1. Aurelius Prism Ceramic Pot

Buy Aurelius Prism Ceramic Pot

If you know that some of your clients or associates are avid gardeners and love to decorate their homes during Diwali, the Aurelius Prism Ceramic Pot will be the best Diwali gift for them! This will be the gift that says you know about their hobbies and look beyond just the business associations they have with you, allowing you to give your gift a more personal touch. Moreover, this stunning planter makes for the perfect festive gift with its hints of glittery golden adorning lovely colors that will fit right in with all kinds of Diwali decor, giving their plants a wonderful festive look. 

  1. Lucky Bamboo Plant Gift

Buy Lucky Bamboo Plant

The Lucky Bamboo plant is the perfect Diwali gift for clients and employees as it symbolizes luck and prosperity, requires minimal care, thrives in various indoor settings, and adds a touch of green elegance, promoting positive energy and well-being in the workplace. Different layers of the Lucky Bamboo signify different positive connotations, all of them attracting a lot of positive energy from the environment. 

  1. Air Purifying Plant Bundle

Buy Air-Purifying Plants Bundle

As Diwali represents the coming of new beginnings and encourages a cleaner, more purified space, the Air Purifying Plant Bundle makes for the most fitting Diwali hamper for clients, employees, and other associates. These plants bring to life the very essence of Diwali - purity. They help cleanse the environment and create a healthier, cleaner space indoors by filtering out indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and other particulate matter. This creates a more conducive environment for essential Diwali rituals, becoming the most considerate festive gift. 

  1. Indoor Plant Red Flower Anthurium

Buy Anthurium Red Plant

The Anthurium Red plant is a perfect Diwali gift due to its vibrant, striking red flowers symbolizing hospitality, love, and happiness. Its glossy green leaves and long-lasting blooms add an elegant touch to any office space. Easy to maintain, this plant thrives indoors, making it a practical choice for busy professionals. The plant’s air-purifying qualities also enhance workplace well-being, creating a pleasant and healthy environment, perfectly aligning with Diwali's spirit of joy and celebration.

  1. Golden Opulence Planters

Buy Golden Opulence Planter

Another stunner for gardening and plant enthusiasts, the Golden Opulence planter also perfectly embodies the spirit of Diwali with its bright golden colors. Gifting these planters will also add a personal touch to your gift and they will fit right in with all kinds of Diwali decor. Ideal for plants of all sizes with their different size variations, these planters can effortlessly enhance the aesthetic of plants by giving them a more festive look. 

  1. Snake Plant - Golden Hahnii

What makes the Snake Plant Golden Hahnii an ideal Diwali corporate gift is its striking appearance, symbolizing resilience and prosperity. Easy to maintain, it thrives in low light and purifies indoor air, enhancing office health and aesthetics. Its compact size fits well on desks, bringing a touch of nature and positivity, perfectly aligning with the festive spirit of Diwali.

  1. Kalanchoe Plant - Yellow

Buy Kalanchoe Plant Yellow

The Kalanchoe Yellow is a perfect Diwali corporate gift with its bright, cheerful yellow flowers symbolizing happiness and new beginnings. Low maintenance with long-lasting blooms, it thrives indoors, making it ideal for busy office environments. This vibrant plant enhances workplace aesthetics and positivity, aligning beautifully with Diwali's themes of joy, prosperity, and the celebration of light.

Whether you’re looking to gift your loved ones or your business associates this Diwali, plants will give you versatility in gifting while also perfectly embodying the spirit of the festival. They will fit in perfectly with all festivities, whether it's through their stunning aesthetics or their significance in Diwali rituals. With our wide range of plants and gardening products, you will be able to find the perfect match for all different crowds and occasions. So, explore and find the perfect gifts! Happy gifting and happy Diwali!


  1. How to give a plant as a gift?

With Ugaoo, you will find the perfect festive packaging for the plants you choose to gift. We package our plants in sustainable packaging adorned with festive representations and designs that embody the spirit of celebration. 

  1. How to choose a plant as a gift?

When picking a plant for your loved ones or as a corporate Diwali gift, always make sure to find out the general environment the plant will be living in. In general, taking your pick from our collection of low-maintenance plants will allow you to ensure that wherever these plants go, they will thrive and brighten up the gardens of all those you gift.

  1. What do plant gifts symbolize?

Plants are so much more than just your regular gifts. They symbolize new beginnings, purity, positivity, grace, and prosperity. A lot of them are also said to attract good energy from the environment, meaning that you will be gifting some joy, prosperity, and abundance when you choose to gift them plants. 

  1. Why to gift plants to someone?

Gifting plants is a memorable and personal experience. When you gift someone a plant, you are telling them that their relationship is valuable to you. Not only that, but you are also choosing to give them a gift that grows and also attracts positivity, growth, abundance, and happiness. What better way to say it than with plants!