Know These 10 Expensive Flowers In World

Know These 10 Expensive Flowers In World

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Flowers are given as gifts on almost all occasions. From birthdays to weddings and anniversaries, you can express your emotions perfectly by presenting a bouquet of handpicked flowers. Offering a single flower to your significant other can be the most romantic gesture ever! Beautiful flowers are a thing of joy and go wonderfully with a gift.

Unfortunately, you may have to buy the flower you deem to be the most appropriate. The price of a single flower may astound you, but you cannot help selecting such beautiful flowers. It is natural to be curious about the most expensive plant, even if you do not mean to buy it. Check out ten of the most expensive flowers in the world described below.


1. The Kadupul Flower

    Well, this one is priceless, as you cannot put a price on it for real. This flower is a type of cactus that cannot be harvested in a garden. Surprisingly, it is a flower that blooms at night. It has a soothing fragrance but will not survive once it has been picked. You cannot buy it, therefore. Such a rare specimen is rightly recognized as the most expensive flower in the world.


    2. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

      Cultivated by a team of researchers who toiled for eight long years to bring it to fruition, this flower is named after the researchers themselves, and is truly one of a kind. A single flower is worth $200,000. Sadly, you will not find it anywhere in India today. However, you are welcome to order it online by incurring a cost of INR 16600000, making it one of the most expensive flowers in the world.


      3. Juliet Rose

        This is one of those plants that bore this lovely flower after painstaking care by David Austin and is one of the most expensive flowers in the world. He displayed it publicly at the 2006 “Chelsea Flower Show” A single Juliet rose is valued at INR 1311.40.


        4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

          Of Malaysian origin, this orchid bears the delicate flower for two years after meticulous care. Priced at $6000 a piece, the plant grows only inside the Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia, and is one of the most expensive flowers in the world. You would have to spend approximately INR 498000 by bidding for it at an auction.


          5. Saffron Crocus

            Saffron flowers are known for yielding the fragrant and colorful spice highly coveted worldwide. Surprisingly, the spice is orange in hue, but the flower appears to be bright purple. Such plants are grown in abundance across the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India. One of the most expensive flowers in the world, its plants are guarded fiercely to protect the lovely flowers that are sold at INR 300000 per kg in India.


            6. Bulb of Tulip

              The colorful tulip flower bulbs are pleasing to the eye and have been used in floral bouquets since the 17th century. This national flower of Holland comes at a high price, with a single flower bulb being sold at around 5325.20 euros or $5,700. Tulip gardens, exhibiting a variety of red, yellow and white have been showcased in numerous films. Buy a single bulb for INR 90 today! This comes to Rs. 1080 for a dozen, which is appropriate as a gift when you intend to say it with flowers.


              7. Gloriosa

                One of the rarest and most expensive flowers in the world, the Gloriosa grows well in Asia and Africa's hot and humid climate. Its current high demand is attributed to its changing array of colors, orange-green, yellow-orange and vivid red, from its tip towards the center, which draws instant attention. You can buy one of the flowers by paying INR 120 to the local florist in India. A single flower is not usually bought. You would have to buy at least a dozen by spending Rs1440 to add to the home decor.


                8. Hydrangea

                  Bright and showy, the Hydrangea flower is available in many shades including bright blue, purple, white, and violet. Priced at INR 50 per bunch, these pretty flowers are used in hair-up dos and adorn a venue on celebratory occasions. However, a single bunch would not suffice. Pay Rs 600 for 12 bunches to fulfill your objectives. You would have to work quickly while using these flowers, for they are known to wilt in minutes.


                  9. Lily of the Valley

                    These unique white flowers in the world grow in sprigs and have a sweet smell. It grows in cold and temperate zones worldwide. You can buy a kg for INR 500 today. Do not be overwhelmed by its fragrance, though. This flower is also known to be poisonous. You will find it blooming during the latter part of spring, but the blooms last for a short time. People growing it for commercial purposes need to take great care to prolong its life. You will find the entire Yumthang Valley of Sikkim covered with Lily of the Valley in spring too.


                    10. Lisianthus

                      Alternatively known as the paper flower, these flowers grow up to 5 centimeters in diameter. They are available in multiple bright shades, and you can buy a bundle for INR 2999. The ruffled petals add to their attractiveness, while their short life span makes them one of the most expensive flowers in the world. They that are shipped to all destinations are usually white, because of which they have earned the epithet of paper flowers.


                      You cannot go wrong by gifting plants and flowers. However, they are not always easy on the budget. You are welcome to invest in these lovely orchids and assorted plants before proceeding to delight your loved one. Opt for the most expensive flowers in the world if you are so inclined.


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