Do You Know the Meaning Behind Lucky Bamboo Sticks?

Do You Know the Meaning Behind Lucky Bamboo Sticks?

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What is the Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Do you want indoor plants? The lucky bamboo is one plant that requires low maintenance. The plant also has an amazing ability to transform its owner’s life. Also, people consider placing the plant in their offices or homes to bring good fortune.


But the plant has more benefits than we can imagine. This is why these are popular indoor plants for home. Interestingly, the plant has secret meanings that everyone should know. The number of stalks plants that are kept indoors like the bamboo has significance. Let us learn more about them.


Significance of Lucky Bamboo Sticks



In this section, we will have a look at what lucky bamboo sticks mean.


  • One Stalk: If the good luck bamboo plant has one stalk, this signifies commitment or truth. It is associated with things being simple and fairly easy. Though many people do not get one stalk, it’s best to get indoor plants for home with one stalk today.


  • Two Stalks: Many Chinese people believe two to be a lucky number. It is a belief that good things in life come in the form of pairs. Two stalks of these home plants signify love. It is usually gifted to newlyweds. So, 2 stalks represent the purest form of love.

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  • Three Stalks: If the plant has 3 stalks, it represents happiness. It is a sign of a new beginning. You can use the plant as a gift for New Year’s or birthdays.

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  • Five Stalks: A bamboo plant that has 5 Stalks represents peace and balance. As we know that there are five elements of nature. They are air, water, earth, wood, and fire. The other five elements of life are health, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. If you want to be successful, then we suggest you get 5 stalks of the plant at home. You can also keep it in your office.


  • Six Stalks: The number 6 displays blessings. This is as per the Chinese belief. People believe getting a 6 Stalks bamboo plant brings them success, happiness, and harmony.


  • Seven Stalks: We have always believed 7 to be a lucky number. A bamboo plant having 7 stalks represents romance and love in a relationship. It is also a sign of togetherness and happiness. So, if you want to be successful in a project or venture, get home a lucky bamboo plant from Ugaoo.


  • Eight Stalks: If you have 8 stalks in the plant signify wealth. The belief is highly incorporated into Cantonese and Asian cultures to a huge extent. People look for ways to add the number 8 to their addresses, car plates, business names, and more. The number 8 represents huge wealth, joy, and prosperity.


  • Nine Stalks: For Indians, the number 9 is believed to be God’s number. It is a way to bring good fortune in every aspect of life. Getting home a bamboo plant from the Ugaoo website can be a good start to your health, wealth, and prosperity.


How To Care For A Lucky Bamboo Plant 

The bamboo plant is commonly sold as an indoor plant that grows in water. It is easy to maintain, which makes it an ideal plant for beginners.

This plant is pretty to look at, and it also offers you many advantages. The lucky bamboo benefits you by bringing success, good health, and happiness to your home.



Let us have a look at some important points about lucky bamboo plant care. These are some good plants for home.


1.      Soil: The plant needs well-draining soil. Remember the soil should be moist but not over-soaked. You can place them with pebbles or a vase with water. It should have at least an inch of water in it at all times.


2.      Light: These indoor plants that grow in water need direct sunlight. Do not place the plant near direct sunlight. This will make the leaves turn yellow. Make sure to rotate the plant regularly so that it receives proper sunlight.


3.      Water: The plant is sensitive to chemicals and chlorine. So it is best to avoid tap water for watering the plant. You can use distilled water to water the bamboo plant.


Indeed, your hard work will eventually pay off. But if nothing is working in your favor, consider getting a bamboo plant. Witness the benefits of owning this plant and see a change in your life. Get home a good luck bamboo plant and brighten your luck! Shop from the best and explore plant options from the Ugaoo website.


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