Why is this plant known As Krishna Kamal?

Why is this plant known As Krishna Kamal?

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The purple passion flower plants or Krishna Kamal flowers are a treat to the eyes because of their ethereal beauty. Aside from its mythological significance, the structure and constitution of the flower make it unique. These big and beautiful flowers are mostly spotted outdoors and even along busy highways. Both Hinduism and Christianity mention this flowering plant in their holy texts. Let’s understand how this plant became an element in mythological depictions.


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Krishna Kamal In Mythology

 The flowering plant named Krishna Kamal has an interesting structure. While the petals are mostly blue or purple, the five filaments in the middle of the flower are yellowish. These five filaments are said to represent the Pandavas, and a hundred petals around the flower bulb represent the Kauravas. The green bulb connected to the yellow filaments and the purple petals is symbolic of Draupadi. Some theories suggest that the radial elements in the center of the flower represent the Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Krishna’s mightiest weapon. This is also where the plant is believed to get its name.

In Christianity, people believe that the corona of the passion flower plant resembles Jesus’s thorn crown during his crucifixion and symbolizes Christ’s pain.


Since this plant carries so much importance, it’s also subject to specific rules for Vastu plants. Krishna Kamal must be kept towards the east or in the southeast corner of a house for Vastu-related benefits.


How to take care of flowering plants like Krishna Kamal?

This plant looks majestic and has an unforgettable aroma. The Krishna Kamal flowers in the summertime. To enjoy the beauty of these flowers and fill the air in your home with a beautiful smell, you’ll need to plant these at the right time so they’re ready during the flowering season. Here are some detailed specifications that you’ll need to ensure good growth.


1.     Sunlight

This plant needs plenty of sunlight because this helps the plant grow flowers. For at least one-quarter of a day, Krishna Kamal flowers need to be getting adequate daylight. So, put this plant in a spot that receives sufficient solar rays but doesn’t encounter the direct heat of the overhead afternoon sun. You can also consider covering the plant during afternoons to protect it from harsh rays if that’s feasible.


2.     Water

Krishna Kamal flowers thrive well in moist soil. Dry soil or drought-like conditions will cause the plant to die soon. Therefore, water the soil as soon as it turns dry at the top. Make sure the soil is well-drained and there’s no sogginess. Water more in summer and less frequently in winter gives the plant its ideal water requirements.


3.     Soil

A huge part of plant gardening is getting the soil mix right. The plant draws all its nutrients and water from the soil. So, the soil constitution will be replicated prominently in plant health. For the passionflower plant, use a potting mix that retains some moisture and add compost regularly to fertilize the soil, especially in the flowering season. Vermicompost works well, and so does simple kitchen waste.


4.     Temperature

These flowering plants grow well in humid environments with temperatures ranging from 18-28 degrees Celsius.


Benefits Associated With Krishna Kamal Flowers


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This plant carries potent health and medicinal benefits due to the high concentration of alkaloids, flavonoids, and other useful compounds. Due to this, it finds mention in Ayurvedic texts and the modern sciences. Here’s a list of uses of this flower in dried form or as an extract.


1.     Acts as a mood booster

Krishna Kamal flowers can serve as a herbal supplement for reducing anxiety and stress and for easing the effects of depression. It can be consumed in the appropriate dosage in its dried form or as an extract. Krishna Kamal tea also helps reduce stress and headaches.


2.     Treats bronchial illnesses

This flower is an antiasthmatic that can prevent or reduce asthma attacks. Persistent bronchial constrictions or respiratory problems can be reduced by consuming this flower in the proper dosage.


3.     Helps kill the addiction

Krishna Kamal can reduce the severe anxiety and hysteria stemming from addiction by calming the nerves.


4.     Eases symptoms of withdrawal

When trying to get rid of an addiction, several withdrawal symptoms can be experienced. Consuming the passion flower daily in the right amount might help reduce nausea, vomiting, and seizures.


5.     Keeps blood sugar levels in check

Some studies indicate that this plant can help people with diabetes regenerate pancreatic islets. Being hypoglycemic can increase insulin resistance.


6.     Helps treat IBS

Stomach troubles can be eased with the help of passionflower extracts.


7.     Has anti-inflammatory properties

Drinking tea made of Krishna Kamal flowers is proven to reduce inflammation in the body and clean the bowels.

We hope you gained some insight into the Krishna Kamal flowers, their mythological origin, and their medicinal properties. If you want to buy flower seeds online, you can check out Ugaoo’s diverse collection.


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