Gift Lucky Bamboo To Your Friends & Loved Ones

Gift Lucky Bamboo To Your Friends & Loved Ones

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Thoughtful gifts that bring positivity and good luck into our lives are trending these days. Giving a lucky bamboo plant can be considered to be a thoughtful gift to our friends and relatives. You can this plant on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, or anniversaries. However, there is no need to wait for a special occasion if you want to bless someone with good luck. 


What is a Lucky bamboo plant?

Many people believe that the lucky bamboo plant is a variety of bamboo species of plants. However, it is a variety of tropical water lily which is aka indoor water bamboo. In the scientific language, it is known as Dracaena sanderiana. The stems of the Dracena cuttings look exactly similar to bamboo but are much smaller in size. This enables you to plant it in a small pot that contains soil and moisture. 

It is named a lucky bamboo because these trees are often considered a good luck charm in Chinese. As a result, it is quite a popular cure in Feng Shui. You can get these plants in an exotic container from online stores that sell real plants and accessories. 

These plants are available in different varieties like 2-layer, 3-layer, and 7-layer plants. Each of these varieties has its speciality and can bring different types of fortune to those who own and grow it. For instance, the 2-layer bamboo plant will bring health, wealth, and happiness whereas the 3-layer bamboo plant will bring abundance, prosperity, and good fortune in your life. The 7-layer bamboo plant is a symbol of good fortune and joy. Therefore, you can select any one among them depending upon the life qualities that you want to give to your near and dear ones.  

Avoid buying a 4-layer bamboo as it is considered to be inauspicious. 


Some interesting facts about the lucky bamboo plant


Where to plant?

It is recommended that you plant it in the east corner of our house. It can also be placed at the entrance or on the study tables at your convenience. Some people also get multiple varieties of this plant and place them in different areas of their houses as per the suggestions of a feng shui expert. 


Sunlight requirements

A bamboo tree can survive well inside your house provided that it receives some amount of indirect sunlight daily. You should not place it in direct sunlight. It will scorch down the leaves which will make them brown. If you find them slightly scorched it is better to place them in a spot that receives less sunlight. 


Water requirements

If you want to plant this lucky plant directly in the soil, ensure that the soil is not drenched with water. Dry soil is also not recommended. It does not require much water and if you overwater it, the roots might rot. 

If you are growing it in a pot, ensure that it gets a little water every day. It can also be planted in a pot filled with water. However, you will have to change the water after every 10 days to replenish fresh water. High levels of chlorine or fluorine in water are not preferred for growing this plant.  


Required temperature 

Lucky bamboo grows well at room temperature. However, avoid exposing the plant to too hot or too cold temperatures. A temperature range between 18 to 35 degree Celsius is ideal for its growth. Also, avoid keeping the pot in windy areas during winter. 


Issues due to pests & infection  

If the bamboo plant has developed grey fuzzy patches on its surface, it might be due to a fungal infection. The growth of pests like mites, mealybugs, etc. can also deteriorate the health of this plant drastically. These pests can be either removed manually or you can use alcohol to detach them from the plants. 


Repotting time

If the roots of this plant become too tight, it is better to re-pot it in a larger pot or container. If there are too many rocks or pebbles in your pot, remove them so that the roots get enough space to grow. 


Buy lucky bamboo for yourself

Not only is this plant one of the best gifting ideas for your loved ones, but you can also buy it for yourself. Unlike some other plants like the money plant which needs to be gifted by others, it brings luck and good fortune even if we buy it for ourselves. 

Lucky bamboo looks great on office desks and it may provide growth in your career or business. Get it from a trusted source like Ugaoo where you can order plants are gardening accessories at an affordable rate. Visit today to explore a wide range of garden essentials! 



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